l ; i c: z— i I Piggy in the middle: ; g industrial brutalists tor a g . meat-tree world. Lend Consolidated your ears ; l and maybe you’ll get l : them back, maybe you won’t. See Rock listings ; for details.


I If anyone asks what’s a

, - them a (King) Kurt reply . a couple of bigs horns. Watch these madcap ;

worn under the kilt, give psychobillies make a mess of the Venue with snakebite a-plenty. See Rock listings for details. ‘Now that my hair is bleached ljust live in conditioner. I go around the house with it in my hair all day.‘

At home with a .Yltpt‘l'ltlntlt’l,‘ unnatural

blonde Linda livangelista reveals the mundane reality.

‘l’ruit till noon. That‘s imperative. ' Because your body has certain cycles. and from 4am till noon is elimination . phase. so if you take in anything other than fruit then it is interfering with that elimination. .’lll(l here 3‘ a dietary suggestion from ;\'atural Bran liater Woody llarrelson. who 3‘ more overall ntaerobiotie since p/aying a t'erea/ .-' t'llet:

I Closing time in the jazz cafe and Chet Baker’s falling down drunk, or falling out windows drunk, actually. Watch him drop in People Show

Number 100 at the CCA. See Theatre listings for 1 details.

‘With (‘oppola‘ ljust wanted to soak up all his stories. There are movies to be

. made about everything that has happened to that man. So to meet De

Niro in the same day was too much. frankly. Actually I was completely arseholcd by the time I left both of

f them . . . by the time I got back to the

hotel I was walking into things.‘

Kenneth Branag/r may be top luvvie on

his own tur/i but he 's not too big to be .\’l(1)‘.\‘lt'l(('l\’ li'ltenjaeed with some

.x‘erious ('elebritiex.

‘I think Adam Ant fancies Justine. he

keeps ringing her up. He's cruising for

a bruising!‘

Blur '3' Damon xllbarn gallant/y shields

Iris girl/riendjroni t/te unweleo/ne

attentions oft/1e Dandy Hig/ni'a_\'nuoi himself:

‘I really believe that kids who grow up in a family where their mothers work for Lady Remington will get a good basis for life. They will see someone taking pride in their work.‘

Shaver king Vie/or Kiam on his latest plan to restore the Inora/jibre of

; suburbia -~ housewives'jeii'e/let'_\'


The List 18 November-l December I994 3