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Three Colours Red (.2)

1.35, 4.05, 6.20, 8.45pm (late night Thurs. Fri, Sat at 11.55pm)

Pulp Fiction ((8,

1.45, 5.00, 8.15pm (late night Thurs. Fri. Sat at 11.40pm)

Geronimo (12)

12.45, 3.30 (both not Sun), 6.15, 9.00pm


Dear Diary (15) 2.00, 4.15, 6.40, 9.10pm (late night Thurs. Fri. Sat at 11.55pm)

Three Colours Red (.2) 1.30, 4.05, 6.20, 8.45pm

Pulp Fiction ((8,

1.40, 5.00 (both not Sun), 8.15pm (late night Thurs, Fri Sat at 11.45pm)


-_ 9m---

34 The List 2—15 December 1994

1 age of song and dance. Here is a selection of charming moments that didn't quite make the final cut. a bunch of set-pieces that will delight cornpletists and rekindle memories for fans. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Theorem (18) (Pier Paulo Pasolini. Italy. 1968) Terence Stamp. Silvana Mangano. Massimo Girotti. Anne Wiazemsky. 98 rrrins. Pasolini's twin obsessions which Christianity and Marxism are brought searingly to life in this intense fable. featuring our Tel as a mysterious Christ figure. who creates spiritual. sexual and emotional upheavals within a wealthy family when he stays for a short time in their home. Enigmatic and powerful. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I The Third Man (PG) (Carol Reed. UK. 1949) Joseph Cotten. Alida Valli. Trevor Howard. Orson Welles. 104 mins. Post-war Vienna and pulp writer Joseph (‘otten moves through corruption on every corner to try to find his old mate llarry Lime. (’entral: MacRobert.

I Three Colours: lied (15) (Kt‘zysztof Kieslowski. Iirance/Switzjl’oland. 199-1) Irene Jacob. Jean-Louis Trintignant. 96 mins. Kieslowski's tricolour trilogy comes to a close with what may be his greatest masterpiece. A Swiss model (Jacob) discovers that a retired judge (Trintignant) is listening in to his neighbours' phone conversations; but instead of denouncing him. she too opens tip her innermost secrets. Superficial details are stripped away as the director concentrates on parallel lives and interwoven destinies. Glasgow: GI'T. Edinburgh: (‘ameo. I Threesome (18) (Andrew Fleming. US. 1994) Josh Charles. Lara Flynn Boyle. Stephen Baldwin. 93 mins. A serious. shy gay student and a slacker jock find themselves sharing a college donn with a girl whose name has caused a bureaucratic error. Pretty soon. they're working out their incompatible triangular desires behind closed doors. A film that dares to challenge. but barely rocks the boat. Threesome stumbles through some incredibly patronising scenes before finding a little more complexity. Far from psychological trtrth. however. Iidinburgh: Odeon. I Thumbelina (U) (Don Bltrth. US. 1993) Animator Bluth comes close to rivalling Disney with this charming fairy tale filled with little folk. princes. easy-to-follow messages and a Barry Manilow soundtrack. Young kids will love it and even the cynically hard-hearted may soften. Edinburgh: l-‘ilmhouse.

(;1.As(;()w’s (gay and lesbian cafe

serving er'eryt/rrrrqji'om toffee tmtf rakes to three (nurse meals seven days (1 week.

Itltllll [0 10pm

at GHQ gcorge square IQLTSQUII’ o2 ll)R rel ()41—332 7060

I Tous les Matias du Monde (12) (Alain Corneau. France. 1993) Gerard Depardieu. Guillaume Depardieu. Anne Brochet. 114 mins. The story of 17th century viol de gamba virtuoso Marin Marais (told in flashback using Depardieu pere etfils) acts as a background for conflicts between music and musician. an and artiste. Ilugely successful on home territory. it marks an impressive debut for young Guillaume. who‘s likely to set hearts racing frorn Toulouse to Tollcross. Glasgow: GI" 1‘.

I Traces 0T Stones ( 15) (Frank Beyer. Iiast Gennany. 1966/89) Manfred Krug. Iiberhard Iische. Krystyna Stypulkowska. 150 mins. A hard-man carpenter on a large construction site finds himself in conflict with an idealistic party secretary when they botlr fall it) love with an engineer. Their disgust over shoddy work and corrupt officials. however. makes them allies. The film was shelved for years after it was targetted by the Socialist l'nity Party on its release. Glasgow: Gl’l'.

