The Exorcist ( 18) Sat only. ll.3()pm. l(aliiornia ( l8) Sat only. I 1.30pm.

I OROSVENOR Ashton Lane. 339 4298. 1. Mr Wonderful ( l2) l().40pm.

2. Delicatessen ( t5) 10.40pm.

I MOM PARKHEAD The Forge. Parkhead 556 4282

Color Oi Night t l8) l2.3()am.

When A Man loves A Woman ( )5)

l2. 15am.

The Mask (PG) ll.4()pm.

Woll ( I5) I 1.50pm.


I CAMEO Home Street. 228 4 I41. Bar. [l)]. Cameo l: £4.50 (Monday: £2.25); Cameo 2 and 3: £3.95 (Monday: £l.90); All concessions: £ l .90 before 5.3Ill‘m eyery day (Wednesday 99p). l.ates and Sunday matinees in (‘ameo 1: £4 (£3.50). Sunday afternoon perfs of (‘ameo l films are shown in Cameo 3.

1. The Hudsucker Proxy (PU) l.3()pttt. 4pm. 6.30pm. 9pm ck late.

The Player ( l5) and Day For Hight (PU) Sun only. l.30pm.

2. The Last Seduction ( l8) l.35pm. 4.15pm. 6.45pm. 9.15pm.

3. 32 Short Films About Glen Gould (U) 2.15pm (not Sun). 7pm 8; late.

The Slingshot ( 12) 5pm (not Sun). 9.20pm.

See also Edinburgh l.ates.

I DOMINION Newbattle Terrace. 447 4771/2660. Restaurant. Bar. [D]. £3.70 (Child/Student/UB4()/()AP Sun—Thurs: matinee £2. l0; last show £2.50) Shows in brackets: £2.10. Pullman seats: £4.50/£4 (cinema 1). £3.80 (cinema 3).

1. Wyatt Earp ( 12) 2.30pm. 7pm.

2. True lies ( l5) 2pm. (5pm). 8pm.

3. Four Weddings And A Funeral (I5) 1.30pm. 4.30pm.

Wolf ( l5) 8.20pm.

I MOM l.othian Road. 228 l638/229 3030. Bar. [D] cinemas 2 & 3. £3.70 (cinema l Pullman seats £4.50); £2.40 Mon—Fri before 5pm (Pullman: £3.20).

"It will stir your blood... and break your heart" .

llttny I\l\

Child: £2.20 (£2.60); ()AP: £2.20 (£2.60) l0pm: Sun—Thurs: 12.10pm. 4pm.

Mon—Fri before 5pm; Students: £2.20 (£2.60) all day Monday.

1. Wyatt Earp ( l2) 2.15pm. 7pm.

2. True Lies ( l5) l.45pm (not Sat/Sttn). 4.45pm. 7.45pm.

The Flintstones (U) Sat/Sun only. 2.30pm.

3. The Mask (PG) l.20pm (Sat only).

2.45pm (not Sat). 3.40pm (Sat only). 6pm. 8.30pm.

I OOEON Clerk Street. 667 733 l/668

2 HM. Bar. [D] screens l. 2 and 3. Adults £4.25 (£3.50 for side seats screen I and front seats screens 4 8; 5) (Child/Student/ ()AP/I’B40 £l off) No concessions at final shows.

Chasing The Deer (PG) Mot) only. 6.30pm. y

Color Ot Night ( 18) Daily. not Mon: l2.40pm. 3.15pm. 5.50pm. 8.25pm & late; Mon: l2.05pm. 2.40pm. 9.10pm.

Mr Jones ( l5) 12.30pm. 3.05pm. 5.55pm.


When A Man Loves A Woman ( )5) 12.35pm. 3.05pm. 5.45pm. 8.20pm & late.

Wolt ( l5) l2. l5pm (not Sat/Sun). 3pm

(not Sat/Sun). 5.40pm. 8.25pm (not Mon).

9.10pm (Mon only).

Baby’s Day Out (PG) Sat/Sun only. 12.45pm. 3.05pm.

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (it) Sat/Sun only. l.l()pm. 3.20pm.

Four Weddings And A Funeral (15) 12.20pm (not Sat/Sun ). 3.05pm (not Sat/Sun). 5.40pm. 8.25pm.

See also lidinburglr l.ates.

I UCI Kinnaird Park. Kinnaird Road. 669 0777. Recorded information (24 hours) 669 ()7l |. [l)]. .»\ccess/\"isa booking line: freephone 0800 888 955. 24 hours

(sery ice charge 30p per ticket). Box office open from I lam. Tickets for shows commencing before 6pm £2.40; shows commencing after 6pm: £3.80 (Child £2.20).

