catapulted to executive status. But pretty soon he's forgotten his roots and is becoming as heartless as his manipulative mentor. played by Paul Newman. A winning blend of 40s screwball comedy. 50s consumer quirks and satire on 80s corporate greed. the Coen brothers‘ latest is cinematic fantasy in its purest form. Glasgow: GFT. Edinburgh: Cameo. Strathclyde: UCl Clydebank.

I I Want To live (15) (Robert Wise. US. 1958) Susan Hayward. Simon Oakland. Virginia Vincent. 120 mins. An Oscar-winning performance from Hayward as Barbara Graham. whose bad girl behaviour prostitution. perjury. gambling makes her the suspect in a murder case that leads her to the gas chamber. A hard- hitting script and cool direction raise this Hollywood item to major social document. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Intersection (15) (Mark Rydell. LTS. t994) Richard Gere. Sharon Stone. Lolita Davidovich. 99 mins. Ciere is architect Vincent iiastrnan. torn between his wife (Stone) and his lover (Davidovich); the former provides security. the latter. a spark of passion. This could have been a real tear-jerker if you gave a damn about the future happiness of any of the characters; but everyone is so insipid. there won‘t be a dry eye in the house. Fife: Adam Smith.

I J'Ellorasse Pas ( 18) (Andre Techine. France. 1991) Philippe Noiret. Einrnanuelle Bean. Manuel Blane. 115 mins. Resourceful former stretcher-bearer Pierre (Blane) leaves his provincial home and comes to Paris and finds a world where violence and kindness exist in equal measures. Grittily realistic. coming-of—age tale with a fine performance by Beart (Mu/inn r/es SUlert’J') as Pierre's prostitute girlfriend. Glasgow: GF'I‘.

I Jules El JiI‘II (PG) (Francois Truffaut. France. 1961) Jeanne Moreau. Oskar Werner. Henri Sene. 105 mins. Truffaut‘s early masterpiece. telling the comi-tragic tale of an eternal triangle straddling the First World War. Bohemian. mercurial Parisienne Catherine (Moreau) divides her affections between Jules (Werner) and Jim (Serre). whose deep friendship overrides their rivalry in love and their separation by war. UPT- I Kalitornia (l8) (Dominic Sena. US. 1993) Brad Pitt. Juliette Lewis. David Duchovny. Michelle Forbes. 118 mins. Take a car. a writer of a thesis. a photographer. a white trash woman- child and a murderous psycho. and ptit them on a road trip to the sites of various serial killings.

The result is not your average serial killer movie.



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btit a tight and stylish character-driven piece that plays with our fascination for killers while delivering some slap-bang gore. Glasgow: Odeon. I Kilta ( 18) (Pedro Almodovar. Spain. 1993) Veronique Forque. Peter Coyote. Victoria .Abril. 114 mins. A make-up artist is involved with an American writer and his photographer son; she's also avoiding the attentions of her lesbian maid. whose ex-porri star brother escapes from prison and ends tip at the house. and a predatory ‘reality TV‘ reporter who takes a ghoulish delight in other people‘s misfortunes. It all adds up to Pedro Almodovar‘s tenth feature. and his blackest mix to date of sex. death and stylish kitsch. Glasgow: GFl'. I The Last Seduction ( I S) (John Dahl. L'S. 1993) Linda Fiorentino. Peter Berg. Bill Pullman. 110 mins. .After double-crossing her husband. stealing some drtrgs sale cash and holing tip in a small town. Grade ‘.A‘ bitch Bridget (iregory uses her sexual charms to lure the naive Mike Swale into a plan that will free her from her troubles. No one handles polished ptin like John (Red Rock Wm!) Dahl. and here he's got the added advantage of a deliciously

' nasty performance from Linda Fiorentino as a

femrrie who‘s more fatale than most. (ilasgow-z ()deon.

