Films screening this fortnight are listed below with certificate, credits, brief review and venue details. Film index compiled by Alan Morrison.

I Abraham Valley (PG) (Manoel de Oliveira. Portugal/France/Switz. 1993) Mario Barroso. Leonor Silveira. Ltris Miguel Cintra. 189 mins. A step removed from Flaubert‘s Madame anary. this long and pedantically paced film tells a simliar tale of a young woman. bored with her husband. who enters into various affairs. Overall. the sense of irony which targets romantic longings seeps through. but at three hours only the most patient will be rewarded. See Screen Test. Glas ow: GET.

I The Adventures (ll rlscllla, llueen (it The Desert (18) (Stephan Elliott. Australia. 1994) Terence Statrrp. liugo Weaving. Guy Pearce. 104 nritrs. Two transvestites and a trans-sexual team tip for a trip across the Australian outback fora drag show irr Alice Springs. Serious issues pop rrp front time to time. but the emphasis is on the camp humour of the in-bus bitclriness and outrageous musical set-pieces. Edinburgh: Odcon.

I Amarcord (18) (Federico Fellini. italy/France. 1973) Puppcla Maggio. Magali Noel. Armando Brancia. 123 rrrins. Fellini'sjoyous. autobiographical look back at life in Rimini in the 1930s is the work of the master in his most outgoing mood. a constant procession of remarkable images and memorable moments. despite the looming shadow of Italian Fascism. Edinburgh: Fiinrlrouse.

I Amateur (15) (Hal Hartley. US. 1994) Isabelle litrppert. Martin Donovan. Elitra Lowensolrn. 105 trrirrs. Isabelle. an ex-nun writing porn stories. meets amnesiac Thomas on the streets of New York: soon they find that his past is somehow linked to Sofia. a porn actress. and two violent corporate assassins. The patented Hartley dialogue and wit is ever present. but this tirrrc there are a few filnric jokes thrown in with references to specific genres and other movies. See preview. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I The Ballad or little Jo (15) (Molly Greenwaid. US. 1993) Suzy Arrris. Bo Hopkins. Iatt McKellen. 121 tnirrs. An unusual western that redefines the genre through modern. politically correct eyes (feminism. anti-racism and lrorrrophilia raise their anachronistic heads). Josephine Monaghan cuts her hair and passes her off as cowboy Jo after her fatniiy disowns her for becorrrirrg an unmarried mother. The male- dorrrirrated society she comes up against. and ultimately defeats. is a rrrirror of today. Beautifully shot. the androdynous casting is interesting and a little unsettling. Glasgow: GET. I Being iiuman (PG) (Bill Forsylh. US. 1994) Robin Williams. John Turtutro. Vincent D'Onofrio. 122 mins. After a troubled history and substantial crrts forced upon it. Forsyth's ambitious feature still disappoints. its five

stories. spread across the decades and continents.

follow different men called Hector (all played by Williams) who are separated from their families. But none of the segnrents satisfies iir itself. and cunrulatively they build to nothing. Central: MacRobert.

I The Big Blue (15) (Luc Besson. France. 1988) Rosanna Arqrrette. Jean-Marc Barr. Jeatr Reno. 120 rrrins. Barr and Reno. friends since they were children. are divers competing to reach the greatest depths without the aid of breathing equlprrrent. and also rivals for the romantic attentions of Ms Arquette. A commercial smash in its native France. Besson‘s film is a stunningly photographed visual experience in varying shades of blue. Even if the plot is a load of tosh. the dolphins are nice. With Scottish short Narance. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Brotherly Love (15) (Angus Reid. Scotland. 1994) Tom Dean Burn. Russell Burn. 51 rrrins. Two brothers head off in a small car to the Scottish Highlands iii a desparate and unplanned attempt to confront the younger's drug problem. En route. they are surprised by the level of dependency they show for each other. Reid's concise road odyssey is brilliantly acted. with moments of impr0vised dialogue. by the real life Btrrn brothers. See Scottish Film. Glasgow: GF'T. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I The Browning Version (15) (Mike Figgis. US/UK. 1994) Albert Finney. Greta Scacchi. Matthew Modine. 97 mins. An unpopular classics teacher is given a surprise gift by a pupil on the day of his retirement. unleashing a torrent of emotions. Finney. as the repressed man. coming to terms with his failings and his wife‘s infidelity. is marvellous. But there's just enough

sense of tleja vu - English repression. nice manners. pretty countryside to make you think you've been here several times before. Fife: Adam Smith. Strathcl de: UCI C1 debank.

