mins. The cult film to end all others. this rock spoof on old horror movies has created a breed of Rocky Horror crazies. and packs them in at late shows everywhere. The film has its moments. and Curry is splendidly camp as the bisexual Frank N. Furter. Glasgow: Grosvenor. MGM Parkhead. I Buoy Grierson: lie-shoeing History A special event which reassesses the influence of documentarist Ruby Grierson. whose untimely death has meant that her work has been overshadowed by her male counterparts. Producer Kirsty Wark and director Fiona Adams will be on hand to introduce their BBC Scotland ExS programme. as well as archive screenings of two of Grierson's shorts Give The Kids A Break and They Also Sen'e. Tue 15 only. Glasgow: GET. I Salaam Bombay! (15) (Mira Nair. lndia/France/UK. 1988) Shafiq Syed. Raghubir Yadav. Aneeta Kanwar. 1 13 ntins. A marvellous movie shot on location in Bombay. which records the lives of the city's thronging street urchins. focusing on young Krishna's descent into a seedy underworld of prostitution and narcotics as he tries to earn his fare back to his native village. This auspicious debut from Indian woman film-maker Nair avoids the obvious. and makes its moral points through its sympathy for the remarkable children whose indomitable spirit is convincingly captured by the former documentarist‘s camera. Central: MacRobert. I Le Samourai (PG) (Jean-Pierre Melville. France/Italy. 1967) Alain Delon. Francois Perier. Nathalie Delon. 105 mins. The classic French film noir. re-issued with. for the first time. subtitles rather than the appallingly dubbed version that did the rounds years ago. Delon is Jeff Costello. an enigmatic hired killer who becomes obsessed with the beautiful pianist who witnessed a hit but refuses to testify against him. Minimalist dialogue and perfect attention to detail make this the director's masterpiece. Glasgow: G171". I Serial Mom ( 18) (John Waters. US. 1994) Kathleen Turner. Sam Waterston. Ricki Lake. 93 mins. Underneath the apple-pie ideals of the Sutphins' model suburban home. mom Beverly is going to deadly extremes to keep her family nest feathered. The sickest. funniest American comedy to hop the Atlantic for ages. Waters latest adds a zesty twist of cruelty to satire on family values. political correctness and America's adulation ofcriminals in the media. Edinburgh: Cameo. I A Shadow Of Doubt ( 15) (Aline Isserman. France. 1992) Mireille Perrier. Alain Bashung. Sandrine Blancke. 106 mins. Without the screaming and aggressive hysteria of Ixtrlt'bird. Ladybird. lssemtan manages to approach the minefield subject ofchild abuse in a more subtle but equally devastating manner. Twelve-year-old Alexandrine's accusations against her father send shockwaves throughout the family; but. like the authorities. we too must piece together the clues as the film works like a sedate thriller reaching towards its elusive truth. See review. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Shopping (18) (Paul Anderson. UK. 1994) Sadie Frost. Jude Law. Sean Pettwee. 107 mins. Just out ofjail. Billy meets up with girlfriend Jo and resumes joyriding and ram-raiding crashing into shop windows and helping himself to the goods. High-speed police chases and brushes with local crooks keep up the violence quota in Anderson's successful attempt to hit the British MTV generation of filmgoers with slick. commercial fare. Central: MacRobert. I Smoking/No Smoking (PG) (Alain Resnais. France. 1993) Pierre Arditi. Sabine Azema. 135/142 mins. A beguiling transportation of Alan Ayckbourn's Intimate Etc/ranges; the setting is still Yorkshire. but the dialogue is undoubtedly French. Interlocking lives. unsteady marriages and social embarrassment. all mixed up in time and narrative in that inimitable Resnais manner. The films can be viewed in any order. See preview. Glasgow: GET. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Speed (15) (Jan De Bont. US. 1994) Keanu Reeves. Dennis Hopper. Sandra Bullock. 115 mins. A white-knuckle adrenalin ride that is the fastest. most finely tuned fairground attraction of the year. With LA SWAT man Jack Traven (Reeves) up against mad bomber Howard Payne (Hopper) in a tower-block elevator siege. a bus wired to blow if it drops below 50mph and LA's as-yet-unfinished subway. this is a movie that will leave you on a high for days afterwards. General release. I Tartan Shorts ( 15) 46 mins. The 1994 trio of shorts produced under the Scottish Film Production Fund/BBC Scotland scheme offer a rich and diverse mix the inescapable memories of a war refugee (Narant‘e). a 19th century Edinburgh love story with a twist (Latin ForA Dark Room) and a modem fairytale seen through a schoolgirl's eyes (Daddy's Gone A-Hunting). . Some of the filmmakers will be on hand to answer questions. Thurs 17 only. Glasgow: GFT.

I Three Colours: Blue (15)(Krzysztof Kieslowski. France. 1993) Juliette Binoche. Benoit Regent. Charlotte Very. 100 mins. A young woman tries to isolate herself from friends and any notion of affection following the

death of her composer husband and child in a car

crash. but she cannot escape from the fragments of his unfinished composition. in which she played a major part. An expressive and symbolic film that is also emotionally satisfying. Binoche's award-winning perfomtance. in a film of profound beauty. is the best of her career. Glasgow: GET.

