__ COMPETITIONS Tom Moore Whiskey

, a Tom Moore whiskey from Kentucky is totally clear because of the ' way it is filtered over charcoal and it can be drunk straight or with we '8 0""an "99 admission to 777 a mixer. You can win the chance to taste this newly imported spirit Club on Tuesdays 8 and 15 "womb" at

for yourself by entering our Tom Moore competition. We‘re the Music Box' take this coup?" to the door- giving away a 70cl bottle of the whiskey to each of the six people “'9 management mane "'9 "9m to few”

who come up with the best nicknames for a Tom Moore-and- admiss'm“ Fm mo" human” 0" Clubsi 3“ Clubs listings.

mixer drink. Names must incorporate either Tom or Moore. though Tommy. Tommo etc are acceptable. An example to get you

started is Ginger Tom a Tom Moore and ginger ale. A

The first ten people at the Tramway will get two tickets tor the price of one to see this Oommunicado production on Thursday 1 December at 8pm. ’, Take a copy of The List to the box 5 ottice.

Send your entries, which must reach us by Tuesday 13 December.

, to: TOM MOORE COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh


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Tigh Na Mara

Competi ion Voucher

(Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher)


“T ‘1‘ fix F gs; ~ . "sees z? “-


' any time up until April 1995. All readers are being offered a discount (available until at 8pm - take along a capy 0' The USt'

I April) which gives 5 per cent offa booking for two and l() per cent off for four. To enter. I tell us:

' When is the 1995 Venetarian Guide to the Highlands ublished‘.’ (It's available from I c c p

< m < E d ottering 2 live pairs ot tree

if, 2 tickets to see _ a Bob Downe at the I- h .2 Gilded Balloon on .— g 2 Saturday 10 < u E December. Write

= g by Wednesday 7 o g 1; December to: a = '5 Bob Downe Otter, '- 3 g -- \ ~ The List, 14 High m ._ § : Street, Edinburgh o "a‘, g EH1 1TE. u. g g x o E FJAEBE < u 3 if . . The first five people at King Tut’s on I“ E I The Tigh na Mara by Lochbroom is the only guesthouse in Scotland specialising in .

,_ . . V . ' . . g . . \ , I . Tuesday 6 December get In tree to see

c z . vegetarian and \egan cooking. Normally a night including dinner would cost around £30 Fae": (tickets “ma” cost £3) Doors 0 en m i : but we‘re offering readers the chance to win a free weekend for two at the Tigh na Mara I y ' p n z Iii-I x I.“ I.“ a

COMP, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 ITE.

Red Hot & Oool

i Send your entries, which must reach us by Tuesday l3 December. to: TIGH NA MABA

E E . 3 § The Red Hot Organisation is a groovy AIDS charity box ‘3 E iléii‘é‘lffiiélfil‘gélz‘iili22651225: 222‘ 3:31:35? 325333;: 33:53:33: xxx; 1‘; h, ,0 < 3 E : are Red Hot + Blue and the grunge compilation mm“ admission 9 - 9 _| o E I No Alternative. The latest release is Red Hot + . O > g I Cool. featuring collaborations between gzlzgnznatg:g paroggrstgnpoeé c = g : legendaryjazz musicians like Pharoah Sanders ' y 9 0 cs 3 ' and rappers such as Guru and the Pharcyde (see TV competluon’ you no“ use only one envelope’ but 05 1: g E preview). Tou can win a copy of the album. Red Hot + 3330” g- E. I Cool T-shirt and a signed poster of Carleen Anderson. Runners up an o n to a" UK residents (over "1'8 8 093,18 in I- E 3 I get a copy of the album. State whether you prefer CD or vinyl (there‘s a pa - g o 5 winner for each) To enter answer this uestion' alcohol'NIat‘d anom' no responsmmy can be 2 8 .3 i ' q ' accepted by The List for prizes which cannot be a g ' Name the American composer and lyricist whose sonos were interpreted by Obtain“ a". to "mum" circumsmces' In ‘2: : contem orar artists on Red ‘10! + Blue c anal“ a "St 0' "innom’ please send a s“ to m g; Q g p y ° List competition Winners, stating which issuels) results you require.

: Send your entries. which must reach us by Tuesday l3 December. to: RED HOT COMP, {)'()The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE.

W The List 2—15 December 1994 Printed by Scottish County Press. Sherwood Industrial Estate. Bonnyrigg. Midlotliian. Tel: ()31 663 2404