9.10—10.35pm. Two-part drama with 1 Robert Lindsay as a mild-mannered suburban solicitor trying to bump off his nagging wife Alison Steadrnan. But how to do it? The second part is on 18 December.

I The Fabulous Baker Boys (BBCZ) lO.40pm—l.30am. Overlong but entertaining romantic comedy with the brothers Bridges Beau and Jeff— as a musical duo playing tacky piano bars. who decide to hire singer Michelle Pfeiffer to liven up their act.


I People First (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm.

Screening of Gary Johnstone‘s award-

winning documentary about society‘s fear

ofepilepsy. a condition which the director

himself suffers frotn.

I Horizon (BBCZ) 8—8.5()pm. Bizarre

film about people suffering from the little

known condition synaesthesia. where

} people are born with crossed wires in their

1 sensory perceptions. Sounds evoke

1 colours. tastes trigger touch sensations

and so on. ()ne woman was consigned to a

drug treatment clinic after telling a school

teacher that she saw orange sherbet when

she kissed her boyfriend.

I Cutting Edge (Channel 4) ()"lllplll. Another chance to see ‘The Club'. a fly-

on-wall documentary about a crusty

Home Counties golfclub which ends tip

bitterly regretting letting the cameras in.

I Without Walls (Channel 4) ‘)—‘).30pm.

The Guardian‘s acerbic columnist

: Suzanne Moore gives Santa Claus and the

j whole consumer Christmas shebang a

i verbal doing.

I Far North (BBCZ) 9—l().3()pm. First television showing for Sam Shepard's

directorial debut with Jessica Lange as a woman who reluctantly returns home to

T care for her strong-willed father after he

has an accident.

some of the media’s less liberal commentators sounding off about his use of swearie words. In this repeated interview. Kelman talks about how censoring language effectively represses those people who speak it. Also includes dramatic reconstructions of his prize winning novel How Late It Was, How late.

I McOabe and Mrs Miller (Scottish) ll.40pm-l .SOam. Robert Altman‘s classic western with Warren Beatty as an opportunist who sets up a profitable brothel with his girlfriend Julie Christie in a booming frontier town.


I ND (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. Find out what's on in Scotland with Dougie Vipond.

I The X-Files (BBCZ) 9—9.45pm. Scully is convinced that the predictions of a psychic on death row are the key to catching a vicious serial killer.

I Finney (Scottish) 9—lOpm. You wait months for a bit of decent television drama and then two come at once. BBC and ITV go head to head with their Geordie dramas (see Crocodile Shoes. below) so it’s video recorders at the ready. Bobo finds God after a nasty blow to the head with a shotgun and agrees to make his peace with Finney.

I Crocodile Shoes (BBCl) 9.30—l0.25pm. Jed returns to Newcastle for a friend‘s funeral but ends up falling out with his sister.

I Forbidden Britain (BBC2) 9.45-10.30pm. Final programme in the series of forgotten history looks at unemployment in the 1920s. which led to the Minisny of Labour introducing work cam s.

I Drop the Dead Donkey (Channel 4) lO—lO.30pm. Penultimate episode in the series. with a stag and hen night on the cards.

I Female Parts (Channel 4) ll.35pm—12.40am. Last in the series which tackles women's issues. ‘Just Thirteen‘ uses animation and documentary footage to examine the problems facing teenage girls at that difficult age.

I Key West (Channel 4) 1.30—2.25am. An eccentric old man dies leaving some bizarre legacies in the series about an aspiring writer cast adrift in southern Florida.


I later With Jools Holland (BBCZ) 8-9pm. Finger-on-the-pulse music show has Oasis doing a strings-and-all version of ‘1 Am the Walrus‘. Michael ‘Disposable Hero' Franti‘s new band Spearhead and a duet by new country queens Mary-Chapin Carpenter and Shawn Colvin.

I Casualty (BBC! ) 8. l5—‘).()5pm. Ash's career is on the line after a series of allegations against hitn are published in Holby‘s local newspaper.

I Young Guns (Scottish) 9.20—1 l .20pm. The Brat Four Pack limilio listevez. Kiefer Sutherland. Lou Diamond Phillips and Charlie Sheen pack their pistols for an entertaining designer Western with good action sequences.

E I The ’Burbs (BBC l) 9.30—1 1pm. Joe ‘Gremlins‘ Dante’s entertaining comedy about suburban paranoia with Tom Hanks and Carrie Fisher.

I A Doll’s House (BBCZ) 9.30—1 1.30pm. The ‘Performance' series of televised theatre continues with lbsen‘s play about a woman fed up with being patronist by her family. With Juliet Stevenson. Trevor live and Patrick h’lalahide.

I Secret Friends (Channel 4)

l()—l 1.50pm. This is Dennis Potter‘s only directing credit on a feature film. in which Alan Bates plays an amnesiac trying to distinguish memory from sexual fantasy. Frances Barber and latter-day Potter favourite Gina Bellman also star.


I Great Journeys (BBCZ) 9.25—lo.30pm. limie Dingo. the Aboriginal star of Crocodile [)tutt/t't' 1/. visits Kimberley in north west Australia which he describes as place where he feels ‘powerful forces at work‘.