I Trial By Jury ( l5) (Heywood Gotrld. VS. 1994) Joanne Whalley~Kilmer. Gabriel Byrrrc. Armand Assante. 103 mins. Single mum Whalley-Kilmer is ready for jury dtrty. but she's targetted by the henchmen of mob boss Assantc to deliver a ‘not guilty' verdict. The plot's the kind of thing that might serve for any TV formula show. the lead actress can‘t carry the movie and the rtrale cast members (Assante aside) seem bored by the shennanigans. [)ire. See review. Glasgow: MGMs. Iidinburgh: MGM. L'C‘l. Strathclyde: l'(‘ls.

I True lies ( 15) (James Cameron. l'S. 199-1) Arnold Schwarsenegger. Jamie Lee Curtis. 'I‘ont Arnold. 141 mins. Arnie masquerades as a corrrptrter salesman to keep long-suffering spouse Curtis in the dark about his real job in the hi—tech spy world. At a price tag of over SltXhu. (‘ameron’s attempt to redefine the visual possibilities of the action gerrte is thrilling. (Iisapjxrinting and exasperating in almost equal measures. but at least the money's up there on the screen. Dodgy value judgements. brilliant wholesale destrtrction. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

I True Romance ( 18) (Tony Scott. (’8. I993) Christian Slater. Patricia Ar'qucttc. Dennis Ilopper. 119 rrrirrs. (‘ornic bookstore assistant

(‘larence rrreets. sleeps with and marries novice hooker Alabarrra within a matter of hours. then

the lovebirds find themselves on the run with an ' accidentally stolen case of cocaine. Limelight—

stealing cameos and writer Quentin 'I'arantino's verbal set-pieces fire this excellent ruovic. the epitome of disposable pop culture for the fast- food generation. Edinburgh: Cameo. I‘ilmhouse. I Visions I" light (I’G) (Arnold (ililSSlllilll/IIXIG McCarthy/Stuart Samuels. liS/Japan. 1993) 93 mins. A real delight an odyssey through decades of glorious cinematography from the masters of the craft. complete with excerpts and interviews. As visually enthralling as it is enlightening. Iidinburgh: I-‘ilrnhouse.

I The Wings OfNonneamise (15) (llir‘oyuki Yamaga. Japan. 199-1) With the voices of Robert Matthews. Melody Lee. Lee Stone. 131 mins. ~The best (mime feature since AA/‘m is neither a splatterfest nor a techno-thriller. btrt a space race satire. Set in a parallel Iiarth. familiar yet different. it tells of an idealistic young r‘ccruit’s attempt to become his country's first astronaut despite the military's hijacking of the project. Great animation. an absorbing story line and even a touch ofcharacter development. life: Robin's.

I Withnail & 1(15) (Bruce Robinson. LR. 1987) Paul McGann. Richard Ii. Grant. Richard Griffiths. 107 mins. Two out-of-work actors surviving 1969 London giro squalor take a break

in a )icturest ue Lake District cotla 'e. where one , , I I i“ See also Glasgow Lates.

of them suffers the attentions of the ageing hornosextral owner. Reasonably entertaining British comedy with a tendency to rely on the all-too-easy targets ofdr‘ug-taking and gay stereotyping for its humour. lidinbutgh: (‘ameo I The Wizard 0t 01(I’G) (Victor Fleming. LS.

1939) Judy Garland. I-‘rank Morgan. Ray Bolgcr'.

Bert Lahr. Jack IIaley. Margaret llamilton. Toto. 103 mins. Miserable Dorothy runs away from home but is soon whisked up into a magical land where her adventures teach her that happiness is to be found in her own back yard. (‘lassic stuff indeed.just chockful of great songs. characterisation and memorably garish design. Perhaps marginally less enjoyable for the currnudgeonly element rooting for the Wicked Witch OfThe West though. lidinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Wyatt Earp ( 13) (Lawrence Kasdan. US. 1994) Kevin Costner. Dennis Quaid. Gene Ilackman. 191 mins. A sprawling epic portrait of the legendary lawman that attempts to get beyond the myth of the ()K Corral by showing Iiarp to be pig-headed in his determination that family matters above all else. l’nfortunatcly (‘ostner‘ is just too one-note to create a truly ambivolent character. but the close quar ter gunfights are probably the most realistic ever put on the big screen. Strathclyde: (7(‘1 (‘lydebank


