the music from the decade tltat style forgot. Wear your flares arid [‘ltlllttl‘llts‘ or you'll feel behind the times.

The Rivals Mon 21- Sat 2o .\'ov. .\1on l‘i'i 7.30pm; Sat 5pm and 8pm. {SSH-£14.50. Sheridan‘s comedy ol' manners stars Patricia Rotttledge as .\1rs .\1alaprop.

I NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE 4 .3 High Street. .550 957‘). |.-\ccesst S'l‘. R. l.. l-‘acilitics: \\'('. \\'S. H. (i. (‘. llelp: .-\. AA]

Cruising Fri 18 Nov. "pm. £3 t£2 t. lidinburgh Playwrights Workshop gives a reading ol‘John llerdnian‘s new play about an ittept joiner who tittw itttngly gets involved 111 the troubled marriage ot‘ an advocate.

I PLAYHOUSE THEATRE (it‘eenstde l’lace. 557 2590. [..\ccess: R. l.. l-acilities: \\'('. “S. G. C]

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat l‘ntil Sat .1 l’eb. 7.50pm. Various mats 2.30pm. £(i.5(l-£23.50. The early Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice hit comes to l‘itlinburgh for a lottg post-london rttn witlt l’ltillip Schol‘ield doing his ltippy religious bit. See review. I OUEEN MARGARET COLLEGE (‘ollege Theatre. (‘let'vvood Terrace. 317 354p. Blood Wedding t'tttit Sat 19 Nov. 7.30pm. £3 (£2). Students from ()M‘s lli'ama Department perform (ivv ynne lidwat'ds‘s recent translation or l.ot'c;t’s ltatitttittg tragedy of‘ love. jealousy arid late.

I ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE (irindlay Sll'L‘L‘l. 22‘) 9097. l:\Cc‘L‘\\Z l). l.. l'tlc‘lllllt‘si \VC‘. \\'S. 11. (i. (I '1'. Help: :\. .-\.-\] Twelfth Night l'ntil Sat 3 l)ec. 7.-l5pllt. £4.50 £14. Mats Sat 19. Wed 23. Sat 20, 3.15pm. lll actr—production with Salisbury Playhouse directed by Deborah l’aige. the l.yceum presents Shakespeare's se\y Yuletide comedy. which has just been on tour itt China. The ensemble cast includes Selina lioyack as Viola and l’eter Kelly as Malvolio.

A Knight Out Sun 2." .\'ov. 7.45pm.

£12 £14. Britain‘s most eminent gay man. Sir Ian McKellen. turns tip for .t one-oll charity itigltt lll aid of the lobbying organisation Stonewall. llls1\‘.tt-lltttll' show is a non-stop ride through his stage career l'rom Shakespeare to .-\r mislead Mauptn \v itli a dollop ot gossip thrown itt for good measure. 11‘ it's anything like his one~nian Shakespeare show seen here a few years ago. it will be essential \ iewing. Sec lieature.

I TRAVERSE THEATRE (‘antbrtdge Street. 223 l404.|.~\ccess; l.. l'.1c'lllllt‘\i\\i(i. ws. 11. (r. (‘1

.V .+-, 7.3-!

Threading the Needle l-‘rt ts Sat ti) \o\. Spin. £4 (£2.50). A new company. (iirl‘s Best l'iriend. picked tip alter l‘ebtest earlier this year. presents a one-woittan show starring Rachel Amey about women‘s lost place iii history.

Away Fri 25 .\'ov Sun 18 Dec ttnc Suns. not Mons). Spin. Mats Thurs S. 1.30me Sat 10 attd Sat 17. 3pm. £8 t£4/£2). l‘irs’t production iii Scotland ol this Australian play by Michael (low set during Christmas 1907 when a group ot‘eight Syndeysiders head olt~ lot a summer break arid rellect on their concerns for their children. lari Brown directs. See preview.

This section lists shows that are touring the Central Belt. There is a phone number for each company should you require more information.