I Cinema Paradiso: lzhe Special gdltlon (15) (Giuseppe Tomatore. Italy/France. 1988) Salvatore Cascio. Philippe Noiret. Jacques Perrin. 170 mins. The nostalgic chronicle of a Sicilian youngster's formative relationship with his local movie house and its wise old projectionist is largely unaltered: the new material details the older Salvatore's traumatic return home. showing exactly what happened to his teenage paramour. Consequently. the tone is darkened. a counterpoint to the central slushiness. A masterpiece restored. With Scottish short Latin For A Dark Room. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I The Client (15) (Joel Schumacher. US. 1994) Susan Sarandon. Tommy Lee Jones. Brad Renfro. 121 rrrins. Roundiy superior to both The Firm and The Pelican Brie/(which isn‘t saying rnttch). this John Grisharrr adaptation lras the benefit of credible performances by its leads. A young boy becomes the pawn in a legal battle when he finds himself on the run from both the Mob and the FBI. No masterpiece. but as a popcorn movie. there's rrrore to savour than other airport novel fillers. Glasgow: MGM Fiirn Centre. Strathclyde: WMR.

I Congress Dances (PG) (Erik Cllmtcll. Germany. 1931) Conrad Veidt. Willy Frisclr. Lilian Harvey. 85 rrritrs. A slropgiri wins the affections of Tzar Alexander at the 1814 Congress of Vienna. and various complications follow. A fluffy operetta made (in three languages) by (IFA. that stands tip in comparison to the better known Hollywood output. Edinburgh: Filrnhouse (Filirr Guild).

I The Cook, The Thief. ills Wile And Her lover (18) (Peter Greenaway. UK. 1989) Michael Gatrrborr. Helen Mirren. Alan Howard. Richard Bohringer. Tim Roth. 120 rrrins. A superb film which nonetheless contains something to offend everybody. Beautifully photographed. directed. written. acted and art-directed (with lavish costurrres by Jean Paul Gaultier). its subject matter is at once bizarre. repulsive. romantic and compelling. Centring on Greenaway‘s obsessions with food. decay anti infidelity. it's an unforgettably stylish tale of forbidden love and brutal revenge. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

I The Cremator ( 18) 102 mins. A dark. allegorical film detailing the obsessions of the owner of a crerrratorium. which alternates a sinister streak with black comedy observations on small town life. Edinburgh: Fiirrrhouse(Fi1m Guild).

I The Crow (18) (Alex Proyas. US. 1994) Brandon Lee. Ernie liudsorr. Richelle Davis. 101 mins. Infamous as the film on which martial arts star Bruce Lee's son Brandon was killed by a defective stunt grin. this is the most consistent atterrrpt yet to create on film the distinctive feel of the graphic novel. The characterisation and plot development may be slight a rock star comes back from the dead to wrech revenge on the gang who killed iritrr and his girlfriend btrt stylistically. it‘s a gem. Edinburgh: Cameo. Filrrrlrouse. Strathclyde: L'CI East Kiibr‘ide.

I Custer Of The West (PG) (Robert Siodmak. US/Spain. 1967) Robert Shaw. Mary lire. Robert Ryan. 146 nrins. The full. uncut version. shot in Spain. of Siodmak‘s retelling of the life of the controversial General. wirosc mission to tanre

two stools. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I The Exorcist (18) (William Friedkin. US. 1973) Linda Blair. Ellen Burstyn. Max Von Sydow. 110 mins. Earnest priest Von Sydow steps in to save poor little possessed girl in this hugely effective scarefest. Dead good. dead scarey. dead priest. Glasgow: Odcon. Edinburgh: Odcon.

