41 west nicolson street

edinburgh EH8 9DB

(neor university and festivol theotre)

(0131) 667 6676

_ for opening times and reservo’rions

simple good taste

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LUNCH 12'—2.30pm EVENINGS 6—11pm (last orders 10.30pm)

10, anchor close, Cockburn Strut

' - EDINBURGH 226 5145 Johnny Wilson Captain rifle Cochon lion so, a.“ sounulnbfldg. m stream. hordes of 2 several of Edinburgh s EDINBURGH 228 MS | ravenous customers I restaurants. Wilson has set X . , . waitin w‘ h 1' in . T sail in his own and named ,_ s _ v v .1 Glasgow to set fool: [£61m g Ly“ his pet project after one of I Battlefield Best 55 combination of pasta. 3 his favourite childhood Battlefield Road. 041 636 1 Chicken. ham. peppers and 5 memories. . t 6955. Standing proudly mushrooms baked with : Le Cochon Norr resrdes aloof from the sea of pal-meson one member of 5 on the premises left by the traffic which swarms j The Us, is so“ in ecstasy l demise of the Shaan and round about. especrally {moo weeks aflor : offers cursine inspired by ~

when there’s a match on at Hampden. is this cosy. new Italian bistro. The listed building, which was

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The bistro is open all day i landSC‘lPCS 0f WE

for coffee and snacks with i Mfdflermnean- “web a set lunch at £4.95 and a i CWW-g and 231m!“ are ‘1


built in 1914. is sot dinner in the early 3 major feature on the menu

something of a landmark : evening for £6.95. A i with Wilson taking

in Gleigow'é Southslde : selection from the a ta 1 Particular care ‘0 use the From ii to ll The Terrace never havrng prevrously been a mm, mono oomos in at . finest French plain flour . newsagents and even a . around £12 a head. ' for the crepes and

tram inspectors' shelter Unusually. more are a buckwheat flour for the StflpS. Have a tasty Z-EOUI‘SB Dune!

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commonplace. increasing numbers of flavour. The fillings range

Just as the building has professionals drawn by from the simple jam and ztilong history. so does the the bustling but relaxed chocolate to the sublime [ea 0r iusl a flange. Tuesday amily who are running it. atmosphere and homely wrth concoctions of creme Mr Giannasi is the owner 1 staff. At present. the . fruit/re and mangoes. The . . . . and son of Joe Moretti ; restaurant is unlicensed f restaurant is open all day [S Llle Nlflm. ThurSday IS PflSlfl who opened the Canasta. '; but you can bring your ‘5 to serve snacks and , the first Italian restaurant own wine for which more coffees while those in s ' - - in Glasgow. in the 1950s. . is a £1.90 oorkago Charge. 5 search of something more ' V . - nghl. 51mm” 13 BTUHChdfly. MB“ The Canasta him long Ed- I) h : substantial can feast on . / :-.-{- ., since gone. making way ' In “'9 . the the three course set ' . ' ' '

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for the Buchanan I [,3 Cochon no" 41 i lunch at £5 or the three 7 Shopping centre- Mr West Nicolson Street. 667 ' course set dinner at o 5 . I MOTCNi moved 0n (0 6676. Top-notch name for £14.50. The menus 80"" 0W" L'llnllnenlfll 0813. become the restaurant a restaurant with an even change daily to ensure manager of the original better ex lanation lurkin that the best roduce v ' Malmaisons and now runs behind ifThose with ang available in die markets you 300“ buzz back filial“- L'Ariosto on Mitchell elephantine memory will on the day finds its way Street. remember an inept. onto your plate. Bright

With a couple of swashbuckling. cartoon I Chagalle paintings V generations of experience character by the name of complement the sunny A behind them the family Captain Pugwash. The style of cooking complete LU have accumulated a good ship in which the with plenty of basil and E T wealth of expertise with hapless buccaneer sailed olives to provide those s , < , . . . - which to woo diners. was called the Black Pig. Provencale flavours. f z i I“ " A ‘- Especially popular are the a iece of trivia which Sim le 00d taste is the baked Pasta diShCS With stfick in the mind of mott‘o hgre and as an at the Sheraton Grand “0“” pride Of placegomg to the 10mm} Wilsongthe Chef added bonus Y0“ C,“ l H; s T l t i l. s u u i ii i: . r: n I Pi e u ll 5 ll T E I. l n 3 l l 2 2 9 9 l :i l pnmavera Wthh files 00! propnetor of this new bnng your own wrne. ;of the kitchen in a steady bistro. Having worked in (Jonathan Trew)

The List 2—15 December 1994 95