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(1740 - 1795) The Scottish Perspective ROGER CRAIK

e wrote one ()1. the greatest biographies in the linglish

language and has been viewed

almost exclusivelv‘ in the contest ol

the late eighteenth-centurv l.ondon literarv scene. hit lames Boswell was born and bred a Scotsman and this nevv biographv looks at his achievements from a specilicallv

Scottish vievvpoint.

()ctober 199-1 24(ixlb‘9mm 208 pages‘ illustrated throughout 1S11.\'0 11 49—1226 9

Paperback £12.95

, . 9177.71,.“ : d4 1k Bls‘

The Laird’s Kitchen

Three hundred years offood in Scotland OLIVE M GEDDES

eautilullv illustrated through out‘ this book explores the eating habits or the wealthier members ol. Scottish societv over a

period ol'three hundred vears. lirotn

the kitchen and butterv accounts of

the liarl ot' :\ngus‘ household in (ilasgovv t 1008 I‘ to the papers ol‘the dramatist lames l-1ridie t 1905-10)‘ a wealth ()1. evidence is to be liittltd in domestic archives. 'l'he author charts the development ol dishes using an increasing range of ingredients and methods and includes manv unusual

and interesting recipes.

October 1994 27(is219nun 120 pages illustrated in colour ISBN 0 11 495230 2 Hardback £18.95

W (4K 1.115” \')‘c.'.\l.r(/(I.Slik )RY suit 'I‘~Z-t ;\:.« inklitil r

Tracing Sttish Local history


it essential reference tool for

anvone tracing Scottish local historv. This guide provides an authoritative survev ot‘the vast range of material held in the Scottish Record Office dealing with houses, streets, estates and larms, admin— istrative divisions ot‘ Scotland as well as schools, businesses and recreational activities. It explains‘ step bv step‘ hovv to research the material and directs the reader to manv other valuable sources of


October 1994 24().\ 1 56mm 17() pages illustrated in black & \vhite ISBN 0 ll J[95.31 0

Paperback £7.95

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