More stuffing than a pantomime dame’s corset, here’s the . . .


2 The List 2-15 December 1994

c I Sadly not in town to

play the windswept

lleathcliil as previously billed, Clill Richard comes to Glasgow to sing

the hits and whip up some Christmas cheer. Keep the ‘mistletoe and

whine’ backchat to yourselves, please. See Rock listings for details.

I The hits keep coming a

U) =

tor Dina Carroll - Britain’s answer to Whitney Houston. We hear she has a Scottish lamin connection, so why not head along to Glasgow’s SECC and shout ‘G’on yersel’, wee lassie’. See Rock listings for details.

I Get your meat and two veg at the Sale llookey llight, hosted by these darling old ladies Mince and Tatties. Any resemblance to Clyde Unity’s John Binnie and Stephen Docherty is entirely coincidental. Altogether now: ‘Young maaaan!’ See Iheatre listings for details.