l..__.-____ __. 22 Tlte List 18 .\'overitber~l December I994

An eerily lascrnatrng and drsturbirrg erotic dance of low and death from the director of Ih’ktt/(rg (The Ten (‘mrmimrt/nrr'rirr ). w illr art extraordinary twitt perfoi rttattee by (‘annes award-w inner Jacob. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Dreaming (PG) (Mike Alexander. Scotlartd. I990) [Ewen Bremner. Mary Mc(‘usker. Michael Carter. 90mins. Made for tlte BBC Scteert 2 series. Alexander's feature debut is a Walter Milly style tale abotrt art unerttployed Ayrshire :It'CitliICt' (Bremner) whose vivid imagination brightens up his dtrll existence w itlt the ltelp of Billy COIIIICII)’. Deacort Bltre artd other. Writtert by William Mcllvanney. Also w itlr The Ail/mm (25 mins). (ilasgow: (il’l‘.

I Dream lover ( IS) (Nicholas Kazan. l’SA. I99-I)Jantes Spader. Madclterr Arttiek. Bess Armstrong. 103 mins. Yuppies meet. fall it) love. itrrttp betweett the sheets. get rttarried and then a dark past surfaces. Wlto calcs',’

I 8 Seconds (l’(i) (John (i. Avildsen. LS. I994) Luke Perry. Stepltert Baldwin. Red Mitchell. l()5 riiirts. Based on a true story. this straightforward biopic tells of the rodeo ambitions of Lane l5r'osl. his marriage arid his pushy Dad. Director Avildseit. who brought its the original Rot-Av. presents a far too one-diritensiortal frgrrre set in a world that few l'K audiences w ill firtd heroic.

I Elgar (PG) (Ken Russell. t'K. I902) ()0 mitts. A rare and very welcorttc screening of Russell's idiosyncratic BB(‘ Monitor programme on the littglish composer. The programme w ill be introduced by the BH's Andrew YoirdeII. and includes archive footage of lilgar at home atrd at work. Thurs 24 only. (ilasgow: (il’l‘.

I The Enigma or Kaspar Hauser rt’t‘.) (Werner Ilerzog, West (iermatty. I974) Bruno S.. Walter Ladengasl. Brigitte Mira. Il() rttirts. A yourtg man. who seems to ltave ltad no contact with other human beings. arrives irt .\'trrentbrrrg iii the I9th century. llerzog uses this figure as the ultimate misfit and art excuse for satirisirtg social conventions front the point of view of the innocent. The film's star. Bruno S. ltad spent 22 years in various institutions before the director hand-picked him for the part. lidinburgh: l-‘ilmhouse.

I The Exorcist ( IS) (William Iiiiedkin. I'S. I973) Linda Blair. lillert Btrrstyrt. Max Von Sydow. ll() mins. liarttesl priest \'ort Sydow steps in to save poor little possessed girl in this hugely effective scarefest. Dead good. dead scarey. dead priest. (ilasgow: ()dcorr. (irosvenor. Iidinburgh: ()deon.

“The best

I Faust (PU) (Jart Svarrkrttajer. Czech. I994)

I’ctr (‘epek. with the voice of Artdrew Sachs. 97 mins. Surrealist artirttator Svattkmajer turns his

attention to the liatrslian legend in his secortd

feature (following I987's Alice). As lte draws front (ioelhe and Marlowe. btit principally from

(‘Iech rttariortelte theatre. Ire brings irt a political aspect about personal choice. Artotlrer

masterpiece. See review. (ilasgow: (ii-T.

lidirtbtri‘gh: l:illllllt)tlsc. I Fear Of A Black Hal ( Ib‘) (Rusty ('urtdieff. LS.

I993) Mark ('hr'istopher Lawrence. Larry B.

