In the wake of Sound City comes Glasgow A & R week, designed to showcase grassroots talent. Fiona Shepherd samples the playlist.

t‘s a chicken and egg situation. but in the last couple

of years Glasgow has produced a dizzying ntnnber

ofbands and. rather than the usual downer of seeing pubs and clubs close. has been graced with a few new venues all of which have precipitated a renaissance for music in the city. Sound City came along at the right time to crystalise the feeling. Since then. numerous bands have released singles under their own steam.

Glasgow A & R Week is intended to reflect this grassroots activity a bit like Sound City without the Radio 1 broadcasts by mounting multiple bills with cheap tickets at live of Glasgow's best small venues: King Tut‘s. The Cathouse. Nice 'n‘ Sleazy. The 13th Note and The Arena.

The presence of the phrase ‘A & R‘ in the title shouldn‘t put off potential punters it‘s not an exclusive. tnusic business schmooze-fest. more a demonstration of the diversity of musical styles to be found on the gig circuit. with 50 bands playing live. Here‘s a selection of what’s on offer.


Cats in hats: Captain Shitty


Age: Gigging regularly for over a year now. Place of birth: Glasgow. at a Redd Kross gig

probably. Distinguishing marks: ‘. Three bitchin‘ babes in 15" psychedelic dresses. ‘" knee-high boots and

leather boas. Wouldn‘t look out of place in the tripping scene in ll’llt/IlI'g/lf (fair/2m:

Influences: They dig mostly American punk-metal bands like Screaming Trees or lo-fi cult acts but by far their tnost

palpable influence is trashy garage punk like The Ramones. The Cramps and their blueprint. Lunachicks. The Rezillos‘ l'iay liny would undoubtedly approve.

Previous form: A four—track single in fetching splatter-paint homemade sleeve on their own Bouvier label. ‘Drag Star Racing Queen' occupied the coveted Radio 1 lz'i'mn'ng Session Single of the Week slot.

What to say: ‘A British female take on The Ramones blitzkrieg bop. Hey-ho. let‘s go!‘ What not to say: "They look like an explosion in a paint factory.‘

Bookies’ odds on success: More hopeful than three guys doing same. Even in these post- feminist times. sad btlt true.

Drag star racing queens: Plnk Kross


Age: 'l‘wo-years-old and advancing rapidly for their age.

Place of birth: Glasgow, via various bands. stints in London bedsits. etc.

Distinguishing marks: Checked shirts. tousled hair. typical unkempt musician types with a dash of Levi‘s style since winning jeans vouchers in the Brill Building’s Rock ’n‘ Pop Wars. Influences: ‘Classic’. ‘timeless’ rock from the era of the fringed suede jacket Byrds. Buffalo Springfield. Beatles. Stones but cranked out in exciting. visceral style with a dash of country and blues.

Previous form: ‘Never Knew Love’ EP released last autumn but their frequent gigs are a better showcase for the raw emotion and ragged glory of their vocals. They’ve played their way round the continent twice. strolled down the Reeperbahn. etc.

What to say: ‘All human life is filtered into their love. longing and Everyman

songs of situations.’ What not to say: ‘Just sounds like Primal Scream pub rock to me.’

Bookies’ odds on success: Global. ifthere’s any justice. Which there isn’t.

The List 27 Jan-9 Feb 1995 15