I nosencrantz and Cuildenstem Are Dead (BBC2) llpm—lam. First television showing for the film version of Tom St0ppard’s play which follows two minor characters from Hamlet as they obey the summons to appear before their old university pal. the Prince of Denmark. The film is shown as part of the ‘Bard on the Box’ season and stars Tim Roth. Gary Oldman and Richard Dreyfuss.

I South Bank Show (Scottish) ll.30pm—12.30am. SBS turns its attention to Kenneth Branagh’s production of Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein.


I Horizon (BBC2) 8—8.50pm. The BBC’s long-running science and natural history programme kicks off a new series with a 'look at how man-made noises are upsetting whales and other sealife.

I 10 X10 (BBC2) 8.50—9pm. Pop promo director Matthew Glarnorre. whose credits include Shamen and Squeeze videos. makes a filrn about the opening of his club Smashing in London which encourages ‘outrageousness and individualism‘ amongst its clientéle. The film looks at the club’s regulars. including performance artist and Michael Clark’s occasional collaborator Leigh Bowery and his new band Minty.

I Cracker (Scottish) 9—10pm. Continuing ‘The Big Crunch'. Fitz's fears about runaway Joanne are confirmed.

I Cutting Edge (Channel 4) 9-10pm. In ‘Tough Love’ a documentary crew watches as 26 disturbed youngsters go through a course of intensive group therapy in highly charged and emotional sessions. The therapy’s pioneers claim it has proved effective in America but does it work in Britain?

I Panorama (BBCl) 9.30—10. 10pm. ‘The Greatest Nightmare’. a disturbing report on the poor care that thousands of elderly people receive as they are shunted between the NHS and local authority services.

I Who Framed Charles Dickens? (BBC2) 11.15—11.55pm. Coinciding with the start of a new adaptation ‘of Martin Clmzzlewit (see preview). this [are Show special looks at how Dickens has been served by the small screen.


I Without Walls (Channel 4) 9.30—10pm. _A psychological drama that re-creates Janis Joplin’s last days in the Chelsea Hotel.

Shane MacGowan.

I Peter’s Friends (Channel 4) lO—l1.55pm. First television showing of Kenneth Branagh‘s English reworking of Big Chill themes. with Stephen Fry holding a New Year party for his old university chums.

I Ex-S(BBC1) 10.20—1 lpm. BBC Scotland documentary about filmmaker Ruby Grierson. a pioneer ofcinema vérite. See Film Rushes.

I An Inconvenient Woman (BBC 1) ll.lOpm—12.45am. First instalment of a two-part mini series based on the book by writer and journalist Dominick Dunne. who is the subject of an Omnibus profile tonight (see preview). The set-up is this: Jason Robards. an ambitious millionaire who has the ear of the President. becomes embroiled in a murder cover-up to protect friends. His mistress Rebecca De Mornay ‘the inconvenient woman’ looks as if she may take the rap. The concluding part is on Thursday.


I The Series from Hell (BBCZ) 6.45—7pm. New series of Mark Lamarr’s ‘Hells’ starts with Haircut Hell. with pals Vic Reeves. Jo Brand and Chris Waddle remembering their worst barbering experiences.

I Liteswaps (BBC2) 7—7.30pm. New series presented by Liverpudlian drag queen Lily Savage based on the 'trading places’ idea. People from different walks of life swap places for a week with tonight’s programme following an Essex girl in her temporary life as a debutante, while the deb tries out a Staurday job in Sainsbury’s. Lily drops in every so often to check on progress.

I A Man You Don’t Meet Every 0a (Channel 4) 10—1 1.20pm. One-offdrama about a woman in a loveless marriage who has an affair with a motor mechanic. It features seven of The Pogue’s London songs, plus a Popes reworking of ‘The Old Main Drag’ and an appearance by


I NB (Scottish) 7-7.30pm. Return of Scottish Television’s pacey look at the arts in Scotland this week. presented by Dougi Vipond.

I The Vicar of Bibley (BBC 1) 8.30—9pm. Twee-sounding sitcom. starring Dawn French and written by Richard ‘Four Weddings' Curtis. about a woman vicar who shows up to the surprise of her new parishioners.

& .aI WWW.

I Female Parts (Channel 4)

l 1.05pm—12.10am. First of five films challenging myths about women. The first is that women don’t really like sex and never make the first move. Comedian Jo Brand. the editor ofa women’s porn magazine and the Pussy Posse think differently.


I Ellen (Channel 4) 9—9.30pm. Zappy one-liners. funny faces and lightly-tossed

' thirtysomething angst is the order of the

day for this entertaining new American import. starring comedian Ellen DeGeneres.

