Scottish European Aid (S.E.A.) has Posmve HELP emerged as a leading UNHCR partner f "5505 volurTEERg , . . e re urre vo un eers in the former YugoslaVia, supplying availabye during the day water to 300,000 Bosnians. for driving (with use of

To keep these initiatives going, 0W" 98!); babysitting and trips With children;

wishes to appoint a key member h l . h C , ) . to e p in s op part-time 0f Staff to be responSlbIe for and to develop original fundraising ideas

Marketing/Publicity/ into practice (unpaid). W

phone 031-558 3636

S'E'A‘ urgently need' gardening, decorating or A SHOP MANAGER D./. Y. with entrepreneurial flair and plenty of . we pmv’de: l energy to run 8 E A 's new charity shop mileage aiming”: atnd ' l ' - - - anyouopoce Stattf’h Infernatfmal } in Stockbridge (low salary available). 9XP9059§: framing and Children 5 Fatwa! ; ongomg support. } SIJPPORT STAFF For more information, I

Corporate Liaison , Edinburgh and Glasgow. I Ceroc The energetic. stylish P162156 contact form of modern jive from . France. 45 minutes beginners 24 hOUrS per week Rupert \VOIfC Murray class followed by dancing to £ I 3 pro rata .‘ Scottish European Aid l()..:]()p9i8 tolmusic Sign ($116508 , "' a o o tot e s. .icense ar. 0 18 Hanover SUCCL need to bring a partner. - . , . , , InGl ovuM d .-.d For further details please call. Edinburgh 1:112 3EN Wedgdawg; 31:13:

03 I 5 , 031 225 Niglitclub.474 Sauchiehall . . Street. (Classes start 7.30pm). Scottish charity number SCOZOI8O In Edinbumh: Thursdays.

Marco's Leisure Centre. 55 Grove Street. (Class starts

information from 0324 6|} 209. WOMEN'S SAFETY CENTRE replying to A new Urban Aid funded project based in the job adverts, COURSES/TUITION East End of Glasgow. The centre Will offer personal safety mention “my Cemmmon banjo. courses& tUtOf tralnlng for IocaI women. fiddle. mandolin. bodhran.

guitar. whistle. accordion.

keyboard. vocals. harmonica. African/conga drums. harp,

didjeridus. Gaelic singing.

- - instrument repair etc. Bob

In The LISt. Copeland041 429 6968 (office

We require a female


Duties include administration, collating hours), and developing resources and training materials. Experience of office administration and '-' desktop publishing (Apple Mac) is essential as is / a feminist analysis of male violence. Salary hours - The Arts Management Traininglnih'nti've Scotland

We also require a female L°°km9 for 8 change of eereer? Want to Improve your skills and

CLERICAL WORKER qualifications?

Duties include typing, word processing, filing, We offer flexible postgraduate Master's . . . degree programmes in cultural policy and collating information and resources. management. These are available on a part- time or full-time basis and will be of interest Experience of general office duties including word processing WW9 eeeele already work'ng In Cultural . . . . , O . administration or arts management and to is essential as is a feminist analySIs of male Violence. I tdhdose lookin fora chin go;1 career. n a ition we 0 er aroun s ort courses ' on various aspects of ans management and topical themes. Closing dates 16th September 1994. F0, mum, detail, p.08” comm. masher 2°11” ' ' ' ; too on , in urg . For applications please write to m 031 Fax: 031 SW WOMEN S SAFETY CENTRE, C/O WOMEN S SUPPORT PROJECT, AMTIS (Th M M (T _ t I T (_ Sc "8 d . 9 S aria amen rainin Ill l8 [VB 0 It IS 871 SPRINGFIELD ROAD, GLASGOW G31 4H2 a partnership betweengScottish Musegms Council, 300!!!)Sh

Arts Councrl, Scottish Film Council, Moray House Institute, . o . . . . Heriot- Watt University, Edinburgh College of Art. Highlands & Both jObS exempt under section 7 (2) (e) of Sex Discrimination Act. Islands Entenpnse. Scottish Enterprise. COSLA (Contention

of Scottish Local Authorities), SOED (Scottish Office Education Department)

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