I muses: mum: Cambridge Street. | 228 1404. [Access: L. Facilities: WC. ws. H. o. c

] . Away Until Sun l8 Dec (inc Suns. not

Mons). 8pm. Mats Thurs 8. 1.30pm; Sat

l0 and Sat 17. 3pm. £8 (154/52). First S() ()T I I IS IKS M' {\Y

production in Scotland of this Australian

play by Michael Gow set at Christmas 1967 when a group of eight Syndeysiders .

umbern uld

head off for a summer break and reflect on their concerns for their children. Ian

Brown directs. See review.

Two Sevens Clash Fri 2—Sun ll Dec (inc 3 Thurs 24 Nov Sat 31 Der i Cumbernauld

Theatre Co




Suns. not Mons). 7.30pm (except Tue 6 Dec. 9pm). £6 (£3). Punk nostalgia as new company Damage digs out its spikey old 45s for a show about a band trying to

write songs. take speed and drink cider.

See preview.

A Place with the Pigs Tue l3—Fri 23 Dec. ; 8.30pm. £7 (£3.50). See Tramway above. Europe Tue 6 Dec. 7.30pm. Free. Not the David Greig play that recently ran here. but a reading of another play of Michael I Gow's whose Away is on in the main

DAME ? emote

Dance performances and classes are = ' ._ A -. .. . By “am Bfennan listed by city. then alphabetically by Directed by Simon Sharkey venue. Shows will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ten days before publication. Dance Listings A swashbuckling,

compiled by Mark Fisher. . . . . e must not seek the child Jesus in r'b't'c'dmg famuy

the pretty figures of our Christmas cribs. Chnstmas Show!

I POBTOBELLO TOWN HALL High Street. I Portobello. Tickets 220-1349. TiCketS Ifom

We must seek him among the undernourished children who

i Dance Base Christmas Show 91: 10 Dec hm. ' ~'

_ m - . ,e gone to bed tonight utthout eatm . anion r the )oor - -

I 7.30pm. 1.3 (£1). tdmburgh's various . g 8 I Famfly TICket

dance groups come together for a Iieu‘sboys who will sleep covered with newspapers in

. specially created display. I _ I WILKIE HOUSE Cowgate. Details 667 ( (mm a) 5 ' I

i 8840. Oscar Romero

Traditional Dance Workshop Sat 3 Dec. Bond: in “I? 30!

paying punters.

i . Noon-5pm; £4 (£3)- Shurpcn up swmm 'l‘lll] srltizm‘ outlines or Tm: «out.» I l Scottish. lrtsh.ce1lidh. step and reels. g 3 l' '1 Saturday evenings at I PHONE: For Credit (iard holders (including Switeh) I 9 i I simply telephone 041-221 4447. between 9.30am~l~pm. ' ' p'm‘ I Please have your Credit Card ready. I , POST: A: I wish to pay by cheque and eneIose my ' , v I t'heque payable to SCIAI“ to the value of 1: I Joecen'be’ I m I B: I wish to pay by Credit Card and authorise you I - to dehit my Aeeess/ Visa eard aeeount for .I3 I Comedy is listed by date, then by city. I I onenm l I Shows will be listed, provided that I cm; x... I . ; details reach our offices at least ten I | l , days before publication. Comedy Listings | Expiry Date. Month: Year: I lODecembeI ; compiled by Mark Fisher. : Simmmm I "anomeo Gnounp . I i M a I Glasgow : an" : 16 December Address: I - i I on the Wall 94: Hunter and Docherty l I BIG TED 3 PHRTY i Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. 2 | | ' Sauchiehall Street. 9pm. £8.5()/£7.50 ' (£7.50/£6.50). Two of the Absolute/.v team : I’osl (Emir: : Hmce'we’ I g t not getting rich from presenting the lottery I I I programme on TV, rake in a few bob by Return to: sum: 5 ()mald St. Glasgow (:1 40K. LIST : acting out characters old and new for the L _ _ _ _. _ ._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _I

Edinburgh I I 23 090811109: I The Comedy Stop Stepping Stones. a Q

West Bow. Grassmarket. 225 6520. 8pm for 9pm. £5 (£3). Lively twice-weekly

comedy club introduced by Dallas and '

Packer (formerly the Bri Nylon Five).

Entertainers tonight include Paul Graham Tickets; late Bar and Viv Graham. l '

111338531”, abtgive : SCOTTISH CATHOLIC INTERNATIONAL AID FUND o .' .. .. its 0( ta. ..a eorge.treet. ‘_ , , 225 3001 8pm. £5 (“mm mm,“ some a Oswald Street, (,Iasgow, (,1 40R Tel: 041-221 4447 BOX Ofl'IGE

helping of lost comedy features Edinburgh’s own slick and confident Alan l litiglaTfianleL’rttii’i‘;?£i.f“£.‘§’ SCIAF CHRISTMAS APPEAL Manchester‘s David Spikey. 9



The List 2—15 December 1994 63