1. Pulp Fiction

2. Four ll’et/dings and a Funeral

3. Priscilla: Queen oft/1e Desert Ignoring this year‘s crop of powerful and socially relevant productions such as Schindler's List and Philadelphia in favour ofgleeful bloodshed. slapstick and transvestism. you nailed your colours to the mast.

1. Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein 2. =I)a:ed and Confused

=T/ie Flintstones Branagh‘s epic obviously lacked gratuitous gore. or was it the distraction of trying to decide if Helena Bonham- Carter‘s eyebrows really do meet in the middle? Either way. a massive thumbs down. with two more retro movies taking joint second place.


1. Emma Thompson

2. Susan Sarandon

3. Uma Thurman

Queer one. this. Despite offering only the

relatively low-key Remains oft/1e Day.

Em clinched it. Did the recent TV

screening of Peter's Friends influence the

vote‘? No. you aren‘t that shallow. are you


1. John Travolta

2. Harvey Keitel

3. Anthony Hopkins

‘You‘re the one that I want. ooh. ooh. oooh . . . Seventies retro takes a sinister turn as the Father of Flares becomes a role model for the 90s. Second place goes to his partner in pulp and that nice Mr Hopkins sneaks in at number three.


I. Cracker 2. Drop The Dead Donkey

been waiting for the 1994 Readers’ Poll Results . . .

3. Equinox

For the second year running. murder. alcoholism and adultery get the light entertainment vote. Thankfully. these aberrations weren't the whole picture. A healthy interest in illegal substances as highlighted in [Equinox‘s exploration of rave culture took third place. Do you spot a reader profile emerging?


1. Blind Date 2. You 'i'e Been Framed

3. National Lottery Li ve

Blind Shag. as it‘s known around these parts. turned off a lorra. lon'a. lorra you. Small children encountering potentially fatal accidents and grannies showing their knickers is no longer funny and the government scam to claw in some money by pretending to be It 's A Knockout has been rumbled.


l. = Ifasterulers

= Coronation Street 2. Brookside Shock horror tie at the top. Abject misery courtesy of the Spud-U-l.ike-like Mitchell brothers and for dessert. Shaz the ‘tart‘ battled Betty's hot-pot in the soap bun-fight. Devoid of gastronomic allegories. Brookside slips from last year's top spot. taking its farcical religious sect with it.


l. Eastenders

2. Neighbours

3. [Emmett/ale

While half the nation relished thrice- weekly masochistic misery. the other half wasn‘t convinced. All-singing. all- dancing. all-irritating Aussies twice a day took the xenophobe vote and. surprisingly. efforts to turn limmerdale into one long. steamy. violent roll in the hay proved unpopular.

20 The List l6 December 1994—12 January 1995


l. Guinness

2. Boddingtons

3. Levi's

A little alcoholic persuasion goes a long way. as your top two pint-sized advertisement proved. Sex was the next best thing. with a series of Levi's ads oozing the stuff out of every pore.


l. Radio 4 2. = Radio Scotland

= Radio I As antithesis to List readers‘ apparent staple diet of sex and violence comes the informative and intellectual Radio 4. Then again. some of those Woman 's Hour pregnancy reports are pretty gory . . .


l. .llark Radcliffe

2. Sorry. / Haven '1 (Jot a Clue

3. Big .-ll

Radio 1 triumphs with Radcliffe's blend of indie-led tunes and titters. while the input of some ex-Goodies works for Radio 4. Forth I’M‘s placing would suggest a lot of people on the east coast have nothing better to do on a Saturday than listen to a criminally enthusiastic gent wind-up local butchers and humiliate bouncers.


1. Paul Merton

2. liddie Izzard

3. Jo Brand

They say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. but the appearance of Merton and Brand would suggest otherwise. And. lo. transvestism makes its second appearance in this year's poll.


1. Blur: Par/(lite 2. Oasis: Definitely Maybe 3. Crash Test Dummies: (,‘od Shut/led

Star late: 1994

Life was thrilling for the Central Belt in 1994. Glasgow celebrated Sound City and bagged the title of City of Architecture and Design 1999. Edinburgh got some smashing new bollards for the High Street and a branch of fashion store The Gap, just in time for Christmas. Despite this, the world kept turning and you, dear eager beaver readers, Clamoured to tell us your favourite things of this year. Yes, it’s the moment of revelation you’ve

His Feet

Britpop frenzy. Delectable Damonjust pipped Luscious Liam and a nation of girlies swooned over their firm young bodies and catchy choous.


I. Blur: Park/ire

2. Wet Wet Wet: Love Is All Around

3. Youssou N'Dour and Neneh Cherry: Seven Seconds

Phil Daniels provided enough added interest to propel Blur to the top spot. while the appearance of the \Vets suggests that many in the Central Belt would find a Foreign Legion endurance test a doddle.

l. T in the Park

2. Crowded House

3. Blur

The sun shone and the bands played on. Thousands got their rocks off at Scotlands's first major music festival. We danced. we sang. we sat on each other's shoulders to watch the James Taylor Quartet. we had fun. Adept Aussies netted second place and a bunch of blokes we've never heard of came third.


1. Runrig

2. lidwyn Collins

3. liddi Reader

'I-‘raid so. folks. Pulling with patriotism but unable to understand the Gaelic bits. you voted with your lighter aloft. lilsewhere. competent but hardly ground- breaking achievements l'rom lidwyn and liddi proved popular. Sound (‘in still has some work to do.


I. REM 2. Oasis 3. M People