I Sin with Bruce Morton (Channel 4)

l l.lS—l 1.45pm. Avarice and gluttony are given the eye in Bruce Morton’s well- funny look at the seven deadlies.


I 704 Hauser Street (Channel 4) ll.45pm—12.15am. The set~up for this newly imported American show is basically a sit—corn writer's joke. illustrating how far the television fortn is turning in on itself. 704 Hauser Street is the address of the Bunker family from All in the Family. which was. in turn. the American remake of 7711 Death Us [)0 Part. Cue the house‘s new inhabitants the Cumberbatch family who just argue. argue. argue. argue. but in a funny kinda way.


I Willow (BBCI) 7—9pm. Total family entertainment from director Ron Howard. in this adventure fantasy starring Val Kilmer as the grumpy maverick swordsman and Warwick Davis as the vertically-challenged good guy. It‘s an everyday tale of freeing princesses and saving chosen children. but brilliantly executed.

I Video Diaries (BBCZ) 9.30—10.30pm. New series of public access documentaries kicks off with ‘Mad. Sad or Bad‘. a film by a schizophrenic woman who reveals how mentally ill people are treated by professionals and society in general.

I Common as Muck (BBC2) lO—l0.55pm. Continuing adventures of the black binbag gang led by Edward Woodward in this series about post- privatisation council refuse collectors.

I The Mackintosh Man (Scottish)

1 l.40pm—l.30am. Paul Newman and James Mason star in this entertaining thriller about an undercover intelligence investigation into a gang that arranges to {L spring wealthy crims from prison.

I Critical Eye (Channel -1)‘)-l()pm. Channel 4‘s radical documentary strand

returns for another series. starting with a

film about women in one of the ultimate positions of authority -— the police force. Policewomen talk frankly about the ‘gender war behind the thin blue line‘.

is."- u _

I Missouri Breaks (Channel 4) lOpm—12.2()am. 'l‘he Brando season

continues with this off-beat western about

a bounty hunter called in to see off a gang

; of rustlers headed by Jack Nicholson. I Inside Story (BBCl) lt)—-l().45pm. Hall

1 L g I Knowing Me, Kn

a million cars are stolen itt Britain every year; 'Car Squad‘ reveals how many reappear as ‘ringers‘ which are sold on to unsuspecting buyers.


I Tonya and Nancy The Inside Story (BBCI) 9.30—1 1pm. A story with plenty going for it short skirts. jealousy. iron bars in the television movie based on the true story of ice-skating rivalry that boiled over. Nancy Kerrigan was at the top of her sport. Tonya Harding was the number one contender. Then Nancy skates into a crowbar and Tonya‘s bodyguard is helping the police with their enquiries. This is the kind of cash-in British television hasn't the stomach for. so thank God for the unsqueamish American networks.

.3 j z

‘1}... owing

.with 1 Alan Partridge (BBCZ) lt)~l().3()pm. ' ‘What is wrong with the world today."

at. . .

show featuring clturns and humour

; abused and hotneless women who takes shooting lessons from a bounty hunter so ' site cart take revenge on her husband's


. fury/Garry measure up against our own

asks guache television anchor tnatt Alan Partridge. "l‘here's too much talk and not enough chat.‘ Steve Coogan’s alter ego plans to rectify this with a new spoofchat-


I Desperate Hours (Scottish)

<).3()—l 1.30pm. Michael Cimino's remake of the Humphrey Bogart movie with Mickey Rourke as a convict on the run who barges his way into the lives of a middle-class family. Anthony Hopkins plays dad.

I Elizabeth R: The Lion’s Cub (BBCZ) 9.30-1 lprn. Highly-acclaimed television production. first shown 23 years ago. which charts the rise and reign of Elizabeth I in six historical episodes by different writers. Glenda Jackson. now Member for Hampstead and Highgate but then at the height of her acting powers. plays the colourful monarch.

I Caged Heat (BBCZ) Il.-l()ptti—l.l()ztlii. Jonathan Silence oft/re Lambs [)emme‘s first feature about a girl-gang rampage in a women's prison is shown in the ‘I.ost and l-‘ound‘ season of rarely screened films.


I Beputations (BBCZ) 9.30- 10.30pm. First of a new series of investigative profiles of modern historical figures starts with those great wartime commanders --liisenhower and Montgomery between whom little love was lost. apparently.

I South Bank Show (Scottish)

10.454 1.45pm. First in a new series. presented as ever by Melvyn Bragg. profiles Kenneth Williams.


I Murphy Brown (BBCB) 6—6.25ptit. Candice Bergen is ace television journalist Murphy Brown trying to stay ahead of the ; hungry young pretenders in the newsroom ? in this American comedy drama.

; I One Good Cop (Scottish) ‘)~l 1.40pm (includes News tit 72):). Television

: premiere of this not-very-good film with Michael Keaton valiantly trying to make something of his role as a cop who inherits his dead partner's three kids.

I Network First (Scottish) ll.45pm-l2.45am. Hard-hitting documentary series looks at the work of a London hospital‘s pioneering programme of ‘arousal therapy' to give patients in persistent vegetative state a better chance of life.


I Chart Bite (Scottish) 7—7.3(lpm. Lively pop show based on the Scottish charts. but with 'Ibp oft/re I’ttpv's slavish adherence to the formula.

I The Wild Bunch (Scottish) l().3()pm—l.()5atn. Sam l’eckinpah's I968 benchmark Western with William Holden and Ernest Borgnine as members of a fast- disappearing breed of outlaws having a final fling on the Mexican border. Trademark poetic violence and slow- tttotion killings make this one of Peckinpah's finest.


I The X-Files (BBCZ) time unconfirmed. Corny but strangely cotnpelling update of the 'lit'ilt'g/tr Ztme routine with David Duchovny as the obsessive FBI agent trawling through the Bureau's Unexplained Files for evidence ofextra- terrestrials. Looks like he's found it. too. I The Big Story (Scottish) 7.30—8pm. Dermot Murnaghan presents the punchy current affairs which equates. roughly. to the 'ltuluy newspaper of the airwaves.

I An Innocent Man (Scottish) 9—) I.45pm (including News (1! 7201). Tom Selleck is an innocent man framed by bent coppers and sent to prison, where the going gets tough. He hooks tip with class act F. Murray Abrahams who hatches an escape plan.

borrowed front The [My 'Iittlttv. Top television pastiche frotn the master of disguise.

I Hannie Caulder (Scottish) lt).3()pm»-12.05am. Raquel Welsh is an


I Clive Anderson Talks Back (Channel 4) 10.30 -l l.l()pm. The man who has made a television career out of being sharp. square and bald all at the same time returns with a new series of his chat show. He's far too cosy when talking to old chums. but still has the knack of making guests. particularly politicians. healtltily unctmtfortable. Anderson works on the principle that the harder they come. the harder they fall. which all in all. isn't a bad strategy for a chat show host. Jim Davidson. among others. will be mildly stitched up tonight.

. 5V

I Just for Laughs (Channel 4) ll.l()pm II. I 5am. Tonight it‘s the turn of the queer comics represented at this year's Montreal (‘omedy l-‘estival. hosted by Julian (‘lary with Bob l)owne. Elvira Kurt and. hit of the l‘Idinburgh l‘ringe. Mark

I The Larry Sanders Show ( B BCZ) ll.45pm— 12. 10am. Phew. two chat show- bastd comedies in one night. See how

Alan/Stcv e early this evening.

68 The List 9—22 September 1994