I Hang ’Em High (Scottish) 10.30pm—1230am. Classic Clint liastwood western about a sheriff tracking down a gatlg of outlaws that left him for dead. Made in 1967. the film brings the spaghetti western to America.

3 I Witness (Channel 4) ‘)~l()pm. ‘Why East Grinstead'." is the question posed by this documentary about an unassuming Sussex town which appears to play host to a disproportionate number of religious cults.

I A Conversation With Edward Said (Channel 4) l 1.35pm—l235am. Broadcaster Tariq Ali wrestles with the

f formidable intellect of Said. :1 dissident

3 intellectual best known for his writing

about Palestinian politics.

; I The Prize of Europe (Channel 4) l().45pm—12.25am. Today is Human

Rights Day which sees the launch of the

j snappin titled ‘Youtli Campaign Against

' Racism. Xenophobia. Anti-Semitism and

lntolerance'. To get the campaign started. the Council of Europe has put up a 75.000

f ecu prize for the most inntwative project to combat racism. with eleven groups competing for the cash. Tonight‘s programme screens the videos each group made to sell itself to the judges and

I Public Eye (BBCZ) 8-8.3()pm. Speed limits on the roads have steadily increased petrol shortages aside since the days

when men waving red warning flags ran ' W i i.

ahead of cars. Now the Government is “mount” m“ “"1"”

starting to reduce speed limits in an

attempt to reduce congestion. starting with M , , .

a pilot scheme on the notorious MQS . High Interest (Channel 4) 5104mm. W9 SpeClallSG In IOW COSI travel for students and young people

Public ENC Cfn-Slslm lllc lIkCI)’ PUbllC Profits at Marks and Spencer are expected g ()1; 5 mm L (I. 5 tyr‘

response I0 l ‘3 I 311- to to £l billion for the first titne this vear. - it

I the nial (BBCZ) 9‘950P'll A mil” I Hig/Fl/ltertcvt investigates the success of AUStral'a 335 445 New_ York 1 02 204

holds up at gunpoint the cashier of Mr G‘s this apparently recession-prtmf retailer Athens 85 1 59 Mexrco 1 63 299

niglgtclub inAbzrdeien But is ethasedlaway which has allowed cameras behind the Bangkok 241 258 * Paris 36 67 I

wit out getting is tan s on tie til it‘s scales for (he first [mm

takings. A Portuguese waiter. whofe I Equinox (Channel 4) 7—8pm. The Budapest 79 145 Prague 75 139

bI'OIhCI' works at the Club. IS Chili'ng Will] science programme visits ‘Cybcrvillc', (he Caracas 1 RIO

the attempterdhrobbery but he protests his virtual village occupied by computer De|hi 205 341 Rome 85 140 ;

innocence. e cameras were in court to hackers. Net ncr S‘s-1-1] w i W .n 0 .r ;

hear the CVIdCflCC and I'CCOI'CI the jury‘s strange inhabitmfis. L r {L d d [hL * :

VICTgiClk BI k Sh “3 BBC“ ' I Human Rights, Human Wrongs (BBCZ) ' Los Angeles 1 40 280 * Toronto 1 22 226 ' on y ac D ( -) 8.50—9 in. Series of short films about

9.50.10pm. Bi” patcrson plays a teacher , humanpfigms abuses amund the world is t Marrakech 1 06 1 99 Round the World ii 747

in ‘Pakis Go Home‘. a short film about introduced by BBC foreign affairs editor *From Scotland - ;

two young boys Who 33" ‘1 mCiSl 51083" John Simpson. The series starts tomorrow ' \

dimde 0" 3 W3” 0" their Way ‘0 SChOOl- at l l. l 5pm with a film about genocide in v

I CIIVB AMOS“ Talks Back (Channel 4) Rwanda and runs at the same time i TRAV EL

10.30—1 l.lOpm. Last in the current series. throughom the week GLASGOWI H George Sq, Glasgow. 62 ]D\

as the host signs off saying- inevitably: I Nuns on the Run (Channel 4) EDINBURGH, 53 Forest Rd, rtltnnotgtt, rm me

This IS met Clive Anderson saying 9—lO.45pm. Small-time crooks Eric Idle GLASGOW UNIVERSITY, The Hub, Hillhead Street, Glasgow G l 2 88R

goodnight - goodnight.‘ and Robbie Coltrane get the habit and DUNDEE UNIVERSITY, Students' Assocratlon, Attila Place. oontleo DDl 4th i

I Newman and Baddiel Rest in Pieces (BBC?) “15-1 1-45Pm- Rem" 0f ROb hide from the law. Be suspicious of

and Dav‘d 5 135‘ “and together on anything described. as this film is. as

i TELEPHONE'BOOKINGS television. featuring ‘History Today' and a I

EDINBURGH GLASGOW DUNDEE l 0131668 3303 01412218808 01382200 412 l

‘screwball comedy‘.

I The Wimbledon Poisoner (BBC l)


head for a convent where they intend to I

host of favourite sketches.

The List 2— l 5 December I994 87