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* * 14 november to 24 december ’94 fresh Scottie/1 Sea 7001

Enjoy a specially prepared Christmas menu in pleasant surroundings. Mouthwatering dishes cooked to traditional Scottish recipes. Whether ’Dinner for two' or 'Office parties'. you will be made welcome. Phone us now to make a reservation on

031 226 3355

and we guarantee. once you try us you'll be hooked!


_ Christmas Menu

£15 .00

Melon Cocktail with Kirsch Egg Mayonnaise Vegetable Soup

Grilled Salmon, Parsley Butter Roast Turkey, Cranberry Sauce Chicken Portugaise

Steak Chaseur All dishes served u/ithfmh vegetables or dauphinoiu potatoes



Saturday 10th December - 7.30pm 'l‘iCkClS 5.: l 81 l (\ulipml In lmnkuu; Irv]

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Chn'stmas Pudding, Rum Sauce Meringue Ice Cream & Cream Sorbet with Creme de Menthe

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