Scott. Rtrsty (‘undielf SS rrtirts. Another all-too-

pt'edrclable rap spoof. openly modelled on This /\ Spirit/l ’lir/r. ltas a female doctrrtterttary filrrtrttakei' follow the tips artd downs of .\'Wll Signs With llats. The comic inspiration cart be read iii the rtarttes of the battd members Ice (‘old. 'I'one Del. etc but. as it always is with these things. if you know the particular figures and songs. they're are plentiful laughs to be ltad. I Feed Them To The Cannibals ( 18) (l‘iona (‘unrtrrtgharn Reid. Australia. I993) (r0 mitts. A bright. buzzing and energetic look at the Australian (iay artd Lesbian Mat‘di (iras. in the streets and behind the scenes. Also with T/Jt’ [)(tlt/ Boys ('lrr/r (35 mins). lidirtbtrr'gh: l:illIIli()ll.s‘C.

I The Flintstonesrl7) (Brian Levant. l'S. I994) Joltrt (ioodmarr. Rick Moranis. lilizabeth Perkins. Rosie O‘Donnell. 92 mitts. lired is promoted to an executive post at the quarry. btrt otily as a stooge for his boss's corporate rip-off; nevertheless. money and power go to the l-Iirttstoites' heads. causing friction with the Rlll‘l‘lk‘*~ llte rttovre keeps to the IV scr'ics' prehistoi re parody of modern suburban life. adds bright attd clttrrtky sets arid a post~ytrppie rtroralrty tale on greed that doesn't qtrite sit right. arid comes orrl a little plot-heavy. 'l‘he one-litters w ill be picked tip by adults. kids will get bored. But it's no the yabba-dabba dodo it could Itave been.

I Forrest Gump ( 12) (Robert '/.emeckis. l7S. I994) ith!) llartks. Robirr Wright. (iary Sinise. l-IZ rrrins. liven llrose with the lowest le cart rise to the top it) the lartd of the free. as this picaresque tale sets out to prove. Btit despite its incurany sweet hero artd its fairly slattdard love story core. l-‘(rr/‘ml (iii/tip ltas a surprisingly dark-tinted view on recent Arrterieart history complete with racism. drug artd child abuse. war and political assassination. There are some bitter

tasting choices hidden among the soft centres. (iettet'al release.

I Four Weddings And A Funeral ( 15) (Mike .\'eweIl. l'K. I993) Ilirgh (irant. Andie MacDowelI. Kristin Scott Thomas. II7 ntiris. Sweet but stuffy Englishman (‘harlie (Grant) is convinced that he is not the marrying sort. but when Ire keeps meeting the allttrittg American (‘arrie (MacDowell) at art assortment ofclrurch cerertionies. he begins to doubt his resolve. The sort of charming British cortiedy that was destined to storm America. btrt which adds a little grit to the glamour of the pretty settrttgs lltartks to Richard (Blue/virilt/er) (‘urtis‘s script. (‘enti'alt MacRobei‘t.

f I The Funny Man ( is) (Simon Sprackling. l7ls’.

l99—1)'l‘iirt James. (‘hristophcr Lee. Benny Young. 90 mitts. A malevolent Punch-like demon knocks off an oddball group in a haunted house. drawing us iitto the firtt with sorrre cruelly

contrived litres. The plot is rrniritportattt. the acting won‘t worry ()scar contenders. The

emphasis is on beei'ed-up. studcttly. late-night

fare. l‘ew films are as proud of their owrt craprtess.

I Geronimo: An American Legend ( t 2) (Walter llill. ITS. I994) Wes Stridi. Jason l’atr'ic. (iene llackmarr. IIS mitts. It‘s clear that director Hill and CU-W'l'ilCt's‘ Jolrrt Milius and Larry (it'oss see (ieroniitto. last of the Apache to surrender to the LS Arrtty. as a proud. fearless and dangerous rebel. Striving for atrtlrerrticity and irttbrred with an unsentittterttal respect for' its subject. the filrtt shows deep understanding over one of the ritost shatttefttl episodes of ‘ethnic cleartsirtg' itt Arrtericart ltislory. Edinburgh: (‘ameo.