I leaving lenin ( 12) (lindaf Emlyn. Wales. 1993) Sharon Morgan. Wyn Bowen Harris. Shelley Recs. ()0 mins. A group of Welsh sixth- foi'iiier's are accidentally left to fend for themselves in St Petersburg. Strangers in a strange land. they begin to define their eriiotional independence in a city that's also buzzing with a sense of discovery. .A witty and compassionate study of everyday people facing extraordinary circumstances that is riiuch more than a native tongue novelty item. See review. (ilasgow: (ii-'1‘. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I like A Bride (15) ((‘itiita Schyftei‘. Mexico.

1992) 115 mins. Two young women. respectively daughters of Sephardic irriiriigrarits from Turkey arid Fast liuropean refugees of the

| Holocaust face life in the Jewish community in

Mexico. Latin American Film Festival. (ilasgow: (ii-'1‘.

I like Water For Chocolate ( 15) (Alfonso .At'au. Mexico. 1991) Marco Leonardi. Lumi (‘avazos, Regina Torrie. 114 mins. At the end of the l‘)tl) century. Mexico is caught tip in the Revolution. Against this backdrop. Laura lisquival’s novel and this film adaptation by Aunt depict one woman's struggle for freedom from tradition. A classy melodrama that this from comedy to tragedy to culinary excess. raising the new generation of Mexican filmmaking talent to truly international levels. Fife: Robin's.

I little Buddha (P(i) (Bernardo Ber'tolucci. US/liK/France. 1993) Keanu Reeves. Ying

Rirocherig. Alex Wiescndanget'. 120 mins. A

: Seattle moppet may or may not be the

reincarnation of a recently deceased Tibetan monk. so he and dad go to Bhutan where he's

: given a potted history of Btiddhisrir. The story of

Siddartha is easily the best section. with Vittorio Storaro's gloriotis cinematography to commend it. btit elsewhere the pace is doggedly slow. the

eco-friendly seritiriieiits hazy. and the lecturing

tone like a school lesson. Bei'tolucci's greatest folly. Fife: Robin‘s.

I I Luck. Trust Anti Ketchup (15) (Mike

Kaplan/John Dorr. LS. 1993 ) 90 mins. A fascinating behind-the-scenes account of Robert Altman's Short Curr. which features cast and crew interviews. as well as insight from the man himself. Close collaboration over years allowed co-director Kaplarr to have complete access to the set. making this a doctriiientary that goes beyond the confines of ‘Making ()f...‘ promotion. Glasgow: (il’l‘.

I Ma Saison Preferee ( IS) (Andi-c 't‘cetiinc. France. 1993) Catherine Derieuve. Daniel Auteuil. Marthe Villaloriga. 125 mins. .A public notary (Denetive) and her neurologist brother (Atiteuil) reassess their own empty lives when they have to ptit their elderly mother into care. Deneuve is elegance and charm; Auteuil wins sympathy for a dislikeable character. Their combined star power raises this above a standard issue domestic saga. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I The Maltese Falcon (PG) (John Huston. ('8. 19-11 ) Humphrey Bogart. Mary Astor. Sidney Greenstreet. Peter Lorre. 101 mins. Huston‘s first film is a quintessential. claustrophobic fi/nr )inir. Bogart is caught in a web of deceit and betrayal as the Fat Man uses every means. including murder. to get his hands on the elusive ornament of the title. Forget the twists and turns of [)ashiell Hamrnett's plot; enjoy instead the darkly comic world peopled by Sam Spade and Joel Cairo. Fife: Robin‘s.

I The Mask (PG) (Charles Russell. l'S. 100-1) Jim (‘arrey. Cameron Diaz. Peter Reigert. 95 mins. A timid bank clerk finds an ancient mask that allow s him to fulfil his innermost desires as

a suave charmer arid criiiie-fightirig \\l111l\\llltl. .An amalgam of 20s. 30s and ~1()s decor. The Mark has a skimpy plot. btit its rousing musical set-pieces and eye-popping computer generated effects (like a live action l‘ex Avery cartoon) make it the surprise hit of the strriiirier. (ieneral release.

