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Putting the ‘frcsh’ hack in refreshment, Jonathan Trew goes Tom Cruising for a Christmas cocktail.

There's more than a little truth in the old adage about the dangers ot‘ mixing your drinks for example. a combination of the grape and the grain has much the satire et'l'eet come the morning as snorting rncths. A healthy dose ofcaution is the most vital ingredient when it comes to mixing your favourite poisons but if you get the balance between alcohol content and taste right. cocktails can be delirioust delicious. Apart from which. they make you look a damn sight more sophisticated and

mysterious than clutching a fingerprint-

stained pint glass in your sweaty mitt. We at The List have your interests. dear reader. close to our hearts and

l l i

we consulted a number of experts. Who 1 kindly shared their knowledge and gave us the recipes listed below. Vary

quantities according to taste and

tolerance to alcohol. and for the best

Silver Mercedes


have dedicated much research to the subject ol‘ cocktails to enliven the festive period. Diligent study and much experimentation led to several hospitalisations and even greater numbers of reputations in tatters. Realising that perhaps we were being a little over-zealous in the call of duty.

results use the most expensive ingredients you can afford.

Two scoops of orange sherbet

()ne scoop of crushed ice

Iiive measures of vodka

Eight measures of cranberry juice

Six measures of champagne

Blend together all the ingredients except the champagne and then pour the mixture into a glass containing the bubbly. l’ui/u.’ ()ne perfectly fizzy and fruity little number with more than a i hint ol‘ luxury.

Hilton Heaven

Four measures of cream

l’our measures of pineapple juice ()ne measure of Midori , Two measures of Cointreau i Everything goes in the blender along with some crushed ice. Switch on for l‘it‘teen seconds. pour into a glass and . you‘re on your way to cocktail nirvana. |



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