What to say: ‘Musical magpies with a nest of riches.‘

What not to say: ‘Who sang the original version?’

Bookles’ odds on success: As they said in Hong Kong Phooey could be . . .


Age: A sturdy three-year-old spawned from peroxide punkers Baby’s Got A Gun.

Place of birth: Spiritually LA. Actually Edinburgh.

Distinguishing marks: The usual things that distinguish those dedicated to the art of rocking tight trousers, tattoos, bare chests or billowy shirts, occasional traces of leopardskin. Influences: The classics viz Stooges, Aerosmith, Black Crowes, touch of Manic Street Preachers and other acts whose amps go all the way up to 11.

Previous form: An EP ‘Bom Late In ’68’ in 93, but nothing since then. Could they re-emerge with yet another change of persona?

What to say: ‘Taking Spandex out of the Dark Ages.’

What not to say: ‘Is that a Spinal Tap cover version?’

Bookles’ odds on success: Relocate to Sunset Strip for a piece of the action.


Age: Two-and-a half.

Place of Birth: Glasgow.

Distinguishing marks: Kind of indie with aspirations. Obviously, the music comes first and anything else is a bonus, but they could have a couple of stage outfits set aside.

Influences: Vivaldi and Thin Lizzy, for all we know. They probably pay attention to what’s going on musically around them.

Previous form: New 4-track EP ‘Not Enough’ is out on tr7 Records, boasting four slabs of contemporary guitar rumblings.

What to say: Yes, I can see their musical kinship with the likes of. . . and . . .’ (insert name of this year’s hopefuls).

What not to say: ‘Ah, New Wave of New Wave. Or is it New Mod?’

Bookles’ odds on success: Possibilities, if they can build up a set of truly memorable material.


Age: Two years old.

Place or birth: Glasgow.

Distinguishing marks: Sharp-suited, side-burned trio who make a bit of an effort in the dressing- up department. The end result is Eton meets Elvis.

Influences: Nick Cave, The Clasln rockabilly anyone who can make a quiff look stylish and write a swaggering tune to go with it.

Previous form: A track on the Kazoo Club compilation, which was put together by singer Alex.

What to say: ‘Cocktail music in a Molotov style’ (that’s one of the bands own epithets. but it’s good enought to steal).

What not to say: Come back Morrissey, all is forgiven.

Bookies’ odds on success: The going’s good but a few breath-taking tunes wouldn’t go amiss.


Fempunks: Lung Leg

Urusei Yatsura: Noisepop potential

What to say: ‘Their appeal is selective.’

What not to say: ‘They don’t look very happy, dothey?’

Bookies’ odds on success: On current form, fame and fortune is unlikely, but there’s noisepop potential there.

Age: One-year-old -— they grow up so fast these days

Place or birth: Glasgow.

Distinguishing marks: They carry off the retro image with some aplomb, and have a distinctive reedy voice to bandy about.

Influences: The 70s. The whole caboodle, from funk and disco to Led Zeppelin and probably a bit of Abba if pressed. though that’s maybe a bit frivolous for their furrowed-brow persona. Previous form: No releases, just a year of conscientious gigging which included a joint victory with The Moondials at the Brill Building-run Rock ’n’ Pop Wars.


Age: As old as their fanzine (about eighteen months).

Place at birth: Kitten Frenzy Central (ie Glasgow).

Distinguishing marks: Unashamed indie kid quartet (stripey T-shirt alert!) with laidback demeanour. a self-deprecating presence and fanzine credentials. But their fringes aren’t long enough.

Influences: Mainly contemporary stuff. Lo-fi American eccentrics like Pavement and K Records and droners like Dinosaur. Their graphics are lifted from Japanese cartoons makes a change from hideously amateurish photo montages.

Previous form: Current mini-album All Hail Urusei Yatsum 0n Hipster Records is limited [0 500 copies. It has made little impact. but say they hit paydirt in later years it’ll be rarer than a Stone Roses concert. Peel session also in the bag for instant cred points.

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