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Live Music, Cabaret and Comedy on four stages

9.30pm - lam,George Square

Wolfstone, Humpff Family, Khartoum Heroes, Kaisers, Big Vern 'n’ the Shootahs, River Detectives, Hugh Reid and the Velvet Underpants, the Soukous Gang Musica, Deaf Heights Cajun Aces, Boogalusa

plus cabaret, pipers, buskers, street entertainers, food and

Fireworks at the bells

Free Entry by Ticket Only

Tickets can be collected from the Ticket Centre, Candleriggs on 28 December only between 10.00am and 6.30pm. Arrive early to avoid disappointment. '

Inform Ticket Centre staff if special access is required. Smirnoff courtesy bus service from i2.|5am - i..i5am

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78 The List 16 December 1994—12 January 1995

I Burnin’ Strathclyde University Student Union. 9pm-2am. ‘A disco inferno' apparently.

I The Cathouse. 10pm—4am. £4 (£3.50/£3 before 11pm). Sweaty. rock- orientated club on two floors. Trad rock upstairs and contemporary rock downstairs.

I Cleopatra’s llpm-4am. £6. Mainstream commercial tunes.

I Club Xchange 11pm—4am. £5. Gay club with upfront dance tunes. Happy Hour 11pm—12.30am.

I oelmonicas 9pm—close. Free. DJ Michael with a garage mix.

I Divine at Glasgow School of Art. 10pm—late. £2.50 (includes Knucklehead upstairs). ltjust keeps rolling along as ever in its funky/retro/contemptuous contemporary way.

I Dream Sequence at Rooftops (Secrets Lounge). 10.30pm—4am. £2.50. Long- established indie night with a friendly vibe. Watch out you don’t get confused and join the queue for the singles bar upstairs.

I Classic PM at Fury Murry's. 10.30pm—4am. £5 (£4). Indie-poplindie- dance shenanigans from Jim Downie er al for all you shoe gazers out there.

I Cutting Edge at Blackfriars Underground. 8pm—close. Free. Clubby pre-club from men about town Sanj and Mikey.

I Fresh Cream at The Volcano. 10.30pm—3am. £6 (£4 with matric card). Mellow house. garage grooves and street soul with Graham Wilson and Scott McCay.

I The Garage. 10.30pm-4am. £3 (£2) 10pm—1 1pm. £4 (£3) llpni—midnight. Dave Ross getting a wee bit more dancey than usual. Retro/indie in The Attic. upstairs. Insanely busy with queues half way down Sauchiehall Street. up Rose Street. and along the M8 as far as Airdrie honest.

I Hogmania at The Arches. 10pm—3am. £10. Cafe Loco meets Clockwork in a New Year extravaganza. Adrian will be on the decks for Clockwork with live mixes (of bagpipes obviously) coming from MP Lancaster.

I Knucklehead at The Glasgow School of Art. lOpm—late. £2.50 (includes Divine downstairs). J'ilks and Ha't'ch filling the barn upstairs every week with their uncompromising mix of new house and deep techno plus classic and contemporary Detroit tracks. 24 Dec. Limbo Records act Melonhaus playing live (£5/£4). Look out for more guests in the New Year.

I Mo’ Jazz With Attitude at The 13m Note. 8pm—midnight. ‘Dropping science like never before. the eclectic Watt brothers mix wicked jazz and funky soul in an atmosphere not unlike 60s Soho.‘ I Nicos 9pm—midnight. Free. DJ Paul with a clubby house mix.

I Pulp Xmas at The Arches. llpm—3am. £6. Sat 17 only. House. garage. 90s disco to kick off your Christmas festivities with a bang. Beat Poets playing live.

I Reds 10.30pm—4am. £5 (£4). A packed night specialising in mainstream dance. funk. rap and house with DJ Kev. Stella Dry on promo.

I Rhapsody l 1pm—4am. £7 (£5 before 11pm). Stuart Hobbs and Robin Burrows with an eclectic clubby mix. Live acts through the back.

