Tarantino Film Scripts

: Quentin Tarantino hasjust about cornered : the market in violent cult movies with a l thick slice of black humour. The hippest : movie this year is one nobody‘s seen

: Natural Born Kilers. For Tarantino's

: short movie career it's been four scripts : and four hits: Reservoir Dogs, True r Romance. Natural Born Killers and : Pulp Fiction which was voted best : film of 1994 by List readers. Five

: lucky people will win copies of all : four scripts published by Faber

r and Faber so you can relive those

: wonderful Quentin moments in full. To : enter. answer this question:

: Tarantino has directed two out of the above

r four films. Which are they and who directed : the other two?


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m .— n. G U U) E —I II- C 2 .— z d C d .—

Send your answers, which must reach us by Wednesday 1 1 January. to: TAHANTINO COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE.

Art Unlimited

'1 The (‘(T.-\‘s Art L'nlimited THE PRINCESS AND THE aims to break down the

“I?” “3% 9”,” “5”” UK“: You can get two tickets for the price of ‘7“ PM?“ W W“ l" M one to see The Princess and the Goblin on [311"; ‘Ba‘wilfm “1.9 , Tues 3, Wed 4 and Thurs 5 January at 7pm at the “m9”! “1 . “‘“'“pl“_“ Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh. Stalls seats only, subject (MCIUPC‘! 1” m“ (’0‘ h} to availability. Take a copy of the magazine to the artists like Joseph Beuys. box office

this exhibition is about art ' R o Y A L as mass production.

Modern anists like L Y c E U M Damien Hirst have been 1- H E A1- R E commissioned to do a series ol‘ multiples lor the C O M P A N Y

90s which are being

exhibited alongside the

“(cf-Q I .. l g (s z _. \,‘ l I‘ ' o

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in 4: o = a > r: .9. a: a. E a U

2 3 .2 E 3 2‘ E E


the first one out of the hat on

THE Roy Lichtenstein was one ofthe 60s multiple pioneers. What nationality is the artist'.’ Wednesday 4 . ' 'th Send your answers and a daytime phone number. which must reach us by Thursday 22 igflrigymgggz WI December. to: ART UNLIMITED COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE. address by that date _._ to: The List Sub Offer,


'! # _ 14 High Street, a it | a | it i i EVENTS GUIDE Edinburgh EH1 1TE.

m Honky


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I from Levi‘s and the rap band Honky. First

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: same minus the band‘s signature on the disc;

I and third prize is the Levi’s cap. belt and

1 poster. To enter. tell us:

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Which band performed Honky Tonk Woman?

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