kid battling to communicate with his parents and caught in the violent struggle for self-definition. Though irrevocably dated by now. this is still notable as the film that articulated the until-then unrecognised experiences and aspirations of a whole generation and does of course contain our favourite nostalgia icon in full flow. With Kenneth Anger homage Fireworks Revisited (9 mins). Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Reservoir 1109808) (Quentin Tarantino. US. 1992) Harvey Keitel. Tim Roth. Michael Madsen. 100 mins. A gang of hoods. known only to each other by colour-coded nicknames. meets at an abandoned warehouse to figure how out their rigorously planned heist went so drastically wrong. The best debut in years from writer-director Tarantino. whose stylish violence seduces the audience into complicity. Brilliant in every sense of the word. Glasgow: GFT. Odeon. MGM Parkhead. Edinburgh: Odeon. UCI. Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr. UCl Clydebank.

I The Rocky Horror Picture Show ( 18) (Jim Shaman. UK. 1975) Tim Curry. Susan Sarandon. Barry Bostwick. Meat Loaf. 100 mins. The cult film to end all others. this rock spoof on old horror movies has created a breed of Rocky Horror crazies. and packs them in at late shows everywhere. The film has its


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moments. and Curry is splendidly camp as the bisexual Frank N. Furter. Edinburgh: Odeon. I Night Form (18) (John Badham. US. 1977) John Travolta. Karen Lynn Gorney. Julie Bovasso. 119 mins. Remember the Bee Gees music. the white suits. the days when Travolta was a promising young talent? Nostalgia rules again with the revival of this rather ordinary teen rebellion/dance mini-classic in which an ordinary working-class youth finds the only meaning in his life during his energetic peregrinations on the weekend dance floor. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Schindler’s list (15) (Steven Spielberg. US. 1993) Liam Neeson. Ralph Fiennes. Ben Kingsley. 195 mins. During WW2. German industrialist and Nazi Party member Oskar Schindler saved the lives of over a thousand Jewish employees by demanding they work in his factory rather than be sent to Auschwitz. Spielberg's magnificent movie and Neeson's performance capture this enigmatic brand of heroism. while depicting traumatic events in

documentary-like black-and-white images.

Psychologieally complex. emotionally devastating and artistically impeachable. this is one of the best films ever made. Central: MacRobert.



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24 The List 21 October—3 November 1994

I The Secret of Niall (Don Bluth. US. 1982). With the voices of Derek Jacobi. Elizabeth Hartman. Arthur Malet. Dom DeLuise. 82 mins. Forced to flee her cosy field a mouse. and a single mother to boot. seeks the help of the mysterious rats of Nirnh. Animated cartoon feature by a group of ex-Disney artists who believed their erstwhile employers were letting standards slip. Though their artistic credentials are obvious the narrative strength isn't. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Serial More (18) (John Waters. US. 1994) Kathleen Tumer. Sam Waterston. Ricki Lake. 93 mins. Underneath the apple-pie ideals of the Sutphins' model suburban home. mom Beverly is going to deadly extremes to keep her family nest feathered. The sickest. funniest American comedy to hop the Atlantic for ages. Waters latest adds a zesty twist of cruelty to satire on family values. political correctness and America's adulation of criminals in the media. Fife: Adam Smith.

I Shadowlantls (PG) (Richard Attenborough. US. 1993) Anthony Hopkins. Debra Winger. Joey Mazzelo. 131 mins. The true story of Oxford don and children's novelist CS. bewis who. late in life. man‘ied feisty American divorcee Joy Gresham. only to lose her to cancer a few years later. Superlative acting from all concerned. with Hopkins opening his emotions more than usual and Attenborough showing that he can work effectively on a detailed. intimate canvas. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Silent Running (U) (Douglas Trumbull. US. 1971) Bruce Dem. Cliff Potts. Ron Rifkin. 89 mins. Pioneering effects boffin Trumbull (he supervised 2001's elaborate setpieces) came up trumps with this warmly affecting debut sci-fi feature. Dem stars as the scientist in charge ofa spacecraft experiment that's literally another Garden of Eden and is apparently intended to renoun'sh old mother Earth after the ravages of nuclear war. When orders come through that the plan is to be ditched. Dem and his team of robots head off into hyperspace in the hope that they can inspire life on another sphere and setting the scene for a tearful finale. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Slacker (15) (Richard Linklater. US. l99l) Over 100 Texans. 97 mins. Unclassifiable piece of independent American moviemaking which doesn't have a plot as such; instead it provides a snapshot of over 100 ‘slackers' young. happy- go-lucky drifters - as they get through their daily

