I Children In Need (BBC 1) 7-9pm; 9.30pm—2am. It’s that time of year when the BBC's good works occupy a channel for a whole evening. as the stars of British telly foregather to raise money and behave in a zany fashion. Presented by Terry Wogan and Andi Peters. the show aims to top the £17 million raised last year. so have credit cards at the ready.

I Public Eye (BBCZ) 8—8.30pm. As concern increases about the Government‘s care in the community policies. Public Eye looks at a case where the system failed two people: a volunteer carer who was killed while on duty and the man who killed him.

I Ellen (Channel 4) 9-930an Bookstore manager Ellen tries to get a promotion by buying her boss a present but pays a higher price than she bargained for. Slick American comedy.

I The Trial (BBC2) 9—9.50pm. The second programme in this fascinating series about the Scottish court system features a story about a neighbours' squabble that escalated into an attempted murder charge. See feature.

I Funky Black Shorts (BBC2) 9.50—l0pm. Lenny Henry‘s script for ‘The Godsend’ was submitted under a pseudonym to be considered for this black writers series. The short film is about a young black man looking for a job as a nanny.

I Roseanne (Channel 4) lO—lO.30pm. Start of series number seven in which mother and daughter botlt announce they‘re pregnant. Not classic Roseanne but still cuts it as art above-average sncont

I The Word (Channel 4)

ll.l0pm—l2. 15am. Terry Christian. Dani Behr and a mystery new presenter are back for the show that defines post-pub telly. There's a heavy American flavour in the first show which features Ricki Lake and John Wayne Bobbitt.




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I Swoon (Channel 4) l2. lS-l.55am. I Television premiere of this film which I recounts the story previously told itt l Rope and Compulsion - of a 1923 murder case involving two gay lovers who kidnap and kill a young boy.


I Girl Friday (BBCl) 8—9.2()pm. Joanna Lumley is the castaway dispatched to an uninhabited island camera crew expected off Madagascar to do a Robinson Crusoe. with only a tobacco titt- sized survival kit. Presumably Lumley was chosen for this adventure because it was precisely the kind of thing her Ab Fab character Patsy would not have done. I Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush (Channel ' 4) 9—l().()5pm. After teething troubles.

returns to put a hip gloss on the kind of television malarkey that is so deeply unfashionable when executed by Noel Edmonds and Bruce Forsyth.

I Commando (Scottish) 9.30—1 1.05pm. Good action thriller with Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Rambo-like character with a neat line in chainsaw duelling.

I A Summer Day’s Dream (BBC2) 9.30-l 1.15pm. J.B. Priestly's play is performed for the ‘Performance‘ season of modern theatre with a production starring John Gielgud. Mike McShane and Saskia Reeves. The play was written in I949 and imagines a Britain after nuclear war where people live in self-supporting rural communities.

I Airplane! (BBC l) 940—] 1.05pm. The original spoof disaster movie that spawned a host of imitators and spin-offs. Unbelievably high gag rate and the sublime Leslie Nielsen make this a complete giggle-fest.

I The Last Word (BBCZ) ll.15pm—12.15am. What are women for. exactly? That's the subject for the last of

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72 The List I8 November—l December I994

this series which allows women to debate women's issues. Germaine Greer and guests give Tony Parsons and Alan Clark the chance to demonstrate their new man credentials.

I The Danny Baker Show (BBCl)

12. l()—12.55am. Danny welcomes musical guest lilvis Costello to his late night talk show.


I The Bookworm (BBC 1 ) 4.40—5. 10pm. Griff Rhys Jones comes to Scotland for the Robert Louis Stevenson centenary. where he catches tip with Iain Banks and Britain's most remote library on Harris.

l.i7. Lochhead also goes to Jenners to read

a poem about cosmetics.

' I High Interest (Channel 4) 5. l()—(ipm.

The popttlist business programme returns with ‘()ver My Dead Body' about the cost 1 of dying. The programme includes a

contribution from Jessica Mitford whose

book The American Way ovalng

i exposed the way the ‘death industry‘

exploits grief.

I The Natural World (BBC?) 6. l()—7pltt. New series of natural history programmes

narrated by the genre's doyen Sir David

f Attenborough. Tonight's programme. the award-winning ‘Mysteries of the Ocean

Wanderers'. follows the life of the albatross from its feeding ground to the remote Crozet islands where the birds rear their young.

I The Full Wax (BBC 1) 9.55-l().25pm. It‘s the Year of the Family. and Ruby is off to Palm Springs in search of alternative lifestyles. There she finds

Tatnmy Faye Bakker. cit-wife of fallen- from-grace evangelist Jim. who offers

beauty tips and home-spun philosophy. I The South Bank Show (Scottish)

l 1.45pm—12.45am. Melvyn Bragg presents a profile of American liberal- baiting author PI. 0' Rourke whose new book ofAll the Trouble in the World is published next month.


I Cracker (Scottish) 9—l0pm. Second part of ‘Men Should Weep‘.

I Tales from the Quilt (BBCZ) 10.30pm (time to be confirmed). First in a series of short films about the AIDS Memorial Quilt. conceived as a celebration of the lives of those who have died from the disease.


I Open Space (BBCZ) 7.30—8pm. ln ‘Lunch is for Wimps' Open Space looks at the strains on personal lives caused by over-work.

I Without Walls (Channel 4) 9—l()pm. In the first programme (9—9.45pm) fortner MP Matthew Parris argues that the power of the public relations industry is a Bad Thing. Followed by crime writer James lillory lending his support to the American Cop.

I Scottish Book Awards (Scottish) 9—l()pm. Announcement of the winner of the ‘McBooker' the McVitie. Shortlisted authors include Candia McWilliam and Janice Galloway. James Kelman withdrew

. after winning the Booker Prize down



I Between the Lines (BBC 1)

9.35—l().25pm. Tony Clark investigates the death of a computer wiz who worked in the defence industry. after an investigative journalist‘s suspicions are aroused.

I Crocodile Shoes (BBC 1)

9.35— 10.30pm. Jed Shepperd (Jimmy Nail). the lathe operator turned country musician heads to Nashville to record an album.

I Forbidden Britain (BBCZ) 945-1030an The secret history series looks at sexual abuse in the l92()s.


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