I Maverick (P(i) (Ricliaid Donner. l'S. I‘M-l) Mel (iibson. Jodie Foster. James (iaiiiei. 137 mins. Romantic gambler Bret Maverick has gol to get tip a big enough pot to enter a poker game with a stake of half a million dollars. but encounters various loose and at times unconnected adventures on the w ay. A card coir movie with western trappings. .llrrir'rrt i. showcases the ‘unpredictablc' quirks oi (iibsorrs screen persona. tlie kriid of thing that he gives a lunatic edge in the /.i’l/1(l/ lli-u/imi series. Rollickirig. pie-packaged entertainment that slips into the sliarribolrc. (ilasgow: MGM l'lliil

(.t‘liltc. .A|11'('ls.

I Mediterraneo (15)t(iabrrcle Salvatorcs. ltaly.

1003) Diego .Abatanttiorio. (ddlltllv) Brgaglr. (iiiiseppe ('edcriia 0(1 units. A group ot \\’\\'.‘. ltaliari sailors find theiriselves stranded 111 the (heck village they were supposed to be r'arisackiiig. and settle down to an idyllic lite with the locals. A tribute to the kinship of the Mediterranean peoples. this 1‘)”: Oscar w tuner

carries seritirrientality and knowing humour in

equal amounts. (ilasgovv: (il’l'.

I I Miller's Crossing ( rs) (Joel (‘ocrLl s. two) (iabrielByirie..-'\lbert1*rrrney.Marcra(iay

llaidcii. John 'l‘urturro. Jon l’olito. J l'..l‘|t‘L‘111.’111 115 mins. 'l‘he (‘ocri Brothers‘ latest optrs is a predictably quirky-but stylish reworking of

genre material -in this case the gangster llick.

Set in an trrinariied 1-.ast-coastctty in the (Watts.

it centres on the falling otit between mob leader l‘llit1C}' and his iiglit hand man Hyrrie when both take a shine to the same broad (Harden)

Possibly the best. most tinder rated film ol l‘t‘ll

lidiribtir'gh: Cameo. I Monsieur Hulot‘s Holiday (l’(i ) (.lactltics 'l'atr. France. 1053) Jacques ‘l'ati. Nathalie l’ascaud.

Michelle Rolla. ‘11 illllis. M llirlot. the bachelor

with the accident prone touch. arrives at a jatriity

coastal resort and devastation very soon ensues.

(‘oiriic trriiirig at its most irresistible. as ltlll gets away with a number of memorable. slow buiriing gags. all undercut by the stabbing tiotrori

that we all have an uncle exactly like lltllUl.

lidiribtrrgh: l'ilttllitHlst‘.

I Mr Jones (IS) (Mike t-iggis. (‘5. two Richard (ieie. Leria ()lirr. Anne Bancroft. 111 mins. (ierc stars as an irriplausrble riiarirc depressive. a walkrrig clrclre who finally breaks

down the professional barriers with psychiatrist Lena ()lin. Taken from director l-rggis arid

rrrcddled w ill) by the studio. this now has no real psychological or social level. and is merely a drill happy ending ‘relatroriship‘ rrrovrc with moments of awkward comedy See rev rew (ilasgow: ()deoii. l€tlrrrliiiigli‘ ()deoii.1'(‘l Stratlrclyde: l'(‘l (’Iydebank

I Mr Wonderful ( ll) (Arithoriy Mrrrgliclla. 1S. 1003) Matt Dillon. Annabella Sciorra. William 11ml. ‘)7 mins. (iris wants to rerriarty. but the alimony he pays his ewi tie is killing him The solution: friid her a new husband. a Mr Wonderful. But in the process. he discovers that he isn't ready to let go. An old-style romantic

comedy with a heart. and a twrtoriiiarice from

Dillon that shows he's the only actor of his age who could carry off the working class leading that) role with any credibility, (ireat stuff that

w ill leave you w ith a warm feeling inside

' (ilasgow: (irosv error.

