for a weekend of devilish delights in the shape of classic films and special appearances. Guest of honour is Hellraiser star and Pinhead actor Doug Bradley. who will be around on the evening of Saturday 12 when the films on show include The Omen. The Thing. Hal/owe 'en, The Evil Dead and a new title to be announced nearer the date. Earlier that morning. sfx gurus Image Animation will preside over a workshop. with the afternoon taken up


It comes as no surprise to discover that Katia von Carnier’s 54-minute- long feature (15, Electric £13.99) began as a student graduation piece at film school in Munich, and was then _ . boosted by the involvement of German _, g " "‘

"‘ v

television. It’s not really the length vi

v .- . “s. that gives the game away, more the f. . . . concentration on familiar post- » ~ by,“ pa'mm” ‘9‘“0'" adolescent concerns of mismatched .9. , Tickets are available over the counter dates fitting around career consens- fi‘om AKA Comics. West Nicolson Maischa’ a num, cans o" a u


l Glasgow Film and Video WorkshOp: Packed with news and views. the GFVW‘s Christmas and New Year issue of the newsletter is now available. Having undergone some reorganisation. the publication will now appear bi- monthly and. iii addition to festival. development opportunities and general news. it is hoped that members will contribute interesting features and reviews. maybe even a word of advice to colleagues.

I Dead By Dawn 95: Scotland's premiere horror film festival returns to the Edinburgh Filmhouse in February

_ The King and I


Street. Edinburgh or by post from I 14/4 weekend gebtogether wm‘ her Springfield. Leith. EH6 5813(031 553 boymend m 90 out on the mum with 5859). A ticket for the films. PA. he, mend, Frenzy, a work_obsessed dealers and video room costs £10 and cartoonist. over the next '8‘” days, also allows access to a special event on Maischa flips over a young hunk, Friday I l with Edinburgh Writers betore being disappointed by his Association readings and an extended vanity, while “any, suck with his Ogles Jeanneuess obvious assets and Doug Bradley question-aridl-answer pmve'bial smends, unexpectedly falls _ hey mesh __ may transfer session. The Image Animation . [of his chann_ There’s nothing original Themselves to his CheST; but While he workshop costs £5 (£3 for film ticket in the swapped ammdes plot, hm at becomes popular with his “01(101'8). While “‘0 Paintbal'ing C03“ least the witty one-liners and true-to- acquaintances and Elle’s Man Of the i l 3 13-50 for film “Cm homer-“)- life observations should strike a chord Year, she is able to develop her career with viewers. unimpeded. The ioke’s really a bit Also on the tape is Rainer Kaufman’s tacky, and the question of when a short morality tale of sexism in the shapely figure is an asset and when business community, The Most it’s a drawback is rather dubious. (AM)

Makin’ Up: ‘familiar concerns’ Beautiful Breasts In The World. Simon

spaced-out slacker. (Warner)

I Fortress High-security prison liokum as futuristic rebel Christopher Lambert

hats and decide that the viewing public are allowed to linger over those delicious Tarantinoisms (albeit

dulled slightly by the directorial hand ofTony Scott) as lovebirds

and his wife are thrown behind bars for trying to have a second child iii a

totalitarian state. It‘s gloriously overdone oti every level »— from the gigantic sets to the : overplaying by Kurtwood Smith. Jeffrey Combs and Toni Towles to director Stuart (li’eunimulor) Gordon‘s big-bang finale. Just settle back and let the heroics take over. (Columbia 'l‘ristai')

Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette set iii motion an orgy of violence as they honeymoon with a huge drugs stash. But it's the cameos that count Dennis Hopper's sympathetic dad with a wouldn‘t give it a 1 death wish. Christopher certificate. The British Walken’s gentleman censors put on their Santa I gangster, Brad Pitt‘s

I True Romance (i8) And they said they

Elvis may have a penchant for travelling by flying saucer these days, but in 1960 he was content to take the plane from Prestwick Airport while making his only ever trip to the UK. It was there that a Scottish grandmother fell in love with the rock ’n’ roll legend, who was only making a two-hour stop on the way back from military service. The episode is captured in Blue Christmas, a twelve- minute, 16mm film, written and produced by Carl Masson and directed by Ewan Morrison. Starring Eileen McCallum and Elvis lookalike Marcus Scott Bennett, the film was made with assistance from the STV/SFC First Reels scheme. Blue Christmas is broadcast on Scottish Television at 5.20pm on Christmas Day, with CFT and festival screenings to follow. (AM)

