If a picture’s worth 1000 words, we’re ready to publish a short novel,

in the final . . .

I Big on the Fringe: this cuddly comic could eat Jo Brand tor breakfast - and it wouldn’t even show.

Fat and Sexy . . . But legal (Just) (Fringe) leelo Boss, Southside (Venue 82) 667 7365, until 3 Sept (not 1 Sept), 11.45pm, £5 (£4).

I Courting controversy: with a hey, nonny nonny, the jester invades your worst nightmares in this low-budget comedy/horror flick. Funny Man (Film Festival) Caneo, 228 2688, 26 Aug, midnight, £6 (£4).

I life‘s a bitch and then you write a stage play. liz Lochhead's Scots adaptation of Mollere promises to hound down hypocrisy and po-taced piety with dogged determination.

Tartulte Liz lochhead (Fringe) Gilded Balloon (Venue 38) 226 2151, until 3 Sept, 5pm, £7.50 (£5).

4 The List 26 August—8 September I994