'lives. Structured as a monumental relay (each

character briefly appears. meets the next. and so on). it has a loose. experimental. almost jazzy format that you‘ll either love or hate. A sure-fire cult hit. Glasgow: GI’I‘. I The Sound Of Music (U) (Robert Wise. US. 1965) Julie Andrews. Christopher Plummer. Richard Haydn. Eleanor Parker. Peggy Wood. 173 mins. In the late 1930s. vivacious nun Maria (Andrews) introduces the Von Trapp children to the joys of music. and their widowed father (Plummer) to the joys of love as Nazism begins to sweep Austria. One of the great screen musicals. corupletely uncynical. and boasting a host of memorable songs and charm-sodden moments. And it's all based on a true story. Edinburgh: St Bride's.

I Speed (15) (Jan De Bont. US. 1994) Keanu Reeves. Dennis lIOpper. Sandra Bullock. 115 mins. A white-knuckle adrenalin ride that is the fastest. most finely tuned fairground attraction of the year. With LA SWAT man Jack Traven (Reeves) up against mad bomber Howard Payne (Hopper) in a tower-block elevator siege. a bus wired to blow if it drops below 50mph and LA's as-yet-unfinished subway. this is a movie that will leave you on a high for days afterwards. General release.

I Strictly Ballroom (PG) (Baz Luhrmann. Australia. 1991) Paul Mercurio. Tara Moriee. Bill Hunter. 94 mins. Dancefloor hopeful Scott Hastings incurs the wrath of the Australian Dance Federation by using his own steps in competition. loses his partner and his friends. but finds love and artistic integrity with the local wallfiower. The ultimate feelgood movie. it is crammed with colour. glitter. music and spectacle. Edinburgh: Cameo. Filmhouse.

I Thieves like Us (18) (Robert Altman. US. 1973) Keith Carradine. Shelley Duvall. John Schuck. 123 mins. A trio of bankrobbers try for the big time they read about and see in movies. but prison is always lurking just round the corner. Altman’s remake of Nicholas Ray's They Live By Night has more of a bitter-sweet irony to it. while taking a satirical swipe at Depression America and its false promises. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Three Colours: White (15) (Kr‘zysztof Kieslowski. France/Switz/Poland. I993) Zbigniew Zamachowski. Julie Delpy. Janusz Gajos. 91 mins. Another masterful piece of cinema by Kieslowski. much less lyrical and visually poetic than his most recent works. This time the theme of the trilogy is ‘equality'. as a Polish hairdresser sets out to get revenge on his French ex-wife. Central: MacRobert.

I Threesome (18) (Andrew Fleming. US. 1994)

Josh Charles. Lara Flynn Boyle. Stephen Baldwin. 93 mins. A serious. shy gay student and a slacker jock find themselves sharing a college dorm with a girl whose name has caused a bureaucratic error. Pretty soon. they're working out their incompatible triangular desires behind closed doors. A film that dares to challenge. but barely rocks the boat. Threesome stumbles through some incredibly patronising scenes before finding a little more complexity. Far from psychological truth. however. All UCls.

I Thumbelina (U) (DonBluth. US. 1993) Animator Bluth comes close to rivalling Disney with this channing fairy tale filled with little folk. princes. easy-to-follow messages and a Barry Manilow soundtrack. Young kids will love it and even the cynically hard-hearted may soften. Edinburgh: UCI. Strathclyde: UCI East Kilbride.

