Tom Moore Whiskey

Tom Moore whiskey from Kentucky is totally clear because of You can get two tickets tor the price at the way it is filtered over charcoal and it can be drunk one to see Transit Hotel by Tmu-iia straight. or with a mixer. You can win the chance to taste this Theatre on Sun 23 Oct and Manuel the newly imported spirit for yourself by entering our Tom Moore creator by Belgian group Alibi Collective on competition. We're giving away a 70cl bottle of the whiskey wed 26 Oct, both at 7.30pm, at the Iron Theatre, to each of the six people who come up with the best ~ 1 Glasgow. nicknames fora Tom Moore-and-mixer drink. Names must Take this incorporate either Tom or Moore. though Tommy. Tommo etc a. a copy of are acceptable. An example to get you started is Ginger Tom - d" the

a Tom Moore and ginger ale. magazine to the

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'3 office.

Send your entries, which must reach us by Thursday 3 November, to: TOM MOORE COMP, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 ITE.

. . , r l i I I DEATH AND THE Bl El E U W MAIDEN l J [J a- l I 1_ _ I :|__ _ We’re offering two tickets for the price of

one to see Death and the Maiden at the @ ll @ @ [F {Fae/opiate

Japanese animation

stalls seats and is ' subject to availability. The

._ play begins on Fri 21 Oct. Take this copy 01 the

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.\1eet :‘vloldiver. an American-style

l , superhero story set in Tokyo sometime .5 magazine t0 the l \ during the next century as the city . \ teeters on the brink of collapse. This ' ‘anime‘ is one ot'the first releases ' Ev ‘. A from new video label Pioneer '~,_ I , V LDCE. which specialises in waste giving away five

‘* 2 Japanese animation. We‘re

pairs of tickets for the

\ - _ will”? “Nita-V “’9'?” ti”: first show in the Gilded \ s l“ .“"f'_ ,‘i‘ l;.‘ “39‘ M - Balloon’s new Saturday night ‘, ‘L 19": ‘.’” ,” comedy season. It kicks oft with it ,"-”." p U." f”’.”" Oonna McPhail on 5 November a beginner s (mu/e In - - - a“ I . 1 . . at 8pm. first live entries out of \ if 1“.- . . (Il)(.,.(.\( 1 “INHIHUH a

(Titan Books) which explains the (fa-I“ genre to the tmtnttatetl. We ve got ten prizes of two \. lilt‘bs and one book ~ to give away. To enter. tell us:


Write by Mon 31 Oct to: Donna McPhail Offer, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE.

What is the generic name tor the popular Japanese adult comics which often feature graphic violence?


Send your answers. which must reach us by Tuesday I November. to: ANIME COMP, The list, d i i t "I 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE. 9 "3 0 9" "9 '99 a m 83 on 0 8

Surf Club (Suns 22 and 29 Oct) and the new Club Kopov (Eris 21 and 28 Oct) at the

Music Box, Edinburgh. Bring this coupon to the

door on the night. The management reserves the

(La Sda’ SlgilgtstgegeéfifisaflrgfiflanEN more information on


. a . Fellini‘s masterpiece Lu Strut/a ,‘r. l T“ i which stars Anthony Quinn and V“ 9‘} Giulietta Masina in a story about a circus strongman who doesn‘t X K a return the love of his waif-like travelling companion. Ciao [talent-o! is a documentary profile . _ of the director. made by long time [a suada collaborator Gideon Bachmann while Fellini was filming Salyricrm in 1968. Both the documentary and La Strada have .. been released on video and we‘ve got six pairs to give way. To enter. just tell us:

OFFERS: Cut out the coupon or take along the whole magazine and present it to the relevant box office or cash desk. All offers are subject to availability and managements reserve the right to refuse admission.

COMPETITIONS: Only one entry per person per competition. It you are entering more than one competition, you need use only one envelope, but please make sure that your name and address are attached to EACH entry. Competitions are open to all UK residents (over the age of 18 in alcohol- related otters). No responsibility can be accepted by The list tor prizes which cannot be obtained due to unforeseen circumstances. To obtain a list of winners, please send a SAE to The List Competition Winners, stating which issueis) results you require.

What does ‘La Strada' mean?

Send your answers. which must

reach us by Wednesday 2

" November. to: FELLINI COMP, /' . The List, 14 High Street,

Ciao Federico! Edinburgh EH1 TTE.


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