sounds from the headliners. who will 1155_ 7.30pm. £15. £16. Donnie Munro . , stimulate your adrenal glands something and pals, having heard the results of The P I c K 0 F 9 4 rotten. Their recent single. ‘Hand Passes List readers‘ 11‘ decide to reward their , Plenty. is a bit mellow” bl" a Slormer faithful follofing with a visitation. Then The “St 8 one“ team picks "a but nonetheless. again. perhaps not. but it‘s a nice idea. 6'93 0' "'9 793'- I The Selecter and Proi Music Box. I Chelsea and Beergut 100 Cas Rock & Victoria Street. 225 2564. 8pm. £7 in Cafe, west port, 229 4341, 9pm, 5350 in advance from Ripping Records. Virgin advance. £4 on the door. Gene October's ' leld OUllClS. Pauline Black lS back bang. used [0 feature a sneering fronting one of the leading forces of the 2- young man by the name of William [do]. w TOW "10"“ “mm “Wing enjoyed succcss has pinned its heart firmly to its collective in both TV and radio broadcasting. Their record sleeve with their latest offering; Dates "sud below an ‘0' “8'0" Shows: law-5‘ album 77'" H"PP." Album. was Truiror's Gate which features the heads of 5“ $993"ate section '07 [aldencies- released in J une on Demon Records. pmttttncnt rock stars who have isotd out' W: Gigs an "sud by date’ the" by City' I The Dreamers CavelldiSh. West skewered on spikes. Or at least it did until Dates Will be "Sleds PWVided that “Tails Tollcross. 228 3252. 9pm—3am. £5. Minus it was banned and had to be redesigned. "33°" 0‘" ""335 a“ least one Week Freddie. but still belting out the classics. I pittit moss, Hula Hula and salty Shun m5 353]- below publication’ Rock and Blues I Random Chance and "Ch SUM/11y. St Stephen’s Church Hall. Howe Street. I 'I’ In The Park Stmthclyde park. “Stings comi’iled by Fiona Shepherd Cowgate. 225 6766. 9pm. £2. Melodic 557 6045. 8pm. £3 (£2). Pre-Christmas Two days of festival fun frotics and 3"“ J“"""‘“" 7'9" and electric sounds. wipeout with three all-girl bands. Hula fine mum An ambition; venture I Mitchum Rare Story. Cowgate. 556 Hula features Katrina Dickson of Itoundly‘ap'prccimcd by 5” who were 3953- 91"” {239- I I O B w Policecat fame alfil ifdPink Krogsnglik there I The 3900 5 we“ {1“ .VSICF art 031 Or Die EP is at a in icative o t eir ive ' “Tillllillld SlfCCl. 10pm. FTCC. performance [hen a thrashy‘ trashy . I "'3 53* "09mm and Mike P910135 V We have been assured that this is an time is firmly on the (53th Added value I Sound City various venues. Barmwland' Gallowgmc‘ 552 4601'. l appearance by “‘6 original Oll'lhc'wall comes in the form of a DJ and an array of Glasgow. Perhaps it’s a cop-out 7-30Pm- SOLD OUT- A” Cwmng "l 60s-pastiche nut jobs and not some rattan“ N0 bar. picking a whole week’s worth of gigs, 890(lllmc Celtic “’9” The 51!“ imposters out to steal their straitjackets. I Queen B Cavendish. west Toncmsst but, like T in The Park, the sense of [)S‘Clors take “are "l [he H's“ cn‘lol I _ Spookmania stalks old Edinburgh town 228 3252, 9pm_3ttm. £5. Frhddic Mercury occasion and local pride suffused mm? and :vclfllmml Mll‘c Peters “mp5 3 911cc “‘9”. 0' m tribute band with all those smg along. them a" 0" l C COW 0)’ 00‘s. I The Gods am Ph sician & Firkin. h ,htcts in the air faves. - . I The Pastels, Policecat. Cornershop _ Dalkcith Road. (.62 474%,. topm Fm, Il’flowhere Queen M argam Student I Edvtiyn Collins Garage, Glasgow. and Larsen King TUI‘S “rah wall Hm‘ I Supreme Sillld)’ Stone's. downstairs Union. Clcrwood Terrace, 1990, be“ between'song banter 1!) the St Vincent Street. 221 5279. 8.30pm. £5. at Les partisans. High Street. 226 6192, 730p,“ £4 in advance only. They're busrncss. but no amount of larking TiCkaS from King Tm‘s and “N the 1 l()l’m- promising an incident-strewn evening. about could obscure the excellence of Ticket. Virgin. Union Street. 226 4679. j I Mr pitiful Platform one. Ruttand I Why Bradley Subway. Cowgme' 225 his current crop of songs. The Pastels have a Christmas frolic with | Street 335 3433' 9pm Free. SOUL 6766. 9pm. £2. Why indeed? But “16ch I the Boo Hadleys King Tut’s, S""‘°t)l;ricn(és indu‘lfing fin” indie . f I Funky FBCI'US Advocate. South Bridge. from Lochearnhead. Surreal. almost. Glasgow Amazingly guccceded in Sham 9‘5 0”]ch ‘OP ‘01"8 11" “C(lusuc 9.30 in. Free. Just as ftitik as the name I Bluefin er Platform one, Rutland . . ' set with traditional Asian instruments. tmptflts. y Street. 22592433. 9.30pm. Free. Rock .n. replicating one ofthe most complex, Some Velvet Sidewalk dweeb Al Larsen I I Live Music Abbey, Stmth Clerk Street. r0” layered. multi-faceted albums live on doing something useful with his cultural (.67 3033 8.30pm Free. I Junkyard ungels Sandy Stone's. stage. And Sice wore a neat surt.

