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Oontd from previous page Bloody Mary

Two measures of vodka One measure of ftno sherry


Eight measures of tomato juice

Dill. chives and basil to taste

Salt and freshly ground black pepper Half a lemon

Worcester sauce

Tabasco sauce

Not all these ingredients are strictly necessary, but for the best Bloody Mary that's ever passed your lips it’s well worth the effort. Squeeze the lemon juice into a lOoz glass containing some crushed ice. Add a measure of vodka, the herbs (freshly chopped), a twist of pepper, a dash of salt. a generous dash ofWorcester sauce and half as much Tabasco. Fill to within an inch ofthc brim with tomato juice and stir well. Finally top it off with a slug of fino sherry.

Brahms and List

One measure of Creme de Cacao

Two measures of Baileys

One measure of Amaretto

One measure of vodka

Put all the ingredients into a blender along with some ice and mix until the ice is crushed. Pour, serve and guzzle. It‘s rich, creamy and rather sensuous. Ideal for a winter warmer or an under- the-mistletoe seduction scene.

You can catch a Silver Mercedes at 7‘0] Friday 's. 113 Buchanan Street. 221 6996; finding your way to the Pearly Gates of Hilton Heaven is simple: just head along to the Hilton Hotel. I William Street. Glasgow, 204 5555; the Bloody Mary specialist (an be found at The Shore Bar: 3 The Shore. Leith. Edinburgh. 553 5080.

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Pint of Stout Gran’s About


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Pommes Purees Stodgy and Grey

. Nut Surprise Dentures Unwise

Brussels Sprouts Leave It Out Roasted Parsnip Rancid Catnip Aspic Jelly Wobbly Belly


Plum Duff— Enough’s Enough

Brandy Butter Fall In Gutter

Mince Pie and Custard Gut Well Busted

Cheese and Crackers Stuffed and Knasckereé s I 8


Vintage Port Head Throb Onslaught Coffee and Whisky Grandad‘s Frisky

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Bleurgh. Bleary grey morning. Your face is stuck to the pillow where



W W m you’ve been dribbling gunge all night, AWL“ m no your mouth has taken on many of the m characteristics of the proverbial cw “mum” " badger’s backside and your head wrrH AOOOLJAR em hurts. A lot. The lumpy, tender thing

you’re lying on is your liver. Alcohol is a wonderful substance in moderation but after that fourth one moderation tends not to seem such a good idea and wild abandon sets in. The list offices have borne witness to a number of spectacular hangovers over the years and have built up a considerable amount of expertise in the area of rehabilitation.

Opinion is somewhat divided over the merits of the hair of the dog cure -




350 Sauchiehall Street. Glasgow. 62 3J0 teie ~ 041 332 7864

sipping surreptitiously from a hipflask may make the morning seem less of a drag but has the unwanted side effect of your colleagues leaving Alcoholics Anonymous literature on your desk when you’re not around.

Bloody Marys and Prairie Oysters can have a calming effect on your bio systems after a heavy night but getting them over your throat is tricky and the phrase ‘Klll or cure’ leaps to mind a bit too readily. Best just to lay off the sauce and go for the fruit juice option. Eight pints of chilled orange pulp will leave you feeling marginally better, if somewhat bloated. A large sugar fix also seems to help kickstart the energy levels. Burying your snout in the sugar bowl isn’t too much fun so we recommend a couple of cans of fin. lrn Bru has almost magical properties, completely unexplainable by science. lot that you care too

much about the technical aspects of it, you just want to feel human again.

Thanks to advances in medical science coupled with an admirable increase in decadence there are now large numbers of assorted proprietary pills and powders which promise to cure those morning after blues and restore you to peak health. The thought of pouring more chemicals into your already labouring system may seem unsavoury but compared to ancient remedies the idea looks positively appealing. A few thousand years ago; the Egyptians liked nothing better than knocking back a couple of pints of boiled cabbage water to quench an alcohol-induced thirst, while the Chinese opted for a delicate portion of horse brain. If that thought doesn’t encourage sensible limits, nothing will and you deserve your suffering. (Jonathan Trew)

Bewley’s Oriental Oafé

Strawberry preserve. To enter, tell us:

The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 ‘lTE.

Since 1840, Bewley’s has been part of Dublin’s café society a meeting place for artists, poets, politicians and shoppers simply taking the weight off their feet. Now Edinburgh has its own Bewley’s, which serves the same range of fine tea and continental coffee. To welcome in the New Year, we’re giving away three Bewley’s hampers, full of goodies like Irish coffee toffee, Maison Aubert wine and their own

What is the inscription on the fireplace of Bewley’s in Charlotte Street? (The coffee house will not take phone calls on the subject you’ll have to go there yourselves!)

Send your entries, which must reach us by 5 January, to: BEWLEY’S COMP,

1“ The List 16 December 1994—12 January 1995