I The Carpenters at the BBC (BBCQ) excitement with some previously unseen I Pau| cafl’s Video Diary (BBCQ)

5.25—6pm. A Carpenters cult has come to amateur footage shot inside the launCh 9.50—10.25pm. The Mancunian

the BBC‘s attention. prompting the pad. philosopher (aka Steve Coogan) is given a - reshowing of this recording of the groups I WOTld Cup ’94 (BBCl) 3-35-4-35Pm- video camera to record his thoughts and

l97l British tour. Chance to relive the highs and lows ofthe deeds over one New Year as he tries to e s

biggest football spectacle on legs. sort out his mate’s love life.

including that Baggio haircut in full and I Review at the Year (BBC1)

JOCK Charlton's lOUChllnc CXUbCFanCC- l 1.30pm—12.45am. Current affairs review I Verdi: A lite in Two Pans (BBC?) of the year presented by 'l'm/uv anchor 5-6pm. First instalment of a documentary jamcg Naugmjc_ I

about one ofclassical music's most I Newman and Baddiel Live In Pieces popular compose“. With dramatised (BBCZ) 12.20—l.20am. Recording of extracts featuring Bob Peck as‘Verdi. Part N&B‘g historic wcmbicy gig whfch

two is at the same time l0mOIT0Wo played to a 12.000 capacity crowd.

I Video Nation Review or the Year

(BBCZ) 7.30-9pni. Chance to catch the thoughts of amateur video-makers who

contributed their wisdom during this I 893" come”: A home (Clm'mL‘l 4) i. \' ~ year‘s run of the access (cIcvision scrim 3.35—4.35pm. Repeat of Scottish Hogmanay, Jamaican style: Mark Lamarr and t - I, . . I Fry and Lamie Host a Christmas Night Television‘s interesting profile of 0|”!!! Samuels on Channel 4 V 3.3" With the Stars (BBC?) 9—l0. 15pm. Tacky 5:1!2?U;SIJIS “‘0” é‘llll‘lll‘l‘ 5")” “h” ”“ ll“ Assuming you are not already under the I Zig and 239’s Christmas Special lQrmal {mm YCSWWCQR “0“qu “'"h a [Eggs]? “3”er fi“”'-‘éh“.’”t“~ table by the time the year end hoves (Channel 4) 5.3ll-(ipllt. ()iir carpet-faced slightly more alternative gathering of s , | Ba}: as": 3's "s "1.88 _ into sight. what might vou be looking chums from The Big [freak/(Ix! are joined COWL‘dlimS‘ “lullde Pill” WhllChouscv pec'a ( Cl) 0—1.0‘10pm' rh“ m“ - . T . T .9 k _ _ . ' . _ . g . . . ' f.“ men get [owed u ) ml. mm, While lot on the box to ushci iii the Bells. by Spccull QUCSIS Includlnu Rlclnu‘d [{CCVCS and h10rtlincr. «Ind . . v .35 I _ H I .’ ' .. . . _ . Wilson St'in Bo'ii‘dm'iu 'iiid Wolf from Ali!” Parlrldgc- wmmc and sunpcr wmc'v Gusscu ()M Lnoumcs' nc“ mccx' lama” “It;(;l('u‘/i(”m_\. t i I Canon.u.Like (BBQ) 10_10.5()pm. dispense Yuletide cheer. plus a pastiche of alternatives? Well. a bit of everything I Blue Christmas (Scottish) The Philadelphia Girls jOin Jasper for [OP ilrl)’ ill!“ 1/1" PW”- . 11Clll1‘“)'~ 3“ hCl‘C‘S hi” “‘0 l'ml" 540.55%."- A C("ncdy Sim” about a sketch-based humour. " channels have in store for Hogmanay. Glasgow grandmother who tells her I one "'9'" Stand: Ellen necenms BBC! starts its countdown with more grandchildren a story about how she (Channel 4) 10.05-10-35Pm- The Star Of nostalgic Glasgow humour from

classy sitcom [Ellen goes back to her roots

caught lilvis's eye when the King touched as a stand-up With her brand of slow-burn

down at Prestwick en route to America. I Rowan and Martin’s laugh-In (BBCE) humour.