I A Good Man In Africa (Brtrce Beresfor'd.

l'S/l 'K. 199-1) (‘olin liriels. Sean (‘onnery. John Litltgow'. A rather disappoirttirtg adaptation by Williartt Boyd of his own ttovel. which has disillusioned diplomat Morgart Leafy indulging irt worttert and alcohol iii the West African nation of Kittjarrja. i'iiClSjtlSl isrr't qtrite right in the lead. btrl the supporting cast of Diana Rigg. Morgan I’reertran. Lou (iossetl Jr. Jolrrt Lithgow, Joanne Whalley-Kilitter artd perfect as a grttff. golfing. Scottish doctor Sean (‘onttery gives

hint ample support. See review. lidirrburgh: l'(’l.


I The Heritage ( IS) (Atttrtorr Rubinstein. Israel. I993) 86 ntirts. Switching between the Spartislt Inquisition arid tttodet'trday Israel. Rubinsleiri's

filrtt is a mystical love story spattnittg the

c.~rtturies. In the 15th century. a Jewish baby is brought tip by a (‘lti'istian fantin rrrtaware of its

heritage: 5()() years later. a Jewish man travels to |

Spain to trace a title deed belotrgirtg to his forefathers. (ilasgow: (il’l'.

I Highlander Ill ( I5) (Andy Moraltarr. I994) 98 mins. .\'ot a loch or a mountain or a Sean ('ortrteiy irt sight in the latest big brrdgel actioner. ('ltristopher Lambert artd Mario \ait l’eebles fight it otrt slap bartg m the centre of New York city givirtg the rttovie a decided urban backdrop. (ietteial release.

I I Am The Rabbit ( l5) (Kurt Mael/ig. liasl (icrmany. I9(r5/.\‘9) ll() mitts. A nineteen-year‘- old waitress is not allowed to go to prison because her brother is a polrttcal prisoner. In her attetttpl to win a pardort for ltrrtt. she unwittingly becomes the lover of a rtrdge. Despite the fact that director Maet/ig was one of his country's leadirtg filmmakers and a forrtter Director of the liilm Academy. the film was banned for 'rirlrilistic propagairda'. lidinbtiigh: J‘Illltlttflts‘t‘. I I love Trouble tl’(i) ((‘liarlcs Sltyer. l'S. I994) Julia Roberts. \ick .\'olte. Saul Rtrbittek. I33 mitts. (itry and girl trval reporters fight over the big story wltile resisting tltcri obvious attraction for each other. A curiously old- fasliioned hybrid that seems to be a screwball corttcdy languishing out of time. this Roberts' vehicle is exactly the infuriating. smug .sttrff you'd e\pecl front the makers of lJti/rv lion/rt and Father (if The lr'rit/e. See rev iew. (ilasgow: (‘aitnort

I It Could Happen To You ( H; ) (Andrew Berilttian. l‘S. I99-I) Nicolas (Eige. Bridget l-‘onda. Rosie l’eiel. l()l mitts. New York cop ('age hasn't enough change to tip waitress liorrda. so lte promises to split his w irtrrirtgs if his lottery ticket comes up. arid rt docs. Btrt wife l’erez doesn't tlrrttk that honesty is the best policy. llavirtg irrnked its working title ((‘n/r

(iir‘r' Illiilu'rr $3 .lli/lrmr 'li/r) for a snappier

w isli-frrlfilrttettt riroitrker'. this warrrr-hcailcd corttcdy rtiigltt inst satisfy the S/r’t'p/t'ir In Swim/e brigade. (ilasgow: ()dcorr. MUM l’arklread. lidrrrburglr: Dorttrrtiort. ()dcorr. l'(‘l. Strathclyde: ()deon Ayr. l'(‘l (‘lydcbairk arid liasl Kilbride.

I Jurassic Park (l’(i)(Stc\eri Spielberg. LS.

I993) Sartr Neill. Laura Deirt. Jclf (ioldbltrtit. A

group of scientists are invited to give their approval to a tltertte park filled with gettelically engineered dinosaurs. birt the giant reptiles are soon running arrrok. l'itsurpassed coritpulei effects ensure tltat the dinosaurs tlierttselves are

tetrrfyrrtgly believable (moreso than the l’(i

: certificate would suggest r. birl by the halfway

pitilll. ll.\ ttrorc ()l' less (I L‘llitsr‘ movie will]


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