Best screen actress . . . sleaziest politician . . . most worrying fashion trend of 1994 . ..


Sharon Stone is shaking in her shoes. Quentin Tarantino is going white-haired with worry and Iain Banks is biting his nails in anxious anticipation as we speak. It's tough at the top we know. but to what exactly do we owe this particular outbreak of angst from amongst the world’s great and good? The old Oscar/Emmy/Booker pressures taking an early toll perhaps? Hell. no. These famous three have more important things to worry about. for they know the most merciless judges of their star status lie not in the Hollywood Hills or the London lounges ofthe literati but in Scotland‘s Central Belt and the results of The List’s annual Readers‘ Poll. This time last y ‘ar you voted in Ms Stone as your female sex symbol. Tarantino‘s Reservoir Dog‘s was up there with your top films and lain Banks took joint first place with Alasdair Gray as best contemporary author. But a year is a long time in showbusiness and it‘s time. ladies and gentlemen please. to cast your votes once again and tell the world why 1994 was the year that was.

And. we‘re offering you an incentive to put pen to paper in the shape of The 1137's very own ‘cash for questions‘ scam. Well not exactly cash but prizes. such prizes! Here‘s the deal. You fill in the form. We enter you for the fabulous. the one and only readers‘ poll prize draw. First set of answers we pluck from the pile receives a crate of fine Christmas wines kindly donated by Cockburns of leith. Ten runners up will each receive a book token to the value of £10, five for Edinburgh readers courtesy ofJames Thin and five for Glasgow readers courtesy ol‘John Smith & Son.

If there are categories for which you really don't have a particular preference then leave 'em blank. but otherwise try to fill in as much of your form as possible so we can present the poll of polls in our Bumper Festive Double Issue out on l5 December.


O o f L e i t h o JOHHSI‘IITH &SOl‘l

Best film of l99-l

Live gig/conceit of the year


Novel of the year

How do you rate Scotland as a place to live in I995 and why'.’

Please fill in your name and address ifyou wish to be entered in our prize draw. Your answers will be treated as confidential but ifyou prefer to remain anonymous just leave the form blank.


Closing date for entries is Thursday 8 December. Please send your replies free of charge to:

Readers’ Poll, The List, Freepost EH2877, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 OAH.

(Note: No stamp is required)

15 The List l8 November—l December 1994 l.