333 8701 (info hum/333 3413. Bar. [D] screens 3. 3 and 4. Adults £4/£4.50 superior seats (before 5.30pm: £3.35.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein ( IS)

the availability of an induction loop, for

1 I CANNON Clarkston Road. Muirend. 637 } 3()«11.£3(Clliltl £1.5(1;()AI’ £1.50 before

1. Miracle On 34th Street (U) 3pm (Sat

only). 5.30pm. 8.30pm.

; 2. It Could Happen To You (I’G) 1.15pm (Sat only). 3.45pm (Sat only). 6pm.



WEEK ONE Friday 2—Thursday 8

Readers are advised that programmes may be subject to late change at any time. [0] indicates that wheelchair access is available, though prior notification is advisable. [E] indicates

the convenience of hearing aid users. Film Listings compiled by Thom Dibdin.


6pm. Monwliri)

I CITY CENTRE UDEON Renlield Street.

superior seats £3.75 ); Studerrt/UB-IO/ £3.35 (not after 5.30pm l‘ri/Sat) (.‘hild/(JAI’ £3.50 (superior seats: £3.35 before 5.30pm. £4 after 5.30pm). Advance booking available from box office ( 1 latn--6..‘s()pm). Credit card booking: 333 9551 Ham—6.30pm. Miracle On 34th Street (0) 12.30pm. 3.15pm. 6pm. 8.45pm.

The Lion King (U) 11.15am (Sat only). 1.15pm. 3.30pm. 6.15pm (not Wed).

8.30pm. ! Pulp Fiction (18) l.l5prn.-1.30pm. 8pm& ( late. Highlander 3 ( 15) 1.15pm. 3.45pm. 6.15pm. 9pm a late. I The Nightmare Before Christmas (PG) 1 11.30am (Sat only). 1.45pm. ~1prn. | 6.15pm. 9pm. It Could Happen To You (PU) 1.15pm. l

| 3.45pm. 6.15pm. 9pm.

Sec ttlst) Glasgow l.tllcs.

I GOETNE INSTITUTE GLASGOW 3 Park Circus. 333 3555. £1.

Der geteilte Himmel Tue o only. 8pm. I GROSVENOB Ashton Lane. llillhead. 339 4398. £3.30 (Student/UB-IO £3.50; Child/()AI’ £1.60). Shows commencing

3 before moptn r: ((‘tnttr/o..\r> £160).

Seats car) now be booked for last evening and late screenings: box office open

; 11am-7pm. Z 1. Miracle On 34th Street (U) 3pm. 5pm.

8pm. 2. The Nightmare Before Christmas (PG)

3.15pm. 5.15pm. 8.15pm.

I MGM FILMCENTRE Sauclriehall Street.

333 1593/9513. Two (mt-s. £3.80 ((3 ;

before 5pm). (Child/Studcnt/OAI’ £3.50). Forrest Gump ( 13) 1.15pm. 5pm. 8pm. i Trial By Jury ( 15) 1.45pm. 5.15pm. 1 8.30pm.

The Shadow ( 13) 1.10pm (not Sat/Sun). 3.35pm (not Sat/Sun). 6pm. 8.30pm. The Client ( 15) 1.45pm (not Sat/Sun). 5.15pm. H.15pm.

Corrina Corrina (PG) 1.45pm. 5.05pm. 8.30pm.

Monkey Trouble (U) Sat/Sun only. 1.45pm. 1 The Mask (PG) Sat/Sun only. 1.10pm (not 1 Sun). 3.45pm.

I MGM PABKNEAD The Forge. I’arkhead. 556 4383/4343. [1)]. [Ii](screens 1.3 and 5). Shows commencing before 5.30pm £3.50; after 5.30pm £3.60 (Child/Student £3.35 all day; ()AI’lUB-H) £3.10 before 5.30pm).

Miracle On 34th Street (U) 1.15pm. 3.55pm. 6.40pm, 9.30pm.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (PG)