A selection of television highlights, listed by day, in chronological order. Television Listings compiled by Eddie Gibb.


I Public Eye (BBCZ) 8-8.30pm. The rise of ‘yob culture’, as identified by John Major. is generally presumed to be a male phenomenon. but this film. ‘Girl Gangs‘. ' argues that women are starting to look for i a bit of aggro too. Mugging old ladies is . no longer a boys' game it seems. i l

I Perpetual Motion (BBCZ) 8.30—9pm. Has Concorde sonic-boomed its last‘.’ The continuing transport series charts the '. j history of this seventeen-year-old plane. which is still the fastest way ofcrossing the Atlantic.

I Harry Enfield and Chums (BBCl) 9.30—10pm. Television’s best character- creator returns with old favourites the Slobs. the Old Gits and Tim Nice-But- Dim * plus some new faces. including the Self-Righteous Brothers who set the world to rights from the comfort of their own bar stools. and the Lovely Wobbly Randy Old Ladies, who sound suspiciously like Fat Slags with bus passes. Underneath it all. it’s still Enfield. Paul Whitehouse and Kathy Burke.

I Anielica Huston’s Favourite Films (BBC2) 9.30-10pm. For years. the only films Anjelica Huston saw starred, or were directed by. members of her family ; she’s seen The African Queen. directed by father John. no less than l50 times. Other favourites include '1an Jones and The Maltese Falcon. plus there‘s a showing later this evening of The 'l’rcusure oft/2c Sierra Mat/re.

I Cape Fear (BBC 1) 10pm—midnight. Robert de Niro opts for self-parody as a psychopath seeking revenge on the lawyer who helped send him down for a fourteen- . year stretch. in this Martin Scorsese remake of the 1962 movie. Juliette Lewis played the first in what turned out to be a whole series of coy, gangling. child- women parts. Overblown. but with some masterful touches. E I Eurotrash (Channel 4) ll.lO—l 1.45pm. Tonight the Frenchies introduce. qtth





Wednesday 9th November 6.30pm-8.30pm

(On the First Floor) The Keepers of the Quaich and Waterstone's will be hosting the launch of this beautifully illustrated new book on Scotland's most famous export. A limited number of free invitations are available on a first come first served basis. (John Murray)



Wednesday 9th November 7.00pm

(On the Second Floor) Jason Manger will be demonstrating the versatility of this huge and sophisticated resource. and will be taking questions from mystified users. (McGraw-Hill)


Tuesday 15th November 7.00pm

A launch party to celebrate the publication of the book Fallen Angels in which forty of Vettriano's paintings are combined and complimented by some of the finest examples of classic and contemporary Scottish writing. (PavillionJ

Free tickets from branch 03-26 2666


84 The List 4—l7 November 1994

l I What with Finney starting next week (see feature)


and J my Nail’s long-awaited

seven-parter, Crocodile Shoes, finally reading for transmission, Newcastle is going to loom large in television drama-land. Crocodile Shoes, made from a script by Hail the

; writer, is the story of urban cowboy Jed, played by Hail the actor, who croons a mean 3 country and western standard, sung by, yes indeedy, Hail the singer. By day Jed is a

T lathe operator trying to hold on to his job at a Newcastle engineering works, but his

1 ambition is to record the country compositions he crafts in his spare time. When

London A&H man Adrian Lynn (James Wilby) hears a demo tape sent by Jed’s sister, his eyes light up with pound signs. Lynn’s problem is, how to sign the singer on his own account without his record company employers finding out.

Crocodile Shoes starts on Thursday 10 November at 9.30pm on BBCi .

surprise. a former porn star in the shape of Zara White. plus a report on a necrophiliac film director who’s having difficulties with the German authorities. I Newman and Baddiel in Pieces (BBCZ) 11.15—11.45pm. Repeat showing of this spin-off from the Mary Whitehouse Experience which culminated in a legendary comedy gig at Wembley. Another chance to check out Jarvis. the People of Restricted Seriousness and, of course, History Today.

I De Niro Meets Frankenstein (BBC 1) Midnight—12.25am. Bob talks about his role as the monster in Kenneth Branagh’s

Mary .S'ht’fltfiv's Frankenstein. See feature.

I Matador (Channel 4) 11.45pm—l .40am. Pedro Almodovar's 1986 whodtmnit about a bull-fighter who finds himself at the centre of a serial killer drama.


I Later With Jools Holland (BBCQ) 8-9pm. Jools Holland introduces another series of the music show which in the past has had pretty interesting guests playing live in the studio. Tonight it's reclusive songwriter J.J. Cale. Terry Hall and Youssou N’Dour. plus Jools inevitably doing his hoogie-woogie routine.

I Runaway Train (Scottish) 9—11pm. Taut action thriller with Jon Voigt and Eric Roberts as prison escapees who hitch a lift on a freight train which runs out ofcontrol in the frozen wastes of Alaska.

I The Untouchables (BBC!)

9.10-1 1.05pm. Sean Connery won an Oscar for his role as one of Special Agent

Eliot Ness‘s upright ‘untouchables’ who aim to put a stop to Al Capone (Robert de Niro) and his pesky bootlegging activities. Also stars Andy Garcia and Kevin Costner as Ness.

I Measure for Measure (BBCZ) 9.30—11.20pm. David Thacker’s adaptation. which forms part of the ‘Bard on the Box‘ season, is a radical reading of

‘the play by imagining Shakespeare was

writing for a television audience. t

I Rory Bremner . . . Who Else? (Channel 4) 10.05—10.45pm. Impressions and political satire from the bendy-faced man who has found a sharper edge since moving to Channel 4.

I The Danny Baker Show (BBC 1) ll.50pm—l’2.30am. Chat, celebs. Danny perfect post-pub telly.

I It Happened Here (BBCZ) ll.55pm—l.30am. First television showing for this film from the ‘Lost and Found’ season. which explores what life might have been like in Britain if the Nazis had won the battle of Britain. A sequence about young Nazis discussing their racist views was cut from the originally screened version. but has now been restored.

I Uncut: Family (BBC2) l.30——2.05am. Raw footage from the Video Nation season project by members of the public about their own lives. Each edition of this new series puts together uncut videos with

a similar theme, with the first one offering contrasting views of fatnin life.


I Equinox (Channel 4) 7—8pm. In ‘Rave New World’ the science and technology of the rave experience are explored. including the physiological effects of flashing lights and psychoactive drugs, including the long-term effects of Ecstasy, while Orbital and Future Sound of London identify the elements that make a rave exciting.

I Dead Lucky (Channel 4) 9—10pm. It’s twenty years since Lord Lucan disappeared. leaving behind the unsolved murder of his children’s nanny. A former police chief who worked on the case comes out of retirement to piece together evidence which offers a picture of Lucan’s last hours before he vanished.

I Timewatch (BBCZ) 9.30—10.20pm. New series of the history programme kicks off with ‘The Myth of the Spanish Inquisition’. All along we thought the Inquisitors were evil. sadistic torturers but, unexpectedly. it turns out they were a pretty enlightened bunch. Computer analysis of the records kept during the Inquisition shows that of 7000 cases. only about 2 per cent involved torture. and that at a time when burning witches was pretty common practice throughout Europe.

I Don’t Look Down (Scottish) 10.45—11.30pm. Last in the series of the arts show presented by Janice Forsyth, includes a film about Irvine Welsh’s play Headstate which he devised with Boilerhousc; a look at new Scottish art and Whiteout playing unplugged in the studio.