A selection of television highlights, listed by day, in chronological order.

Television Listings compiled by Eddie Gibb.


I Moviewatcli (Channel 4) 6.30—7pm. New series of the film programme which asks young people to do a Barry Norman on the latest releases. Tonight’s programme comes from Glasgow with main features including Wlioopi Goldberg's C(H'I'llltl. (‘orriritl and The Slim/ott- with Alec Baldwin.

I Public Eye (BBCZ) 8—8.30pm. Are new treatments for AIDS a hype of hope. asks Public [Eye in a programme investigating the controversial ‘passive immunisation’ approach.

I Short Stories (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. First iii a new series of documentaries by emerging directors. The season kicks off with ‘Pedigree Chums‘ about a revolutionary way of training guide dogs for the blind.

I Harry Enfield & Chums (BBCl) 9.30-10pm. More character-based comedy from linfteld. Paul Whitehouse and Kathy Burke. including what could be the Old Gits' last gasp.

I Funky Black Shorts (BBCZ)

9.50— 10pm. Doing for black writers and directors what 'Iitrtttti Shorts did for the Scots. this second series of films starts with ‘Dream Child‘ by Jyoti Patel and Jez Simons.

I Havel Got News For You (BBCZ) l()—l().30pni. With goalkeepers in the news. David lcke makes a timely appearance. along with Nick Hancock and regulars Paul Merton and Ian llislop.

I Best Defense (Scottish) l0.30pm—12.15am. Dudley Moore and Eddie Murphy in an unfunny comedy thriller about a bunch of military hardware blueprints which fall into KGB hands.

I Eurotrash (Channel 4) ll.l()—l 1.45pm. Say an rci'oir to your little French chums with the last iii the present series which glues together the luckiest bits of Furo- pop culture. Tonight's show includes a report on those whacko metal basliers the Mutoid Waste Company who have taken tip residence iii Riiiiiiii.


I Winning Fortunes (Channel 4) 8—8.20pm. While Noel lidmonds e! (ll make someone very rich on BBCI. Channel 4 opts for the ‘money can‘t buy you happiness‘ angle with a look at the life of the woman who won £150,000 on the pools 30 years ago but now lives on a widow's pension.

I Diana: Portrait of a Princess (Scottish) 8—9pm. A year ago Diana announced she was ducking out of public life. This documentary gives you the chance to discover what she got up to on taxpayers money. I How to Marry a Millionaire (Channel 4) 8.20—10.()5piii. Classic comedy with Betty Grable. Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall as a pack of gals on the prowl for wealthy husbands.

I Mobsters (BBCl ) 9. 10— 10.50pm. Junior (im/jitt/tt'r with Christian Slater as the young ‘l.ucky' Luciano who witnesses the humiliation of his father. Average movie with above average cast including Michael Gambon. F. Muiray Abraham

and Anthony Quinn.

I lied Heat (Scottish) 9.15—1 1.10pm. Not bad action movie with Arnie as a Russian lawman sent to Chicago to work on a drugs bust with James Belushi. Notable as the first Hollywood production allowed to film in Red Square.

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' I Noel Edmonds + national lottery = television history. Perhaps not quite in the John

Logie Baird league, but that’s what they’re saying about the first live draw. Millions of people will tune in to watch some numbers flash up on screen, screw up their

ticket in disgust and throw it at the screen.

One person will check the numbers,

recheck them and pick themselves up off the floor before kissing their husband/ daughter/mother-in-law/budgie. Who will scoop the £2 million and will this televisual event, watched in living rooms throughout the land, engender some kind of virtual Dunkirk spirit? Or has the Government pulled a horrible aspirational confidence trick

that us sad punters have fallen for? Find out in this hour-long lottery special which is

simultaneously broadcast on Badiol FM. Be lucky! The National Lottery is on 8861 on Sat 19 Nov at 7pm.

I The Mother (BBCB) ‘).3()~l().35plll. The Performance series of televised theatre continues with Paddy Cliayefsky‘s play about an ageing New Yorker (Anne Bancroft) who is determined to hold on to her independence after her husband dies. I Dollar Mambo (Channel 4) |0.45pin—midnight. Mambo musical marrying infectious rhythms with cutting critique of American foreign policy.

I Joe Cocker: Have a Little Faith (Channel 4) 405—5. 10pm. Rock survivor Joe Cocker is the subject of this biographical film which includes contributions by other oldies liric Clapton. Ray Charles and Tom Jones. Plus a rare interview with Catherine Cookson. grown men on Just William. and Griff Rhys Jones gets to grips with Kitty Kelly. unauthorised biographer of the rich and famous.

I From A to B: Tales of Modern Motoring (BBC2) S-SSOpm. Welcome repeat of Nicholas Barker‘s entertaining series about the people who drive cars. The first programme looks at the conflict between boy and girl racers and their sensible parents when it comes to choosing My First Car.

I Other People’s Money (Channel 4)

9. l5—-l l.10pm. Greed is good satire with Danny DeVito as a ruthless asset-stripper who meets his match when he tries to buy otit Gregory Peck.

I The Full Wax (BBC 1) lo.()S—l().35pni. Tony Slattery joins Ruby for more high jinks. with guests including Dennis Hopper and Felicity Kendall.

