I Jo Brand reckons blokes are just ‘A Load of Old Balls’ in her new book which exposes the little boys inside the great men of history. It your masculinity’s threatened you could always try heckling during her show at Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall. See Comedy listings tor details.

I The Brylcreem Boy aka Harry Connick Jr can charm the birds out the trees with his good old- fashioned crooning. Will he manage the same trick when he plays the SECC, Glasgow? See Rock listings for details.

I ‘Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today for the purposes of a shameless photo opportunity to publicise our forthcoming tour and album.’ The Humptl Family will be begging lorgiveness tor their sins in Glasgow and Edinburgh soon. See Rock listings tor details.

that awarded it.



‘The 60s weren‘t better than now, it was loud and volatile and fraught with disagreement. The 70s sucked, and the 80s weren‘t any better and now we‘re in the 90s and look what we‘ve got going on.‘

Tom Hanks. more grump than Camp, is hard pressed to name his favourite decade.

‘When Jimmy was writing for Brookside it was like a party political broadcast for the Labour Party. But we were both very disappointed that the miners' strike was never covered in a Brookside storyline. that was a real cop-out.‘

Ricky Tomlinson. reunited with former Brookie writer Jimmy McGovern on the Cracker set. remembers the legendary Bobby Grant years.

‘As i see it, it's an argument based solely on behalf of validity. that my language and my culture have the right to exist. and no one has the authority to dismiss that right.‘

James Kelman accepts the Booker Prize. but not the literary establishment

‘Any fool can defend Mr Kelman’s ‘right‘ to write English his own way. It is a free world. But to give him the Booker Prize? What lunacy has seized English literature?

The establislmzent responds. wit/1 Times (.‘olumnist Simon Jenkins as its mouthpiece.

‘lfyou live long enough then they run out of people to give those special awards to so you get one anyway. l‘m going to get old-age make-up on now and film an acceptance speech before I get so old I don't know what l'm doing, then I'll let them have it when l'm 85. I still have so many people I want to thank!‘

Three times Oscar nominated Susan Sarandon is confident her time will come. Eventually.


The List 21 October—3 November l994 3