:- Human animal

It‘s a strange scene. A pin-thin man iii rags lies on a luxurious bed. Beside him oddity and people try [0 gavc‘ destroy lounges a glam young pop star with or understand him as he slowly starves platinum hair and a streak of scarlet (‘01- m) apparent wag-(m. lipstick. Around the couple iii a huge Ruddcn hag a large body of (ml-k bedroom. 50 candles positioned all over behind him including dozens of pop the “001‘ SPlum" and bum- What videos for bands such as Deacon Blue

reaches Data 10; a cybernetically revamped human is doing a Jack The Ripper on Mega Tokyo's subway prostitutes in Al) I’m/ice 2: The I’rtl‘uz/is‘e l.()()/) ( 18. £6.99); and (ienucyher 2.‘ Vujl‘mmid Attack ( 18. £5.99) provides a bridge to the finale while proving that it's okay to rip apart the limbs of innocent

; children on video as long as it's only pen and ink.

I Hard 2 (18) Explicit gay erotica featuring a

collection of well-toned

the dressing rooms before the dress rehearsal. The concentration on the ! minutiae of preparation reveals the dancers' art and increases the sense of anticipation in both 3 performer and viewer. It’s a level of intimacy that continues until the final shot. with the audience experiencing the drama from the heart of the action rather than any stationary theatre a perspective. (Phase One £l5.99) I Hard Boiled 2: The Last Blood ( 18) Okay. it‘s a bullet-ridden actioner from llong Kong. one of f the characters is a tough cop and the final shoot- 1 out takes place in a hospital. But otherwise Wong Jing‘s rollcrcoaster %

I Faust ( 12) ‘Through blackest magic and darkest alchemy' Jan Svankmajer takes various tellings of the Faustian legend and transforms _ them into a rich. visual. ( bodies. moodin lit and set

manner. He is regarded as a human

to an appreciatively low key soundtrack. Each of the four episodes is not so much a short story but a specific location for the ‘action' to take place. And. while this series does advocate safe sex. it‘s not an educational video as such. so to get a certificate the only thing that's hard about it is the

literary feast. This l-‘aust (Petr Cepek) is pulled from the streets of Prague itilo a theatrical world of Czech marionettes and a Mephisto made in his own image. The master ariimator's surreal touches are present btit played down as he uses other potent images to conjure tip universal truths. (lCA.

where. how and in Glasgow“? and Jerry Burns. an hour-long

‘You just have to do it.‘ cnthSCS ' documentary on The Blue Nile. and a Scottish filmmaker Bernard Ruddcn. short drama for Channel 4. He decided between takes. ‘And. yes. it seems to be to make the film after completing working.‘ Willi the help of several non- several full-length film scripts which professional actors. a skeleton crew arid ' are currently awaiting the decision of

ride lacks the finesse of John Woo. That said. the plot's engagineg quirky l terrorists try to kill all

potential donors of a rare

hour black-and-white short The Hunger Mun with viitually no budget.

Based on a short story by Kafka. btit set in the present day. the film is about a man who is starving himself to death iii a zoo in an old-style freak-show

lots of goodwill. Ruddcn has managed .; the money-men. ‘This is a film 1 “3-99) _ Que-(9’13" H” Ma” NOW STOPP “'lm'h 9'99“ to reach the shooting stage of his half— wanted to make now.‘ he savs. ‘I didn't manga hm} 1mm,” U4") ) 3 NW “‘9 “f0 ("t d “11211995 instalments of ongoing I Blood Wedding (U) leader and. for a change.

want to hang around for months waiting for finance. It shows it can be ; done with a lot of determination and plenty of favours. donations and

participation by friends.‘ (Beatrice

1 Colin)

Carlos Saura prefaces his film version of Lorca‘s passionate stageplay. done here by the Antonio Gades flamenco troupe. with an extended period iii

the comedy works as well as the stunts. ()ne of the most openly entertaining liastern genre movies to get a release over here. (liastern Heroes)

animated sagas from the Manga label. The gangland bloodshed of Crying Free/nun ( 15.

£1 1.99) comes to a close; The (;1l_\'l'L‘r(PG, £5.99)


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