Wyatt Earp ( l2) Fri/Sat: 2.10pm. 6.10pm.




. BLESSED thrHBERtsos KONRAD The tragedy of Culloden Moor


Color Of Night ( l8) l.l0pm. 4. l()pm. 7pm. 9.40pm A: late.

Mr Jones ( l5) 2. l5pm. 4.55pm. 7.30pm. l().()5pm & late.

When A Man Loves A Woman ( l5) l2.40pm. 3.35pm. 6.30pm. 9.10pm &

late. Blown Away ( )5) 4.45pm. 7.20pm (not

Sat). l().l5pm.

l The Mask (PG) noon (Sat/Sun only).

l.20pm. 2.25pm. 4pm. 5.05pm. 6.40pm. 7.40pm. 9pm. l().l0pm & late.

True Lies ( 15) 12.20pm. 3.20pm. 6.20pm. 9.20pm. 9.50pm & late.

Woli ( l5) 12.55pm. 3.50pm. 6.50pm. 9.30pm & late.

Four Weddings And A Funeral i )5) 4.35pm. 7. l0pm. 9.50pm.




.3 Vii-iv »

Mav rick (PU) 1.35pm. 4.20pm. 7.30pm. 10.20pm.

The Flintstones ( I?) l2. l()prn. 2.35pm. 5.15pm. 7.40pm (not Mon).

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (U) Sat/Sun only. l2.30pm. 2.45pm.

Baby’s Day Out (PC) I 1.45am (Sat/Sun



()AP/UB40 £1.50); shows commencing 7 before 7pm £2.90 (Child/Student/OAP/

£3.90. bookable in advance (no concs.);

Sunday Matinees £3.90 (Child/Student/

()AP/UB40 £2.90). No concs. on

Saturday. Fri matinees. all cinema l seats

3 1. Ma Saison Prélérée ( )5) 2.30pm.

Ma Saison Prélérée ( )5) 5.45pm. 8.25pm. 2. The Executioner’s Song ( )5) 3pm.


9 5.45pm. 8.25pm. A 2. Philadelphia Story(PG) 6.l5pm.

MONDAY 12 i 1. Ma Saison Prétérée (15) 2.30pm. 6pm. , Golden Balls ( 18) 8.45pm.

Philadelphia Story (PG) 8.30pm. TUESDAY 13

3 Ma Saison Preiérée ( l5) 8.25pm. 2. Philadelphia Story (PG) 3pm. 6.15pm.


2. Highway Patrolman ( 18) 3pm. 6.15pm. SATURDAY 10

only). 2pm.

Thumbellna (U) Sat/Sun only. i 1.30am. Clear And Present Danger ( l 2) Sat only. 7.20pm.

See also Edinburgh Lates.


l.otltian Road. 228 2688. Bar. Restaurant. [ii]. [D]. Matinees £2 (Child/Student/

U840 £2); shows commencing after 7pm.

90p. FRIDAY 9

5.45pm. 8.25pm.


1. The Adventures of Huck Finn (PG) 2.30pm.

Highway Patrolman ( l8) 6. l5pm. 8.45pm.

1. Ma Saison Prérérée ( I 5) 2.30pm.

Highway Patrolman ( l8) 8.45pm.

2. Highway Patrolman ( 18) 3pm. 6. l5pm.

1. Golden Balls ( l8) 2.30pm. 6.l5pm.

Highway Patrolman ( l8) 8.45pm.

1. Ma Saison Prérérée ( 15) 2.30pm. 8.25pm. Golden Balls ( l8) 6. l 5pm.

l\'l‘Rol)( ( I\(.


[not El.l.\'li


A Cromwell Productions presentation in association with Lamancha. Introducing Lewis Rae, Ian Brooker, Michael Leighton, Matthew Zajac and Simon Kirk.


( l‘tllllll r ll


Original music by John Wetton. Arranged by David Lowe. Additional music by Runrig and Fish. _ . Director Graham Holloway, Producer Bob Carmthers, Executive Producers Gary Russell, Rob Whitehouse and David McWhtnnie Fight Arranger Seoras Wallace, Director of Photography Alan Trow, Based on an original idea by Michele Ayson,

Screenplay by Jerome Wncent, 80b Carmthers and Steve Gillham.

") Chasmg the Deer pic. Released September 1994



l.:\\l -\\( II \'

The List 9—22 September I994 25