I Mrs Doubtfire ( l’(i) ((‘hris Columbus. LS. 1093) Robin Williams. Sally lield. l’icice Bi'osriari. 135 lllllls. Separated from his w rfe and

kids. otit of-work voice actor l).ti1lt‘l llillartl (Williams) dons make up and body padding to

become a scxagerrarian riartny. Another top

notch comic performance by Williams. who

makes the most of his split personality lest

without becoming overly seritirrreiital. lltigely

enjoyable and well pitched w ith gags lor the whole audience. (ilasgovv: ()(lt‘till

I My Girl 2 (l’(i)(llowaid /.iclf. t's. l‘N‘o

.Anrra (‘hlurriskyz .Atrstiri ()‘Biien. Dan Aykroyd. Jamie Lee Curtis. ()S mins. While olf at her uncle's for the stirrrrricr'. Vada ((‘hltinisky ) researches the life of her deceased mother for a school project. This sequel to 1093's surprise hit

opens the story otit a little and still manages to

be sweetly nostalgic and painfully honest young teen sense

at the same time. Not to

ever'yoric‘s taste. btrt arr tiricoriiiriortly touching

cortiirig-of-agc story. Borders: Pavilion. ('ential. Allanpark. Strathclyde' Magnum.

. I North (l’(i) (Rob Reiner. l'S. I‘M-i) l'.l||;ll1

Wood. Jot) l.()\ 11/. Bruce Willis. S” units

l'riiversally popular. but ignored by his folks. North goes otit in search of new parents. btrt

time is running out as he travels the world' better find a new set soon. or it's the orphanage. .Aiid

then there's the pressure from the kids of the world w ho are L‘lllt)_\ mg the new found power llls antics have given them. A constantly

my entry c table that shows respect for all ages of

its audience. Rob Reiricr 's only lets itself dowrt

by corrirtirttirtg .t cardinal siii in the last few

minutes. Stratlrclyde (honor).

I Nothing To lose ( is) (Alberto l.ccchi. Argentina. 1‘1’13) ‘ii mins. -\ salesman gets involved with a loan shark over an insurance scam in the corrupt shadow lands of Argentina. \Vorst still when he's blacktriarled by a dodgy cop irito helping trap the real baddres. Latin Ariicricarr l'lllll lestrval (ilasgow: (ii-’1.

I The Paper ( )5) (Ron Howard. (S. I‘M-t) Michael Keaton. Robert l)ti\.ill. (ilciiri (Jose.

\1airsa'lcrrict. 113 lllllls. A day on a slea/y New

York tabloid (called The Sun) the news editor

(Keaton) has to scoop back on the papers who

scooped him the day before. his w tfc ('l‘omei) is‘ very pregnant. his man eating managing editor t( 'lose) is pushing liriii to rtrri an incorrect. bettci scllrrrg version of the lead story. lias'ily' .ts's CSSIJ‘lC (‘tilsltlt' lllC world (\l'_|()lll‘llilllSlll. III/1r /‘rr,'n'r. like is sub;cct. forgettable btit entertaining. Stratliclyde l'(‘l ('lydebatik.

I The Philadelphia Story it’( ;) ((ieorge (‘ukorg l’S. l‘)~i()) Katharine llcpbtirri. ('aiy' (iratit. James Stewart. ll: rriiris Splerididly sophisticated llollywood comedy with Stewart as a scandalslieet reporter covering the society wedding of recently divorced llepbtirri. cx- htrbby (iiant lurking in the wings. and romance icctirdlriig despite itscll. Sparkling dialogue and char rsrrratrc [X‘lli‘llllilllv‘t‘s all round make this one ()1 the best of its kind. Remadc as the irrusical. l/re/r Sui .’l .".. lairrrburgh: liilirihous‘e. I The Piano ( 15) (lane (‘aiiipiorr .Atrstialra/New / 1003) Holly Hunter. Sam Neill. llaivey lx'ertcl 1.31) ririris Jarrc (‘aitipiori's riiastcrpicce follow s mute Scotsworrrari Ada (Hunter) as she travels to l‘)th century \ew /.ealarid with her piano and daughter to enter into an arranged riiairrage. Soori she begins a passionate and erotic affair with her illiterate neighbour as the means of regaining her treasured instruiitcnt.