exchange and Glasgow/Edinburgh combo downstairs at Les partisans. High 3"ch ' Policecat. Pitts special guest DJs Duglas t 226 6192. 10pm instruments from Reid.

Stewart and Norman Blake. I Lo now" Jens Advocate. South Bridge. I The Hellfire Club Wintersgills Bar.

I Eugenius and Octopus Nice ‘n' Sleazy. 9.30pm. Fret Better than competent blues Great Western Road. 332 3532. 8pm. Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. I the Saw Doctors ttttd Mike Peters “was. Free. Classic country rock covers.

With theioyalty proceeds Eugene will Burrtmhtntt Gttttowgtttc‘ 553 4601_ I "a". m the Dog Physician & Firkin. I Vaudeville Hags Manana. Argyle Street procure from Nirvana .s Vaselines covers 730mm. 50”) OUT. Sec Fri [(1 Dalkcnh Road‘ 662 4746 lopm. Free. (near Kelytngrove Art Gallery). 357 5577. on Unplugged In 1V(’ll' York he could retire I Ac Acoustics, Fen" and utusei yatsura I Shake the Shak west End Oyster Ban 7.30pm. £1 donation. A new concept 11]. now. But no. he loves music too much arid ! King Tut'S with wah Httt‘ St Vincent Wcst Mahmud Street. 225 3861_ 10.30pm. light entertainment in the shape of a senes histmonster rill combo are otit to prove i 8”ch 33] 5379. 330p,” £4.50. Tickets Free. CoverS and original funky material of themed music evenings called The their boogie potential. Support from {mm King Tut's. and just the Ticket. compete with violins and lots (“jumping Sunday Supper And Slippers Club. Octopus. who could be descrtbed as t Virgin‘ Union Street. 236 4679. powering about the place. I Only Heaven and leVI TOIOThe incandescent. if that wasn‘t a bit indie firm“ from Glasgow favourites AC I substance Bare Story‘ Cowgatc‘ 556 Brewhouse. John Street. 55.. 3801. Prelull'Ol‘S- I l Acoustics and Fenn. both of whom have 3951 9pm. Free. Running the cover 830W“- HCC- t V

