I tlot Carmen Miranda, not Carmen Ghia, but Carmen Jones. This musical take on the tragic love story is set on a 505 GI base, with a score by Georges Bizet, direction by Simon Callovv and sass from Patti Boulaye. Grace Kennedy is Carmen Jones at the Festival Theatre, . Edinburgh. See Theatre i 0 listings. i . r " l l l | i I . g: I l i l E I The boys are back in town and this time it’s I personal as Kevin l , Costner leads his pack of i ; Reservoir Dogs, Wild : g _ West-style. Wyatt Earp is i : L out for revenge at a ' ; cinema near you so don’t 5 : go calling him Mr Pink. 5 See Film review. l g l Sola, so good for the a i , Greenock Four’s plans to - i l nu the world with shiny, i i happy loaded-Revolver m i : pop. Watch them jangle i ’n’ gangle at the Venue, i Edinburgh and Cathouse, = Glasgow. See Rock listings. 2 I i



‘My wife Mo is always asking me why. il. I can take or leave the bevvy. do I not drink at home. “What.” I say. “as I'm watching Postman Pat?” l drink in pubs because I like the chat.‘

Peter on why he likes to get int/front lltlllt'l' Mrs Mel)ouga/l 'sfeet of'an afternoon.

‘lt‘s like 1150s beach town. I do have a Scottish identity. but I'd have ended up in a mental institution if I‘d stayed in Musselhurgh. Coming to London made me get up and do something in comedy.’

lena Cameron on the small town mentality that can leave yon/eelng [tinny-pet'uliat:

‘Me and Evan have never played hide the sausage. I want you to know that.‘ ('ourtney Love denies rumours linking ltet' romantically. or at least ('arnally. wit/i lI('t' l.(’ltl(tlll1(’(l(l(’(l playmate.

‘Paul Call is a drunken bigot. which I'm not. and Alan Partridge is a small- minded Tory asshole. Having said that. I can‘t deny there are things I say in character I do sympathise with.‘

Steve (‘tmyan (in why his real wart/S are .wnnetiines‘ spoken by the voice of (III tlt‘lmi

‘l was lunching in the Cheese Cake Factory in Rodeo Drive. Beverly Hills. just as the team bus was pulling out of lir‘ootttlicltl. l phoned home lot‘ the result and spoiled my meal.‘

l’or/ner ('eltu' l’C' l)()(ll'(l (ll/'(’(‘l()l' and l”!!! l’ll'(’lll'. Michael Kelly. on the li’ltoys's 199/ Skol ('upfinal tie/eat by xlirtlrie. from his new lmok Paradise Lost. '

‘lt was a little confusing having to do a

whole lilm without a gun in my hand.‘ Brute floating willy' Willis on the part he plays opposite Jane ‘Sinnerfrmn l’inner' Mare/t in the new ‘erotit'

; Iltriller' ('olor ()fNig/tl.

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