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a; - Alex Cox’s Highway Patrolman

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The Big Picnic

Following the success of The Ship. Bill Bryden’s new production The Big l’ienie is a tribute on an epic scale to the Govan regiment who fought

in World War 1. :d

Page 6 I i1",


The author of Brie/(er of 'limgnes. talks about the rural reality behind his much awaited first novel B/aekzien.

Duncan McLean

Page 8

As Glasgow‘s CCA unveils a season of New Art in Scotland. The List looks back . at four major exhibitions of

Arnold Brown

The comedian takes us on a whistle-stop tour of Glasgow.

New Scottish


the past decade.

Page 12

Dii'l. l.AWRi-I.\'(‘ii

Shoegazers no more the Oxford foursome are back with a third album that finds a



life in the past.

Page 14 i 9;.


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