I Fear Of A Black llat ( 18) (Rusty Cundieff. US. 1992) Mark Christopher Lawrence. Larry B. Scott. Rusty Cundieff. 88 mins. Another all-too- predictable rap spoof. openly modelled on This Is Spinal Tap. has a female documentary filmmaker follow the ups and downs of NWH - Niggers With Hats. The comic inspiration can be read in the names of the band members ice Cold. Tone Def. etc but. as it always is with these things. if you know the particular figures and songs. they're are plentiful laughs to be had. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

I The Flintstones (U) (Brian Levant. US. 1994) John Goodman. Rick Moranis. Elizabeth Perkins. Rosie O'Donnell. 92mins. Fred is prorrroted to an executive post at the quarry. btrt orin as a stooge for his boss's corporate rip-off; nevertheless. money and power go to the Flintstones' heads. carrsirrg friction with the Rubbles. The rrrovie keeps to the TV series' prehistoric parody of modern suburban life. adds bright and chunky sets and a post-yuppie morality tale on greed that doesn't quite sit right. and comes out a little plot—heavy. Tire one-liners will be picked up by adults. kids will get bored. But it's no the yabba-dabba dodo it could have been. Fife: Robin's.

I Forrest (lump ( 12) (Robert Zemeckis. 1,'S. 1994) Tom Hanks. Robirr Wright. Gary Srnise.

the Cireyenne ended at Little Big iiorn. includes

sorrre spectacular battle scenes. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Dangerous When Wei (1;) (Charles Waiters. US. 1953) Esther Williarrrs. Charlotte Creenwood. William Deamarest. 95 mins. Who needs Astaire and Rogers when you can team Esther Williams up with Tom atrd Jerry‘.’ Yep. that‘s one of the (admittedly fun) scenes in this silly specacle. as the gal in the swimsuit makes her way across the English Channel to the sound of sorrre swinging songs rom Schwartz and Mercer. Glas ow: GET.

I Eat Drink n Woman (PG) (Ang Lee. Taiwan. 1993) Sihung Lung. Kuei Mei Yang. Chein Lien Wu. 123 mins. Ang Lee's The Wedding Banquet was a surprise international hit; Eat Drink Man Woman surpasses it on every level. Chu is the greatest chef in 'Taipai. btrt for years his affection for his three grown-up daughters has been redirected into the lavish meals he prepares for them. When love unexpectedly enters into the lives of all four. their inability to communicate comes to a head. Wamr. funny. colourful. A joyful experience. See preview. Glas ow: GFT.

I Even Cowgirls at The Blues (15) (Gus Van Sant. US. 1993) Uma Thurman. John Hurt. Rain Phoenix. 88mins. Thurman stars as the free- wheeling Sissy Hankshaw. sent to the all-ferrrale

Rubber Rose ranch to shoot an advert for female hygiene products. in this unsuccessful adaptation of Tom Robbins' seminal 70s novel. Van Sant neither sticks to straight narrative nor fully endorses the esoteric. so the result falls between

142 rrrins. Even those with the lowest 109. can rise to the top iii the latrd of the free. as this picaresque tale sets out to prove. But despite its irrcurabiy sweet hero and its fairly standard love story core. Forrest Group has a surprisingly dark-tinted view on recent American history ~ complete with racism. drug and child abuse. war atrd political assassination. There are some bitter tasting choices hidden among the soft centres. Glasgow: MGM Film Centre. All UCIs.

I Four Weddings And A Funeral (15) (Mike Neweil. UK. 1993) Iiugir Grant. Andie MacDowell. Kristin Scott Thomas. 117 mitts. Sweet but stuffy Englishman Charlie (Grant) is cotrvirrced that he is not the marrying sort. but when he keeps meeting the alluring American Carrie (MacDowell) at an assortment of church cererrrorries. ire begins to doubt his resolve. The sort of charming British comedy that was destined to storrrr America. bill which adds a little grit to the glamour of the pretty settings thanks to Richard (B/ot'kat/rler) Curtis's script. Fife: New Picture House.

I Germinal ( 15) (Claude Berri. France. 1993) Renaud. Miou-Miou. Gerard Depardieu. 160 rrrirrs. A mining village in 19th century France strikes when management imposes an unjust wage cut. Zola's novel prefigures nruch of the unrest seen in the 1984 Miners' Strike iii the L'K. and while showing the ugly side of conflict between working-class communities sows the seeds for trade unionism. Atrrrosrrlrer‘icaily shot with wide social scope and intirnale detail by the director of Jean De Flori-rte. Glasgow: CF12 Central: MacRobert. I Gregory's Girl (PG) (Bill Forsylh. UK. 1981) Gordon John Sinclair. Dee Iiepburrt. Clare Grogan. 91 rrrirrs. Winning comedy from Currrbcrnauld with Sinclair eventually finding romance after his heart is set aflanre by the latest