lrripcccable perforrriances lift this highly charged

piece to the realms of classic cinerria. undoubtedly one of the best films of the 90s. l'llt'I Robin's

I The Player( 15) (Robert Altman. LS. 1093) Ion Robbins. (iicta Scacclri. lired Ward. Peter (iallachei 111 iiirns Altman's satire on the

w hcclirig and dealing of modern day Hollywood is more than just an excuse for cineastes to play trariispotter with the famous faces in cameo roles It is also a terrific thriller about a studio

exec receiv rrrg death threats from a spurned

writer. 1irii Robbins is magnificent in the lead role. while Altriiaii rrianagcs to gun as he bites the hand that feeds him lidiiiburgh: ('ameo.

I The Puppetmastert 15rtllotr llsaiollsieri. 1arwan.’(‘liiira. l‘t‘lfii l.i 'l'iarrlir. l~13 mins. 1n the past lloii has created sublriricly languid epics ori tairirly lilc (Sir/1min .l/ (irrrlriI/iri'v) and portraits oi political lllllel (-1 ('m (H Sui/trim), His latest ptlclit‘s itselt between these two poles. summing up laiwarr's history through the story of a traditional puppctccr. l.r 'l'iarilu. who speaks his aw (i talc at intervals throughout the movie. .A sombre iriasterprcce See review lidirrhtirgh: l‘llllllltitlst'

I Raising Arizona ( 15) (Joel (our. ('8. 1087) Nicolas Cage. Holly Hunter. ‘)-1 mins. Married

ex coir ('age settles down to a life of crime once

more and remedies lirs w rfc's' childless state by

stealing a iriillioriarrc's recently w helped qurrituplct. 1".xhrliiatrrrg. live-action cartoon

coiribirirng iron-stop action. crazy situations and deadpan w 11. This second feature from the Brothers (Ii/mu! Simple) (‘ocn is a joy. latlrnbtrrgli: Cameo

I Reservoir Dogs ( IS) (Quentin 'l'araritino. l‘S. 1‘1‘13)ll;irvey Kertel. lllll Roth. Michael Madscn. 1()() mins. A gang of hoods. known

only to each other by colour-coded tiickrrarrics.

meets at an abandoned warehouse to figure how

otrt their rigorously planned lreis‘t went so

drastically w tong. The best debut in years frorri

writer director 'lararitino_ whose stylish violence

seduces the audience into corriplicity. Brilliant in ev cry sense of the word. (ilasgow: ()deon. lidrribtirgh' ()(lcot). l-ife: Robin's. Strathclyde: ()dcorr Ayr.

I Robocop 3 ( t S 1 (Fred l)ekker.1'S. 100.1) Robert litirkc. Nancy Allen. Rip 'l‘oi‘ri. 101 mins. A more tongue-iii check approach than before tiirds Detroit‘s hardware cop rebelling against his U( ‘1’ master s. w ho w ant to sweep the lioriielcss from the stcets in order to btrild a luxury .ippaitirierit complex. Reasonable action

scenes. btit more like a TV pilot than a film in its own right. lidinbuigh: (‘aiiieo


I The Rocky Horror Picture Show ( Ix) (Jim Shairiiaii. 1 K. 1075 ) Tim Curry. Susan Saiaridori. Barry Bostwick. Meat Loaf. 100 mins. ’l'he cult film to end all others. this rock

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