8 The List 23 September—6 ()ctober l994

Inventor of gangsta rap, responsible for one of the most controversial albums in the history of American music, Ice T has been called a sexist and a bigot as well as an articulate spokeman for America’s disenfranchised. Alastair Mabbott finds out where he’s coming from.

ineteen-ninety-four.‘ the voice menaces. ‘Body Count still in the house.’ And on top of a sinister bass riff. monochrome images ripple across the screen. bounced off the surface of troubled waters. Scenes of riots, vagrants and. ab. there he is. Ice T, the Original Gangster himself. bandana stretched tight across his head. intoning:

Bur/1 Asian

Born Jewish


[30m POOR!

Abrupt burst of full colour. Desperate figures are writhing about in an ocean of blood, trying to force each other under. while the source footage switches to shots of Gulf War air attacks. servicemen in chemical masks and