Almost as vulgar, vulgar, vulgar as the Duchess of York, here’s the . . .

I lisa Kotin, the Sandra Bernhard ot the typing pool, is back with her load-mouth, one-woman show Temporary Girl. Watch her take dictation, sit on the boss’s knee and trash the office phone system at The Tron. See Theatre listings for details.


2 The List 13—26 January 1995

I Looks like Ken Campbell got the ‘Harry Worth Guide to Facial Comedy’ tor his Christmas. Find out it there’s a serious side to this man at The Traverse. See Theatre listings for details.

I ‘I’m telling you, it was this big!’ Angelique Kidio - ‘the mistress ot sweat- drenched orgies’ adopts the ‘one that got away’ pose alter a recent big game fishing trip. Hook up with her when she shakes the root at the Festival Theatre. See Rock listings tor details.

2 = E