I Threesome (18) (Andrew Fleming. US. 1994) Josh Charles. Lara Flynn Boyle. Stephen Baldwin. 93 mins. A serious. shy gay student and a slacker jock find themselves sharing a college dorm with a girl whose name has caused a bureaucratic error. Pretty soon. they're working out their incompatible triangular desires behind closed doors. A film that dares to challenge. but barely rocks the boat. Threesome stumbles through some incredibly patronising scenes before finding a little more complexity. Edinburgh: UCI. I To live (12) (Zhang Yimou. Hong Kong/China. 1994) Ge You. Gong Li. Niu Ben. 125 mins. With a gentle injection of humour alongside the tragedy. Zhang returns to the epic scope of his earlier films. following the effects of history on an unimposing family. The ironies thrown up by political changes. taking in the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution. may have bizarrely comic consequences. but they also inflict pain at a grass-roots level. Ge You is a magnificent lead. Glasgow: GF'T. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Tokyo Story (U) (Yashijuro Ozu. Japan. 1953) Chishu Ryu. Chieko Higashaiyama. 139 mins. Ozu's widely acclaimed masterpiece is a quiet- spoken but eloquent statement on the travails of growing old. The simple plot tells of an elderly couple's visit to their children in Tokyo where they are treated tactlessly by their selfish offspring. Edinburgh: Cameo. I True Lies (15) (James Cameron. US. 1994) Arnold Schwarsenegger. Jamie Lee Curtis. Tom Arnold. 141 mins. Arnie rnasquerades as a computer salesman to keep long-suffering spouse Curtis in the dark about his real job in the hi-tech spy world. At a price tag of over SlOOm. Cameron's attempt to redefine the visual possibilities of the action genre is thrilling. disappointing and exasperating in almost equal measures. but at least the money's tip there on the screen. Dodgy value judgements. brilliant wholesale destruction. Edinburgh: MGM. I 'frue Romance (18) (Tony Scott. US. 1993) Christian Slater. Patricia Arquette. Dennis Hopper. 119 mins. Comic bookstore assistant Clarence meets. sleeps with and marries novice hooker Alabama within a matter of hours. then the lovebirds find themselves on the run with an accidentally stolen case ofcocaine. Limelight- stealing cameos and writer Quentin Tarantino's verbal set-pieces fire this excellent movie. the epitome of disposable pop culture for the fast- food generation. Edinburgh: UCI. I War or The Buttons (PG) (John Roberts. UK. 1994) Colm Meaney. Gregg Fitzgerald. John Coffey. 94 mins. The rivalry between two villages in the south west of Ireland is taken up in childish skirmishes between local schoolkids. but soon their battles escalate. Colin Welland's script oozes Irish charm and a love ofchildhood. but the repetitive structure begins to wear thin. General release. I When A Man loves A Woman (15) (Luis Mandoki. US. 1994) Meg Ryan. Andy Garcia. Ellen Burstyn. 126 mins. Casting Ryan against type as an alcoholic mother going through rehab hell and piecing together her domestic life does add welcome friction to Mandoki‘s follow-up to Burn Yesterday. but otherwise it‘s a rather typical piece about forgiveness. inner strength and reinforced family values. The romantic content and emotional manipulation. however. will please the hankie carriers in the audience. Glasgow: Odeon. Edinburgh: Odeon. I The Wicker Man (18) (Robin Hardy. UK. 1973) Edward Woodward. Britt Ekland. Diane Cilento. Ingrid Pitt. Christopher Lee. 102 mins. A devoutly celibate policeman (Woodward) arrives at a remote Scottish island to investigate a schoolgirl disappearance and becomes involved in local pagan rituals. A British horror classic. with some extremely scary and erotic moments. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Wolf (15) (Mike Nichols. US. 1994) Jack Nicholson. Michelle Pfeiffer. James Spader. 125 mins. If you go to this expecting a full-bloodied werewolf movie. you‘ll be disappointed. Director Nichols trades traditional settings and gore for a deeper analysis of one man's transformation on physical. emotional and psychological levels. Bitten by a wolf. Nicholson‘s books editor fends off his mid-life crisis and vents his passions on cynical rich girl Pfeiffer. More a date movie with teeth than out- and—out horror. Edinburgh: Cameo.



“Best Film/Best director/Best Actor/lies! Screenplay/Best SCI Design -



Derek Malcolm. Ihc Guardian

“It worlzs brilliantly... Beautifitlly played...

Very endearing and charmzn they deserve Oscars... Incredibly fti’nny... Aye/zhourn fans will love it’i...(or...


IIaily 'I‘clcgraph liuardmn

“When you come out of the first, you will be dying to see the second



0 .-——__—.——‘.:.—— V A master director meets a master of comedy

2 films directed by ALAIN RESNAIS

Based on "Intimate Exchanges" by


PG 2‘ m\/ /°’ _ Q j

. . . . . PG starring Sabine Azema Pierre Ardtti

2 exhilaratin new comedies from the director 01


[ These two films can be seen in the order that each viewer chooses ]


4—10 NOV and 18—20 NOV

11—17 NOV and 21—24 NOV

(Hosmm l ilm Illl'illl'l' FfiLM SE,

88 Lothian Road, Edinburgh 031-228 2688

The List 4—17 November 1994 23