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Council and Scottish Arts CONTD FROM PREVIOUS PAGE I Council


We are seeking a full-time ' RESIDENCE ® VZTui’t‘ggndm AD M I N R organisation with an

Required for an initial international reputation for

period of 4 months 11.. National mm enabling people with severe out of the blue is a lively, (from 24 October '94 - "m€““ sensory and learning . negotiable). The 5C0 m disabilities to develop living Open and versatlle permanent residency provides an and communication skills.

venue dedicated to promoting opponunjtyfora graduate the contemporary arts to as PraCIiSlng artist. trained MANAGER (Coatbrldge or Pollokshields)

wide an audience as possible. and currently Wing. in 59059 Salary Scale. Dis 2832 Scotland, to further his/her (“5,288,917,466) creative production and,

some exper'ence m arts at the same time, work If you enjoy a challenge and are a committed administration is preferred with young people in a and enthusiastic person, read on. A Manager is but not essentiaj. secondary school(s) required for one of two new community projects under the supervision under development for people with multi sensory Th . . . I . of teaching staff. impairments. This post will be filled before the e posmon Invo ves' Further information and projects are operational and you would, Public Relations application forms (to be therefore, be strongly involved in the press & publicity returned by Friday 23 developmental aspects of the work, alongside September) obtained current Managers.

Sponsorship & Fundraising from; Mr H Roche, Adviser Basic Bookkeeping An 8. Design, Grampian You will have management and residential

Word Processin Regionm Council, experience and will be committed to assisting g Education Advisow clients to develop as independent a life as . . . . service, summerth possible. The field of sensory impairment is a Please apply In Wr'tmg W'th C°V‘ Education Centre, specialist one, but training will be provided. A

by Friday 23rd September Stronsay Drive, Aberdeen, qualification in social work or other relevant field to 25 Blackfriars Street A82 6JA. tel 0224 208205, ‘5 dGSifab'e-

Ollt Of the blue artspace

Edinburgh fax 0221208845 Closing Date: Monday 19th September 1994 ~ Interview Date: Wednesday 5th October 1994 out of the blue is committed to equal opportunities ASSISTANT MANAGER Sense Salary Scale, pts 20-23 When (£1 1,859-£13, 002) Fairbrid e rovides a ersonal . d l g p repIyIng to An Assistant Manager is also required in an eve Opmcm prOgrammC or young . existing project based at St Andrews Drive, People aged 15‘25 through the ]0b adverts, Pollokshields, to assist in the management of a outdoors and informal education. - staff team and in the delivery of comprehensive mention - - . There is currently a vacancy for servrces to 6 deafblind clients. a female in [he POSt Of InSthtor you Closing Date: Monday 19th September 1994 Within the Lothian 'l‘eam. saw the ad Interview Date: Friday 14th October 1994 Experience of youthwork through . . the outdoors is essential. In The L'St' SOCIAL TUTORS

Sense Salary Scale, pts 12-15/8

A full driving licence would be (£9,633-E10,293/£11,016)

an advantage.

. - a These vacancies are within our current project. Closmg date 15th septembcr Pasmve HELP You will be experienced in the residential field Notification for interview by NEEDS VOLUNTEERS- and have an interest in the educational aspects

We require volunteers of the work. 213 Scplcmbcr available during the day

- . - - for dr/Ving (Wit/7 U59 0’ Closing Date: Monday 19th September 1994 Onc‘day mmmcws du’mg own car); babysitting and Interview Date: To Be Decided 4/ 5/ 6/ 7th October trips with children;

garden/"9’ decorat’ng 0’ For application forms and information on the

Job details and application forms from: . above posts, please write to:

i 13mm? Ba‘rilc’ .Fahibridgci IiOtman’ mileageaiilgoxgie and Margaret Mitchell, Sense Scotland, , 122 Constitution Street, Izdinburgh any out ofpocket : 5,2, 3 Elliot place, Clydeway Centre, ' I .121-16 SAW 051 S55 4449 . expenses; training and 1 Glasgow Fairbrxdge is committed to apohcy o/equal opportumty ongoing support.

For more information,

phone 031-558 3635


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