.. I 2 “a! I The Steamie Tony Roper directs his owtt ntodertt Scottish comedy classic of wash-house lil'e circa 1950 for Shaggy Dog Theatre Company. with a first-rate cast including l'na McLean arid Jan Wilson. More details on 041 357 4052. .'lt/(llll SmiI/i (‘t'lit/‘t'. Kirkt‘tt/t/y Until Sat 19 Nov. .\lon—-l‘ri 7.30pm; Sat 4pm and ts'pm.

I Whodidit? New company 'l'heatrecamp continue with their touring version ol~ Neil llatrison's batty comedy that applies its own rules to the mut‘der-mystery genre. Stars (iraeme Robertson tl’(‘ Kirk itt Write the Hie/i Rom/1. More details on 031 346 4lfi3. SL‘L‘ review.

(‘rtttemt/lttr.Ilrrs ('t'ttm' l‘ri IS Nov. 8pm. limit/it'll 'liltt’ttlrt', Sekirk Hi 25 Nov. 7.30pm.

DANCE mam-

Dance performances and classes are listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Shows will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ten days before publication. Dance listings compiled by Mark Fisher.

I BOWNS HEALTH CLUB 35 (‘oplaw Street. (ilasgow. Details 0539 731268. Egyptian Belly Dancing Sat 26 Nov. 12.30 3pm and 3.50 (iptn. £10 (£8). llilary 'l'hacker leads a class aimed at beginners.

I CCA 350 Sauchieltall Street. 332 7521. l.»\ccess: l’l’.-\. 1.. ST. l-‘acilities: WC. WS. 11. (.1. (‘]

Andy Hewitt l‘t'i IS Nov. (i.3l)pm and 9pm. £3 i£1 l. 'l‘.-\(i's in-house choreographer rounds off a two-week residency with lilteen dancers at the (CA with two performances that throw a dill‘erent light on the romantic ballet [u Svlp/itt/t' arid on Scotland's turbulent history.

I ASSEMBLY ROOMS 54 George Street. 220 4343. Ticketline: 220 4349. lAcces’s: ST. R. liacilities: \VC‘. WS. (3]

Egyptian Dance Sun 20 Nov. Noon-5pm. £31)t£20). l’ercussionist llossattt Ramzay who has worked with Peter Gabriel. Sting attd .loati .-\rtnatrading. leads this workshop that looks at a number of ligyptian dances.

Life Dance ll - Emotion in Motion Sat

26 -Sun 27 Nov. Sat. noon—6pm; Sttn ll;tttt-—5ptti. £05. NB venue is Thomas .‘vlot'ton Hall. Ferry Road. ltttettsive dance workshop with Ya'Acov.

I ST BRIOE'S CENTRE ()rwell Terrace. 346 1405. [.-\ccess: l’l’A. 1.. ST. R. l‘acilities: WC. WS. G. C‘]

Intercourse Until Hi 18 Nov. 8pm. £4 (£3). Dance Theatre Vincent iii art athletic dance-theatre piece which focuses on the brutality attd paitt of' sexual possession.


11 November—3 December, \ltlll’s.”7.4;1311l.1lllcl\t'l\L‘l.S\\'l.l‘l .\1.ttttiees Sat l‘l. \XIt-tl -3

031 229 9697

\otltttig 1\\lllllt‘ \\'ll.ll 11 seems ttt Shakespeare's littest Lttlllt‘vl\ ot slttpvvret keel twins .tti.l lllll‘ttssll‘lt‘ partners. Not to mention lltt‘ l‘t'tglit vellt M. t ross t:.trtere.l stot lslllLISi

Student Standby \Vcdnesday Nights lit-st .l\ .lll.ll‘lt' seats tor £4. stiltl tront opttt l'itlll’lllltt' .tlttl p trt~tmte \llltlt‘lllS. please l‘l‘lltL‘ lll

by William


iatttl Sat 20 Nov .tt 3.15pm


. ‘7-


Main Audltorlum

Hunter 8:

e from 0’ DO" 8‘ Mr Georg (27.50)

Fri 2 December 9.00 pm £8.50

Strathclyde Suite Thur 24 November 9 pm £7.50 (£6.50) Parrot Sat 26 November 9 pm £7.50 (£6.50) Jeremy Hardy Thur80&cember9pm£7.50 Bob Downe Christmas

"Ma?" ‘. t- 94 'V



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Comedy at the Concert Hall



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