recruit to the school football team. Serrrirrai piece of Scottish cinerrra. its universal appeal


denrorrstrating that homegrown talent can

compete with Hollywood's finest in the

entertainment stakes. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I lilghlander (15) (Russell Mulcalry. UK. 1986) Christopher Lambert. Beatie Edney. Sean Connery. lll rrrins. A handful of immortals battle through the centuries to win a rrrythical prize. A curious mixture of romance in 16111 century heather and car chases in present day New York. the film is an inelegant. often ludicrous. btrt enjoyabiy daffy adventure. Lambert seems nrore at lrorrre with the corrterrrporary passages and only the ever wonderful Connery has the requisite style for the kitsch Scottish scenes. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I iilghlander 3 (15) (Andy Morahan. US. 1994) Christopher Lambert. Mario Van Peebles. 98 mins. Similar more to the original than the lamentable sequel (even down to mirroring sorrre scenes). the third and (we pray) final instalment takes Macleod to the French Revolution and modern New York to do battle with sorcerer Van Peebles. We wish there could have been only one. Edinburgir: Odcon.

I The Hudsucker Proxy (PG) (Joel Coen. US. 1994) Tim Robbins. Jennifer Jason Leigh. Paul Newman. 111 mins. When Iiudsucker Industries‘ boss takes a dive front an upper storey boardroom window. mailroom boy Norville Barnes (Robbins) finds himself

eatc art is tartar


FIRST Illlli I Shallow Brave Scotland more than holds its own with a sharply scripted, blackly comic thriller about three flatmates. a suitcase of money, a corpse. a hacksaw. a spade . . . General release.

I Eat Drink Man Woman A master chef diverts his love for his three grown-up daughters into the sumptuous food he prepares, but none of the four are ready for the romance that enters their lives in Aug Lee’s warm comedy. Glasgow: 01"]? I Amateur Hal Hartley adds a bit more plot to his funny and clever dialogue, as pom-writing ex-nun Isabelle Huppert sets out to piece together the past of amnesiac Martin Donovan. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Stargate Big budget science fiction nonsense follows when a team of US soldiers and an Egyptologist cross the galaxy to discover the self- appointed alien god who visited Earth centuries ago. General release. HEPEHTORY

I Nosferatu Mumau’s classic German Expressionist vampire movie with live (contemporary) score performed by the Harmonie Band. Pius Buster Keaton‘s Sherlock Junior. Glasgow: Tramway.

I Gregory’s Blrl Bill Forsyth's seminal movie about the joys and pains of growing up and getting snogged when still at school in Scotland. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Bobecca Classic Hitchcock as the memory of the first Mrs De Winter lives on to disturb the marriage of Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine. Glasgow: GET. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

catapulted to executive status. But pretty soon he‘s forgotten his roots and is becoming as heartless as his rnaniptriative mentor. played by Paul Newman. A winning blend of 405 screwball comedy. 50s consumer quirks and satire on 80s corporate greed. the Coen brothers“ latest is cinematic fantasy in its purest form. Central: MacRobert.

I I Was Nineteen (15) (Konrad Wolf. East Germany. 1968) Jaecki Schwarz. Wassili Liwanow. Alexei Ejboshenko. 119 mins. Just before the end of WW2. a young bilingual German finds himself working Vvith the Red Army in order to get Gemran soldiers in Berlin to sunender. Although the story is basically autobiographical. Wolf injects an objective note by including newsreels and interview footage. With an introductory talk by Hilde Hoffmann of Glasgow University. Tue 17 only. Glasgow: GET.

I in The Realm (it The Senses Ai No Corrltlfl (18) (Nagisa Oshinra. Japan. 1976) Tatsuya Fuji. Eiko Malstul 1115 nuns. At last deemed fit for certificatb ur. ()shima's shot kineg erotic film can now be publicly screened. In the militan'st Japan of 1936. a couple enclose themselves in their own sensual world. tht-rr passion escalating until only death can provide the next orgasm. Master‘iy though necessarily extremely explicit look at the power of sexual arousal. which has attracted controversy throughout the world. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I lndlana Jones And The Temple at Boom (PG) (Steven Spielberg. US. 1984) Harrison Ford. Kate Capshaw. Ke Huy Quan. Amrish Puri. 118

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