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a I Too mell‘o’ to yell

‘ow’! That’s MC Mell ‘0'. Still, to put it ‘blunt’ly, there’s no smoke without lire knoworrimean? See

= Rock listings.

I "Ere, I thought they was re-routing that Yellow Brick Road via Leytonstone . . .’ Expect the unexpected in Bob Carlton’s Tempest-uous rock ’n’ roll Shakespeare, Return to the Forbidden Planet. See Theatre listings.



I ‘I don’t wanna be a chesspiece no more!’ Joey, Johnny and all chez Ramone lament manipulative corporate

management in their latest adrenalin-charged album Middleage

Colostomy. Catch them on tour this month. See Rock


I Hope, it’s not a Spandau Ballet tribute band, folks - those chipper Chippendales chaps are back at Glasgow’s Pavilion. Watch out tor Iow-llying moist underwear, boys! See Theatre listings.

Hut/sucker Proxy (almost) in his birthday suit.

(liar): Shortly after writing it. he took


I The [lie l’icnic.

‘What's the bloody point."



‘Millions of unemployed people are living offthe few people who pay taxes . . . There are millions ofjobs waiting to be taken ~ everyone is short of secretaries and household people but people prefer to be unemployed.‘ Novelist Barbara (far/land proves she is better at romanticfiction than hard facts.

‘I wish I were an alcoholic because the people there are so wonderful. I'd go every day.‘

lirica Jong. on Alcoholics Aruni_\'nzoit.s‘. evidently taking a more ronutntic l‘l(’ll' ofalcoho/ism than When a Man Loves a Woman.

‘I don‘t take sports seriously. although I like that Scottish thing where they throw the poles. I'm down with that.‘ REM 's l’eter Buck. We always suspected he was a bit ofa tosser.

‘Jessica Tandy told me she just did an absolutely bare-arsed nude scene.‘ Paul Newman. about to celebrate his 70th birthday. on appearing in The

‘Shc's my fiercest critic . . . she spends most of the time watching the audience. worrying about what they think if there's sweary words.‘

Iii/l lirytlen on his mother: who may in fact be less critical than others about

'I'hejinal entry in Kenneth ll’illiams'

an overdose oflntr/n’turutes. bringing a l peaceful. if'trat'ic. (’II(/ to chronic hack and stomach pain.

The List 23 September—o ()ctober I‘M-l 3