6—7pm. This special edition of the cult

American comedy. marking its 25m

anniversary. includes clips with Sammy

Davis Jr. ()rson Welles. (‘her attd Richard ; I Vefdi A Life in Two Parts (BBCZ) Nixon. This is the show that made stars of 5_()pm_ Sec Tuesday 37_

Goldie Hawn and Lily Tomlin. among I "anywood Kids (Scottish) 9-10pm (’ll‘¢_"-‘- Bored rich kids frequently turn to guns I Alda (BBCZ) 7—9.35pm. Verdi's : and gangs in Hollywood. This

popular masterpiece. recorded in the documcmary called ‘Kids from Hell‘

Dorothy Paul in Dorothy! (8.25pm). After the news. it‘s more old faves all the way. as footballers. managers and pundits get slaughtered in Only An Excuse - The Director’s Cut (10.30pm). followed by the inevitable contribution from Rikki Fulton as the long-faced Reverend in Jolly - A Man For All Seasons (l 1.05pm). The New Year shenanigans on Hogmanay Live

( 11.45pm) feature Runrig from Princes

Royal. ()pCt-gl t'itltlSCCill‘llC‘r [ills ycul- with discovers Why and includfgg a report or] Street Chllucns‘ Edinhuruh‘ “_i[h Nanci /\lllCrlCllll'bUlll 50!)“an C llCly1 StUdCl (he N1cncndcz brothch tnal. (‘ I I h . y . T singing the lead role. I Lenny Henry Christmas Show (BBCI) , , ' - " g .V ' i m “.1 imminé m mm as If] L‘

I one FOOl "1 the Gram (BBCI) 9.l5—‘).55pm. Lenny whips up some fr " 3"- r" «‘3- » plus “T‘g'l‘g smug Milly and Iimnccs ()_().4()pm. Christmas special of the top- I laughs bCfOrc a live audience. with guests I Rory"nremnef,s Christmas turkey Black tn (ilasgow.

()vct' ()ti Scottish. Kirst Young will be fronting a rockin‘ Hogmanay show Kirsty’s New Year Special ( 1 1.05pm).

rated sitcom in which the Meldrews visits a garden centre and next door neighbour Angus Deayton considers a career move. I Morecamhe and Wise (BBCI)

l().40—l 1.25pm. It just wouldn‘t be Christmas without them.

I The Woman in Black (Channel 4) l().50pm—12.55am. Creepy ghost story- based on Susan Hill's novel of the same name about a young solicitor who becomes entangled with a gypsy girl. whose life he saves.

I The Beautiful Experience (Channel 4) lZ.55—l.55am. Call him Prince. Symbol i or liric if you prefer. he's still the purplest man iii pop. as this live show will attest.

eoxmc DAY

I Scottish Passport Christmas Special (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. Katie Wood and

Salt ‘N‘ Pepa' (Channel 4) [0—11.05pm. The versatile impressionist does his own rubbery take on a year of political sleaze. the disintegrating monarchy and the rise of i Batnbi. aka Tony Blair. * I Alan B’stard Portrait of a Statesman (BBCl) l().lO—l().4()pm. Rik Mayall's unctuous politician is always in danger of being outsmarmed by the real thing. but tonight. iii his first television interview since his by-elcction victory. B’stard outlines his personal hang 'em and flog ‘em manifesto.

I Elvis - The Tribute (BBC l) 10.40pm—12. 10am. Introduced by Priscilla. this tribute concert was staged in Memphis early this year and includes Bryan Adams. the Wets. Tony Bennett and Iggy Pop. plus archive footage of the King himself.