I The Damned The Garage. Sauchiehall [ wmpclhng Singles t,ut now _ AC gamut from thc Eagles [0 Deacon Blue. I tegacy boon s Yard. Cathcart Road. Street. 332 1120. 7.30pm. £8.50 plus Acoustics‘ catm_bct'0rc_thc,§mrm “and I Saturdays Queen Street Oyster Bar. 64) 0184. ).30pm. Free. .

booking fee. Tickets from the Garage. Just ' ptmCS plenty and pumps right_in_thc- Queen 3"ch 226 2530 mpm Free. I Gigante The Liquor Store. Bridge

the Ticket. Virgin. Union Street. 226 467i) mumlbutlthcfimrm .Simstcr Minister: I Live Music Abbcy‘ South Clerk Street. Street. Paisley. 848 5096. 10pm. Free. arid Tower Records. Argyle Street. 204 Summit from Kim,” Fran“. imprcsarim ! 667 3023_ 8.30pm Fret I Fastlayne Sax. Tevrot Walk. 2500. Old punks die hard. ' Umsct Yutsum. ' Cumbernauld. 0236 733 200. 7pm. £2.50. I M'“ Pans! The 3098'"?!th “"9 f I The Beat Poets Pulp Christmas. The Edinburgh

Honey Stralhclydc Unweer Student ‘t Arches. Midland Street. 221 4583. llpm.

UlllO‘L 10h" SWCI- 553 1395- xl‘lll‘giml 7 Those hip-swinging surf guitar maestros I The Bhundu Boys Venue. Calton Road. “0; SIU(lE‘”[-“fl"d guest-5 A “99:10) [9 capitalise on Dick Dale's itewfound I New Mod“ Army Barmwmnd. 557 3073. 9pm. £5. Ever popular quartet “"9"” “'“h H“ Slri‘thlyflc Um 5 . . i popularity on the [’1in I‘Tt‘ffnll soundtrack Gallowmtc‘ 553 wot 7.30pm £9 plus from Zimbabwe dish out sunny rhythmns Chr'SllmS Humilth 5917'“leCd Bf'l'Sh with a loviitg pastiche. while The lists hmkiné fee. TicketS {mm Just the Ticket. and infectious beats.‘ .

50”] d0"! SUPPONCd b)" “‘9 19C“! 9.9”!“ t Rory Weller spins the platters. Virgin. Union Street. 336 4679 Fervent. I Nectar 3 Stones. Frederick Street. 220 b”.”““‘>'~ Bentley WP and (filmed md‘c I seven EleVe" and Blind Jump The Hill! po-faced agrarian punk from the cult act 12%- lOPm 'lnhfcc'l’lccc Who “’3 0L" ‘1 811"“ band rc-‘PCCUVCIY- . Bar. Wotxllands Road. 332 1210. 9.30pm. that everyone but their fans 10mg to hate. deadly mixture of hardcore punk atid

I Hugh need and the Velvet Underpants taco get-c” How” are tt Mun combo I me Gmndmothers King Tut.S wah classic pop. Features Keith Burns. ex- Caledonian University Union. with 2t mixed bag of pup and rock wah Hut. St Vincent SUCLTL 221 5279. Political Asylum and Jesse Garon And Cowcaddens Road. 332 0681 . 8pm. £4: : I Justice won tttttt Liat’s Edge Nice ‘tt' 8.30pm. £8. Tickets from King Tu“ and The Desperadoes. on guitar and vocals. Students and guests. Anarchy titthe union - 31w,» Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. Just the Ticket, Virgin. Union Street. 326 I Ian Cochrane Sandy Stone s.