I Tracking Down Maggie (Channel 4) l|.l0pm—13.50aiii. Nick Broomlield's technique of ptittiiig himself iii the frame was criticised with this film sortie dismissed as having more to say about the director than its subject. However for many yotiiig liliiimakei's. Brootiilield's approach to documentary-making remains inspirational.

I The South Bank Show (Scottish) ll.45pm—l2.45aiii. Mootliie tiiaestro l.arry Adler plays Gershwin in a project headed by Beatles producer George Martin.

I People First (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. : I Cold Front (BBCZ) 9-l0.30pm. Martin 5 Sheen of the Drug Enforcement Agency is

Jessica l.angford from the Edinburgh Animation Workshop travels to the Czech

republic to work on a film made by a group of disabled children.

I World in Action (Scottish) 8.30—9pni. Cones hotline. Citizens' Charter information line'.’ liver heard ofthem‘.’ No. well the Government set them up on your behalf and you ungrateful people didn't use them. wasting millions of pounds. Find out who footed the bill.

I Cutting Edge (Channel 4) 9— 10pm. Behind—the-scenes look at women‘s magazine publishing in ‘Absolutely Marie Claire'. which if I’rii'tttt' [Li-TU is to be believed. has infuriated Marie Claire editor Glenda Bailey.

I Cracker (Scottish) 9—l()pm. We've done the voiceless working class and religious sects. so it must be time for attacks on women in the first part of a new story. ‘Men Should Weep‘.

I Martin Chuzzlewit (BBCZ) 9.30—l0.30pni. David Lodge's literary adaptation continues. introducing one of Dickens' most famous comic character Mrs Gamp. whose name has come to describe ait ‘tiiitidily furled umbrella'. according to the office dictionary

I Forgotten Land (BBCZ)

ll.lS—l 1.55pm. A [.1110 Slum- special about Albania. Europe's poorest country which for half this century was shut off from the rest of the world. This film looks at the impact on Albania‘s culture of the collapse ofcoinmunism in liastern Europe.

I Picnic at Hanging Rock (BBC l)

1 1.35pm— 1 .25am. liarly Peter Weir film

about a group of adolescent girls who go

on a school picnic with their teachers. Three girls disappear in an eerie and atmospheric story that is never resolved.

I Picture This (BBCZ) 8—8.30pm. Filiii about white acCountant Derek Morris who has become one of the most popular DJs among Bristol's Afro-Caribbean community. ‘l'd love to go to Jamaica I feel I have already been there.‘ he says.

I Without Walls (Channel 4) 9—l0pm. l.ive coverage of the Turner Prize presented by Sheena McDonald with profiles of the four shortlisted artists:

Willie Doherty. Peter Doig. Anthony

Gortnley and Shirazeh lloushiary. There‘s £20000 for the winner. unless the K l-‘oundation pops tip again to contribute to the purse.

I Mo goes underground.

paired with Mountie Michael Ontkean for a routine assignment in Vancouver. Initially suspicious of each other. they become partners in a case that blows into a full scale CIA/KGB conspiracy.

I Wild West (Channel 4) 10-] l.35pm. Film on Four premiere for David Attwood‘s story about a Pakistani country-and-western band from Southall looking for a break.

I Omnibus (BBCI) l().20—l I.15pni. Profile of the reclusive photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson whose concept of ‘the decisive moment' in photography has inspired subsequent generations. This documentary was made in France by Sarah Moon. with help from Cartier- Bresson‘s longtime friend Robert Delpire.


I Chart Bite (Scottish) 6.55—7.20pm. Big guy. wee girl. massive hits.

I Lifeswaps (BBCZ) 7—7.30pni. More 90s archetypes swap places under the watchful eye of Lily Savage. Tonight Geoff. nightclub bouncer. Eastlinder and Arsenal fati (laying it on a bit thick. possibly?) swaps places with new man Ben who works as a relationships counsellor. Meanwhile. an orchestra percussionist swaps with the drummer of death metal band limbittered.

I Between the Lines (BBC 1) 9.30—l().20pm. Still good after the dramatic change of scene from police beat to private security. Tonight Tony Clark's

, team takes on animal rights activists and

I Short and Curlies (Channel 4) 9.45—l0pm. New season of shorts by first time writers and directors starts with Svrup. as in ‘syrup of fig: wig‘. about a bald man who finds hair and the will to live.


I NB (Scottish) 7—7.30pni. Check what's happening around Scotland with Dougie Vipond.

I The X-Files (BBCZ) 9—9.45pm. After being spookily switched to a new Thursday slot. Mulder infiltrates a

! government cover-up of a UFO crash

which he believes proved alien abduction. I Finney (Scottish) 9—l()pm. David Hayman‘s thriller with a families-screw- you-up theme continues. with Finney planning to open ajazz club in occupied territory.

I Witness (Channel 4) 9—l()pni. Film about the personal scars left by the Troubles iii Ireland.

I Crocodile Shoes (BBC 1)

9.35— l0.30pm. Jed (Jimmy Nail) heads for London to make his mark as a Geordie country singer with A&R man James Whilby determined to guide him to the

to .

P 3 I Forbidden Britain (BBCZ) ; 9.4S—l().30piii. More of Britain's secret I past is uncovered in this film about j homelessness. which reveals how thousands ofchildren slept rough in the 30s. I Female Parts (Channel 4)

1 1.05pm— l 2.10am. Why do four assured.

successful-women still feel their lives are ; oi‘gziiiised around trying to please iiien‘.’

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