I Clint Eastwood’s Favourite Films (BBCZ) 9.30—10pm. In the continuing series of stars talking about movies that have influenced their careers. Clint narncchecks 'I'lze Paleface and The Searchers. but chooses Kurosawa’s Yajimlm for screening at 12.15am tonight. I We’re No Angels (BBCI) It}! 1.40pm. Comedy thriller with Sean Penn and Robert De Niro who break out of prison and end up dressed as priests.


I Taxi to Timbuktu (Channel 4) 7—8pm. Documentary following the plight of a Malian villager who has travelled through the developed world including a stint as a New York cabbie looking for work to support his family at home. Increasingly these work opportunities are disappearing. ‘Today we are finding that abroad is closed and if abroad is closed. then we are all closed.’ he says.

I The Deep Blue Sea (BBC2)

9.30—l 1.10pm. Terence Rattigan’s I952 play was revived last year in London to critical acclaim. and has now been filmed for the BBC’s ‘Performance’ series.

I Atlantic City (Channel 4) lO.45pm—l2.35am. Louis Malle comedy starring the late Burt Lancaster as an ageing gangster who becomes involved with would-be croupier Susan Sarandon. I Comedy Bules (Scottish)

1 1.45pm—l2. 15am. More stand-up filmed during this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

I Just William (BBCI) 5.35—6.05pm. Richard Crompton’s stories about a mischievous schoolboy haven’t been given the telly treatment for nearly twenty years. so it was clearly reckoned to be time for an update. How will it appeal to the Nintendo generation“?

I Barton Fink (Channel 4) lOprn—12.10am. First television showing for the Coen brothers’ dazzling 40s Hollywood homage starring John Turturro as a writer with artistic intentions who gets sucked into the screen-writing grind.


I People First (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. First in anew series of disability

_ documentaries looks at four people

unjustly serving ‘life sentences’ in the Meanwood Park Colony for Mental Defectives. For one 86—year—old woman. an inmate for over ()0 years. community care has come too late.

I Cracker (Channel 4) 9—l()pm. More psychological insights as Fitz wraps up another case.

I Cutting Edge (Channel 4) 9-lOpm. New series of Channel 4’s flagship documentary series starts with ‘Healing Wounds’. a film about Belfast’s city ambulance service which has worked tirelessly to mop up the bloody aftermath of the Troubles.

I Steptoe and Son (BBCZ) 9—9.30pm. A rare chance to see the first ever episode of this classic comedy.

I Julian Barnes in 10% Chapters (BBCZ) 11.15—11.55pm. Face-off between intellectual heavyweights Julian Barnes and Michael lgnatieff for this Late Show special about the author of Flauben's Parrot and other literary stories.


I Without Walls: The Obituary Show (Channel 4) 9—9.30pm. Reports of Barbara Windsor’s death have been greatly exaggerated. as her new role in [fastEm/ers has demonstrated. More carry on from the show that does obituaries of the living. with the full co-operation of the ‘dceeased’, of course.

I Waterland (Channel 4) l()~«l 1.45pm. Excellent adaptation ofGraham Swift‘s complex novel set in the creepy ‘waterlands’ of the East Anglian fens. Jeremy lrons is the troubled school teacher telling his class stories of his own boyhood.

I Omnibus (BBCl) l().20—-l 1.10pm. Lighting rigs not withstanding. nothing seems to stand in the way of Pink Floyd building bigger sets and selling out more stadia. Why'? asks this film ‘A Brief History of Pink Floyd’.

I South Central (Channel 4)

11.45pm—12. 15am. Stretching the sitcom format. this excellent drama with funny bits is set in LA’s toughest ‘hood. where Joan tries to bring up a family ofthree on her own. WEDNESDAY-~16 I Between the Lines (BBC 1) 9.30-lt).20prn. Tony Clark (Neil Pearson) finds himself in charge of a team hired to protect a senior Chilean army chief. a politically sensitive assignment.

I Basic Instinct (Scottish) lO.30pm—l2.50am. Michael Douglas is the testosterone-fuelled cop on the trail of Sharon Stone, who's doing the old ‘female spider that kills her mate’ routine. Will the famous leg-crossing scene survive the television edit?


I NB (Scottish) 7-~-7.30pm. You know what’s on because you’re reading The List. but if you want moving pictures you’ll have to watch STV’s arts magazine show. presented by Dougie Vipond.

I Witness (Channel 4) 9—ltipm. New series of programmes about personal belief begins with ‘The Search for Alison 'MacDonald’. about a devoted Free Church Christian who disappeared in 1981 while travelling in the Himalayas. This film follows her father Kenny, a minister in the Free Church. who has spent the last thirteen years looking for his daughter and encountering beliefs as unshakable as his own on the way.

I Forbidden Britain (BBC2) 9.45—10.30pm. Look at the recent history of riots in Britain. which were surprisingly common before the war though information was frequently surpressed by government.

The List 4—17 November l994 85