3" lhc PM“ 3mg “W” til-“l and llll'lf’us f 9pm. 4679. See preview downstairs at Les Partisans.Htgh Street. tales of misfortune on the streets of 3 I the outpatients tVtaCSmtcys‘ Jamaica I F'eak m Nature The Garage. 326 6193“ 10pm Stngcr-5t)ttgwrttcr thh Glasgow ' Street. 221 8499. 9pm. Free. Covers. l Sauchiehall Street. 332 1120. 7.30pm. NC” You'll; influenccs- .

I The '30“ and Fund The Arcllil- i I Sawney Bean The Wharf. Yoker Ferry 1 £530 plus hooking the. TicketS from Thc I Baby Isaac Cas Rock Cafe. West Port. Oswald Smelt 32' 4583;912'“ LZ-Sll i Road. 959 2016. 9pm. Free. Effervescent t Gtttagc‘ just the Ticket. Virgin. Union 229.4341. 9pm. £1. - Including C”er ‘9 "1C BfllPOP CW) 1 folk pop. street. 326 4679 and Tower Records. I live Musw Pear Tree. West Nicolson Parkl'fc' I all” Mam" All” Hours“ COUNTS. Argyle Street. 204 2500. Hoary-grunge- SWCL 667 7533~ 830W"- Free.

I "3'90 MacSOrlcys- Jamaica Street 331 andland Road. 357 5827. 11pm. Free.

rocker-tattoed-love-gtxl-types. 8499- 9pm “39- I Nazareth Blazers. Hamilton Town I Speedboat, Radio Sweetheart and

I meme Renders“? Siltllc‘lml “"1159 Hotel. 'l‘ownheatl Street. Hamilton. 0698 Sister ThC Cathousc‘ Brown Street. 248 Cathedral Squurc- 55- 35 19- ‘)Pm- l‘lcc- 891 929. 7pm. £6.50. Stipcrannuatcd 6606. 8pm. Tickets from The Cuthtmsc‘

Formerly of country outfit The Liberties. i H at.” t ‘. . y. . H . , . I Russell "cue" All” “9””. come” Ixndvolver The Dugout. Cathcart Street. £957?le rick“: .meln'. U.m0[.] Stitch .226 : thfisltectglfssnd fling H "(Hand Road. 357 5827‘ H m]. H“. E n 5 727 918. 10”“. £2. ) )and Towu Records. AtgylcStrcct. ut s at at ut.‘. tr 'l‘lltui t rct, ._

y I LL 1 Grumx'l‘ 047 l 204 2500. Two BMX Bandits splinter 221 5279. 8.30pm. £5. Tickets ltom King I Maxwell Parlt Trophy Room. The 1 Beatles covers. mm“. g ccdbmt Ia wimomc )0 . Tut‘s and Just thC Ticket. Vtt-gttt‘ Union Dugoul‘ calhcan Smel‘ GrecnOCk‘ 0475 l I ma" 0 and Mumme octaves Clyde R‘adioStceetheart [haze more of Cgfllllry Street. 226 4679.

727 918. 9.30pm. Free. ; Bar. West Clyde Street. Helensburgh. inmwncu With support from I "ugh Reed and the Ventet underpants Edinburgh ; 0463 973 257‘ 1()pnl"£'l‘ Clan D make Grangemouth indie noiseniks Sister. Curlers. Byres Road. 334 1284. 9pm.

t hefty mdusmal’typc Sound“ I luglivorm and Reid Nice 'n‘ Sleazy. Free. See Fri 16. I Ac AcouSticsi Bughouse am! The l Edinbur h Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. I Big Rain, S.|..|. and Strawberry Bomb Oilstars Venue. Calton Road. 557 3073. ' g Freeforni experiments using saxophone. The 13th Note (downstairs). Glassfoi'd 7.30pm. Fast and furious guitar-led l I Hunrig Usher Hall. Lothian Road. 228 woodwind arid more traditional ‘rock‘ Street. 553 1638. 9pm. £2.

The List l6 December 1994—12 January I995 51 m, . i