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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Strictly Ballroom director Baz Luhrmann brings to the Festival his own unique adaptation of Benjamin Britten’s opera. Page 8

Ryuiohi Sakamoto

The prolific composer and performer is in Edinburgh for a solo concert and tribute to his film scores at the Film Festival. Page 10

Jeff Buckley >

night in Scotland and talks to The List about his new album Grace. Page 12

The Hudsucker Proxy

The Coen Brothers on the making of their new movie, a homage to 40$ screwball comedies and sassy dames. Page 14

The Invisibles >

Comic genius Grant Morrison on his latest anarchic creation. Page 16

Phil Kay

Why we love his wacky ways. Page 16


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Monk 'n'Bud 24 Off Out 27 3-6pm

Umbilical Brothers 32 Backgreen Belter 32 Suzy Wrong—Human Cannon 33 6-8pm

Fishtracks/Ancient Mysteries 35 Armstrng 's Last Goodnight 35 The Hostage 36 Lypsinka 4O 8—10PM

Will Durst 41 The Hour We Knew

Nothing of Each Other 41 Steady Eddy 42 1UPM-LATE

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