I Arrested Development in the House (Channel 4) 12.05—l.40am. Arrested

Bryan Bumcu present a Special whim of : DCVCIOPm?“l S POSIUVC' sunny $1le '3 the I Three Fights, Two Weddings and a featuring Scottish bands Gun. llue and the travel show kicking off a new series ' Wrng antidote}? the prevalence or Funeral (BBC-3) lll-50-l 1-35Pm- (‘rv and lllc‘ Silencers amidst lots of for the new year. with a round up of Tlii:§%n‘-gheérpgid d Following last night‘s outing with Paul why humour‘ including a real live my bargmn breaks. , ‘— 0’ {It - L l" L group 3" Calf as auteur. his sister (also cunning Screw wedding _ Ihc luck}, CUUPIC arc

I nave Auen (Scottish) 10.304 1.15pm. illldehOW thrlslir debutalbum came to sell played by Steve Conga”) has her mm as currently hem” Chow” 77 With w; Acerbic wit from the stand-up who was 0‘” our ml '0" COP'L5- she prepares to tnarry the man ol her 4 r“. ,1 '_ presenter Dougie \ ipond and liliti crew

alternative when most of the Comed dreams.

Store players were in short trousers. y 3 .llllnlné’ 1‘ "lUVCl‘S Pull." (FUN ll 90”“ Recorded at London‘s Mermaid Theatre. ' '. be you you have to phone in on the I Princes Trust Gala Concert (BBCI) I Me'rY “mm”: W 383" (Scottish) ' night to be a contender). llpiii—l2.3()am. Mainstream rock acts 7i7-30Pm' The accldcm'i’mnc Mr 303“ BBC? has Clive James’s New Year liiie up to play for. a good cause. live at the ‘1”th minglmg ‘0 [he Phrimc H()_3()pm) until an“. the “CNS. l'umkm Amm‘ mm a COUCH! “smug [1L [ur Ly. followed by a dose of culture. with a

simultaneously broadcast on Radio I. I 993's"? moments (BBC?) 8‘9Pm- ~~l . l .- I .. . . . , Listen tip for Belinda Carlisle. Kylie. East Th” year 5 "CW-‘3 recounted ‘” PhomS ‘1 m ‘1 mm lngm “Uglmm (-mmn' \ U) 17 and mm Collim which defined the moment. from 591150111”) ("Kl WOOdStOCk 0'3” Part 2

( lam). (‘hannel 4 takes a hipper route with Black Christmas: New Year Jam

I AFI Lifetime Achievement Award: Jack Elizabeth Hurley in I’m! dress (0 the Nicholson (Channel 4) l l.l()pm—12. 15am. killing "f the ""90 AWE members by Hollywood backslapping session with BOPhullfalSmea QUIICC- Down ( l lpiii). a special show live and Jack in his favourite place at the centre I Posmve V'Prat'ons (Cha’md 4) r 8 direct from Jamaica. with comedians of attention 8.30—10pm. txploration ofJamaica‘s I But , . . Seriously (Channel 4) 0mm. 9mm 1‘ ,md Mmk [ ,mrm. ,lx. Influential “‘USlC CUllUfC Will] ll.05pm—l2.40am. Part ofthe Black i T L l t A k L

. - - . ~ w . . . . hosts. and music from (‘haka Deiniis “""nbumm-‘ “0m Aggy Marley) Bunny Christmas season but including white I 1 Pl. H ' h I . g ' W [ICC and illlt lLlS. 0! L15. l )0” «UL

comedians. this show uses humour to , I As 't Happened: The Day They landed I Rab C. Nesbitt (BBCZ) 9.50—l0.25pm. document the history of the Us in the 30“, still awake and sober. you can also

0" "‘8 Moo" (Channel 4) 3' ID'SPm' 0" liX‘C’ldCd Cdlllo” l“ Wthh our Wing' century with Robin Williams Richard CillCh Jlllmn)’ Cit-Sh ( 11”") "mi [11215 PUP ‘3- a .r\ 'I r . \T' ,‘.‘ 3 '.. ~r‘ '.‘ .. ' v thc -5thannitcrsar) of thc first moon \cslcd hero is shocde to discover he is to Pryor" wth Quidhcrg and [[19 law Bill (2am). Choose your channels. (lsenny I walk. this documentary recounts the day s become a father-in-|aw, chkg M'nhiceon) I !

The List 16 December l‘)‘)-l~-- l 2 January NOS 91