I Saturday Sexy 1 1pm—4am. £8. ‘Spellbound and sexed-out with Colin‘s own sexy selection and Kevin McKay licking the decks into a frenzy.‘ 31 Dec. CC Rodgers and Lisa M bring in the new year with you. £ 10.

I Slam at The Arches. 10pm—3am. £15. 24 Dec only. Slam offer you the best alternative to sitting in the back of a draughty church all night with their massive Christmas event. The northern arches will be opened up for the first time in a club event. housing Stevie Donaldson. while the front arches will have Stuart and Orde as usual.


I Shoosh! at R.G.'s. Spin—midnight. Free. DJ Cristian with a house/garage pre-club

I Sub Club 10.30pm—4am. £8. Saturday at the Sub has once more become an institution thanks to the meatiest mix of hard house and deep garage from DJs Harri. ()scar and Dominic. 24 Dec. Christmas live special: £12. 31 Dec. special Hogmanay party featuring llarri. Dominic and ()scar's 199-1 retrospective as well as those blokes that do all that drumming and bagpipe stuff on Buchanan Street of a Saturday afternoon.

I Techno Night at The Venue. 10.30pm—4am. £5. With regular live PAs. I Triumph at The Tunnel. l().3()pm-—~lam. £7 (£4). Upfront house and garage with Colin Tevendale and Stephen McCreery in Room 1. and DJ liddie with a more laid- back funky set in Room 2. The Saturday night recreates itself. with Triumph dancers in the main room. special Saturday night decor. a hostess service in Rooms 2 and 3 and a dressed-up door policy. Christmas Five and Hogmanay entry price £15 (£10).

I Ventura at Cafe Ventura. Spin—midnight. Free. Live fun on two floors. up tempo tunes and relaxing mellow sounds. Bottled beer £1.20.

I Wild at Cotton Club. 10.30pm—4am. £5 (£3 students). Commercial dance and pop. 24 Dec. Wild Christmas party: £12. 31 Dec, Big Bells: £10.

I Wired at Caledonian University Student Union. 10pm—late. £3 (£2). DJ John Aldis with indie/mainstezmi choons.


I Analogue at The Garage. 9pm—3am. £12 (£10 in advance from 23rd Precinct. Bomba. Garage. Rub :1 Dub (Paisley) and Avalanche in Edinburgh). Christmas Day only. Twitch from Pure. Terry and Jason from Pussypower. Dave and Steve from Sativa and Shandy from Analogue. Better than the great escape but possibly not quite as good as the Wizard of ()z.

I Banus 10.30pm—3am. £3 entry with leaflet. House and garage for the smartly dressed.

I Bar 10 9pm—late. Free. DJs Gavin and Ziggy popping in from time to time.

I Bennet’s 11pm—3am. £ 1. Gay. All beers and spirits £1. DJ John Frazer with commercial dance and pop.

I Bob’s Full House at The Volcano. l().30pm—2.3()am. £4 (£3). lt's Sunday night. It's Partick town. It's the only place to be hot and sweaty. Damn line mix warming up with charty acid jazz. jumping up to house and screaming on to da divas. All drinks £1. ()pen Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

I Bomb at The Cathouse. Studio 3. 10pm—3am. £1.50. Hip-hop evening.

I Boogiemania m The Attic. 10.30pm—3am. £2. DJ Graeme with a varied mix ofclub classics. All drinks £1.25.

I Bubblelicious at Reds. l lpm»-3am. £5 (£3). ‘Bombastic boogie. bubble grooves‘ and all drinks £1 all night. Good music and cheap drink. isn‘t that too much like giving the punters what they want‘.’ ()pen Christmas Day and New Year‘s Day.

I Club Havana at The Brunswick Cellars. 9pm—midnight. Free. Pre-clubbing from DJ Jazz with Latin Jazz and Salsa.

I Club Mouth at The 13th Note (ground floor). 8pm-midnight. Free. Indie and alternative tunes ‘founded to let the BBC Radio Scotland indie DJs play their stuff and drink at the same time'. Now featuring live bands most weeks. See Rock listings for details.