I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. Paisley. 887 1010. [Access: PPA. L. R. Facilities: WC. W5. H. G. C. Help: A. WORLD

The Pool Sat 20 Aug. 8pm. £5 (£3). Lecoq

- graduates. Theatre YBY sneak in a pre- m P R E M I E R E Edinburgh Fringe showing ofthis send-up - of Othello. e one Is listed date then cl . I TRON THEATRE 63 Trongate. 552 4267. be tat ty

[Access: PPA. ST. R. L. Facilities: WC. details reach out om", at “at an

WS. H. G. G Help: AA] II tl .c e Listln s The Night larry Kramer Kissed Me Until :flfipmffifi:m°gisfiln M a, 9

Sat 20 Aug. 7.30pm. £7.50/£6 (£3/£2.50).

Autobiographical account by New York‘s

The internationally acclaimed David Drake about how his life was . . changed after seeing Larry Kramer's

and awa rd w'nnlng team who created landmark gay play The Normal Heart. A

sell-out success in New York. San

"TH E I P” in present Francisco and Los Angeles and now en

route to the Edinburgh Fringe.

K "~- I". iii-— 9'; 3‘ I Madcap Comedy Club Halt Bar.

Woodlands Road. 8.30pm. Free. MC Billy Bonkers presents Vladimir McTavish. 'Hugh Reed and the Tatty Bogles and more. in another mixed bill of entertainment.



Virtual Reality: Beyond the Headlines camping 0!" Thurs 25-33! 27 AU8~ 9pm Cumbemauld Theatre, Kildrum.

“50/56 “3/5315!”- QU'Ck return ‘0 , Cumbemauld. 0236 732887. 7.45pm £6 Glasg‘w by New [demands TOW Tw‘m (£3). Topical comedy by a load of familiar

who went down well in Mayfest with their faces from the BBC Comedy Unit _ Andy comedy about a l950s camping holdiay. Gray ct a].

BIII Bryden’s epic story of the STUDENTS young Scots who went to the GO FOR LESS Great War 1914-1918. . . . I . At Campus Travel we speCIalIse In low A" often funny but genu|nely cost travel for students and young people. moVIng tribute. WORLDWIDE £ o/w £ rtn AMSTERDAM 36 65 N ATHENS 59 129 BANGKOK' 237 473 HARLAN D & WOLFF SH ED 72 . \ 53 Forrest Road ggEEINHAGEN 2(8): G O V A N . G L A S G O W EdinburghEHl ZQP HONGKONG. 292 534 \ . Mon-Fri 0900-l730 KATHMANDU 250 467 3"“ LOSANGELES" 140 230 SEPTEMBER lA-OCTOBER 3O ‘3' MADRID 58 83 1 9 9 4 mm” U"i"°”"~" :EwggRK' :3: The S P E C I A L A P E x T I C-K E T S F R o M s a Hillhcad Street PRAGUE 59 129 T I C K E T P R I C E S F R o M £1.5o-szs G'Wmf 0'2 33" mo 271 528 ACCESS -VISA - SWITCH CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED "',""'F'°' "930470" SAN FRANCISCO' 150 287 . \\ ed 1000-1700 AUSTRALIA 479 A D V A N C E B O X 0 F F l C E H “megquarc ROUNDTHEWORLD 747 o 1 - 2 4 2 3 6 6 6 Glasgtm CZ IDY FROMSCOTLAND t. Mon-Fri 0900-1730 INSURANCE wed l000-l7‘l0 ., Worldwide s P o N s o R E D e v Sat l000-l730 SDays 15 1 Month 17 TELEPHONE 5 Months 80

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m The List 19—25 August 1994