I To live (12) (Zhang Yimou. Hong KongJChina. 1994) Ge You. Gong Li. Niu Ben. 125 mins. With a gentle injection of humour alongside the tragedy. Zhang retums to the epic scope of his earlier filrus. following the effects of history on an uniruposing family. The ironies thrown up by political changes. taking in the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution. may have bizarrely comic consequences. but they also inflict pain at a grass-roots level. Ge You is a magnificent lead. Edinburgh: Cameo. I True lie: (15) (James Cameron. US. 1994) Arnold Schwarsenegger. Jamie Lee Curtis. Tom Arnold. 141 mins. Amie masquerades as a computer salesman to keep long-suffering spouse Curtis in the dark about his real job in the hi-tech spy world. At a price tag of over SIOOm. Cameron's attempt to redefine the visual possibilities of the action genre is thrilling. disappointing and exasperating in almost equal measures. but at least the money‘s up there on the screen. Dodgy valuejudgernents. brilliant wholesale destruction. Edinburgh: UCl. Strathclyde: UCl East Kilbride.

I True Romance (18) (Tony Scott. US. 1993) Christian Slater. Patricia Arquette. Dennis Hopper. 119 mins. Comic bookstore assistant Clarence meets. sleeps with and marries novice hooker Alabama within a matter of hours. then the lovebirds find themselves on the run with an accidentally Stolen case of cocaine. Limelight- stealing cameos and writer Quentin Tarantino's verbal set-pieces fire this excellent movie. the epitome ofdisposable pop culture for the fast- food generation. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I War (It The Buttons (PG) (John Roberts. UK. 1994) Colm Meaney. Gregg Fitzgerald. John Coffey. 94 mins. The rivalry between two villages in the south west of Ireland is taken up in childish skirmishes between local schoolkids. but soon their battles escalate. Colin Welland‘s script oozes Irish chami and a love of childhOOd. but the repetitive structure begins to wear thin. Glasgow: MGMs. Edinburgh: MGM. UCI. Strathclyde: UCls.

I Wenn llu Gross Bist. lieber Adam (Egon Gunther. Germany. 1965/90) 78 mins. A swan gives a young boy a torch, which exposes liars when its light is cast upon them. East German authorities meddled in the film from an early stage. demanding script changes. distorting its message. Even in its cobbled together state. its fairytale chamr. with a darker edge. remains audacious. Glasgow: Goethe lnstitrrt.

I When A Man loves A Woman (15) (Luis Mandoki. US. 1994) Meg Ryan. Andy Garcia. Ellen Burstyn. 126 mins. Casting Ryan against type as an alcoholic mother going through rehab hell and piecing together her domestic life does add welcome friction to Mandoki's follow-up to Born Yesterday. but otherwise it's a rather typical piece about forgiveness. inner strength and reinforced family values. The romantic content and emotional manipulation. however. will please the lrankie can‘iers in the audience. Glasgow: Odeon. Edinburgh: Odeon. L'Cl. Fife: New Picture House. Strathclyde: WMR. I Widow's Peak (PG) (John Irvin. UK. 1993) Joan Plowright. Mia Farrow. Natasha Richardson. 101 mins. Tire women-only enclave of Widow’s Peak is thrown into disarray when glamorous American Edwina Broome (Richardson) arrives in the quaint Irish village of Kilshannon. Suddenly the dominating rule of Mrs Doyle Counihan (Plowright) is under threat. Slightly stereotypical. Wit/0W3 Peak harks back to the witty charm of the Ealing comedies and those days when dialogue mattered. Strathclyde: UCI East Kilbride. I Wolf (15) (Mike Nichols. US. 1994) Jack Nicholson. Michelle Pfeiffer. James Spader. 125 mins. If you go to this expecting a full-bloodied werewolf movie. you'll be disappointed. Director Nichols trades traditional settings and gore for a deeper analysis of one man's transformation on physical. errrotional and psychological levels. Bitten by a wolf. Nicholson's books editor fends off his mid-life crisis and vents his passions on cynical rich girl Pfeiffer. More a date movie with teeth than out- and-out horror. Strathclyde: Magnum.