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Cornier than the jokes in a Woolworth’s Christmas cracker, here’s the . . .

The List l6 December 199442 January 1995

I ‘Is that a rocket in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?’ Sylvester Stallone is explosives expert Ray (luick(ie) and Sharon Stone is always game for a hang in The Specialist. See Film listings for details.

I There’s really no need to iustily using this picture, but as it happens there are several Bond movies on over Christmas (quel surprise!) and a repeat of the entertaining profile at Edinburgh’s most famous son. Sean wishes all our readers Pussy Galore over Christmas. See Television listings for details.

I Don’t think Marc Bolan intended the children of the revolution to form tribute bands, but s’pose everyone’s got to earn a crust somehow. See the 20th century boys T- Rextasy bring in the new year at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay.