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24 The List 27 Jan-9 Feb 1995

I GoodFellas ( 18) (Martin Scorsese. US. 1990) Robert De Niro. Ray Liotta. Joe Pesci. Lorraine Braco. Patrl Sorvino. 145 mins. Liotta plays Henry Hill. a real-life Ittafim‘r). with De Niro as his mentor in crime. And while the brrllets. fists and carving knives fly. Scorsese brings us back to that unavoidable question yes. it's glamorous and lucrative to live this way. btrt can anyone really live with the consequences? Winner of BAFTA awards for best film. director and screenplay. and a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Joe Pesci. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Grease (PG) (Randal Kleiser. US. 1978) John Travolta. Stockard Charming. ()Iivia Newton John. I 10 mins. The long-running broadway show arrives on screen dripping with Fifties‘ nostalgia. cheery tunes. a high camp value and the winsome charms of the plastic Newton-John and the toothy Travolta. A nice collection of old timers enhance the cast. Strathclyde: Cannon.

I Heathers ( 15) (Michael Lehman. US. 1989) Winona Ryder. Christian Slater. Lisanne Falk. 102 mins. An ultrablack parody of the Itigh school teenllick. Lehman's first feature film manages to combine box office success vv itlt artistic merit. This ctrlt hip hit of its year has Slater and Ryder starting a suicide craze to muscle in on the cliqtrey Heathers running the joint. Tune in. turn on. drop dead. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

I Interview With The Vampire ()8) (Neil

Jordan. US. 1994) Tom Cruise. Brad Pitt. Christian Slater. 122 mins. More faithful to Anne Rice's book than anyone had any right to expect. J’ordan's blood-soaked movie never shies from the more gruesome aspects of vampirism. The homo-erotic qtralities of the original may be downplayed. but the morbid melancholy of 18th century New ()rleans and the Grand Guignol set-

pieces are well realised. tnakirtg this the most

uncompromising studio Irorror film since The Shining. General release.

I Ivan The Terrible (Part 2) ( )2) (Sergei Iiisenstein. USSR. I940) Nikolai (‘herkassov. Ludmila 'I'selikovskaya. SS mins. Russia in the 10th century. and Tsar Ivan IV finds himself in conflict with the Boyars and the Chtrrch. A classic piece of cinema. with the oppressive

atmosphere being built from a succession of : melodramatic close-ups. stylised gestures and finely composed visuals. Iidinburgh: I-‘ilmhouse.

I Jacob The Liar ( 15) (Frank Beyer. Iiast Germany. 1974) Vlastimil Brodsky. Iirwin Gescltorttteck. Manuela Simon. 100 mins. A Jew. living in a Polish ghetto dtrring WW2. is summoned to the Nazi guar'dhouse. bttt emerges a hero after he spreads news of the Russian advance. l'nfottunately. he does not really own the radio he claims to have. and so each day he has to fabricate more and tttore reports. Poignant and. surprisingly given the context. funny take on survival in the most dangerous and absurd of situations. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I JFK (15) (Oliver Stone. US. 1991) Kevin Costner. Joe Pesci. Gary ()ldrnan. Tommy Lee Jones. 190 mins. Based on the controversial theories of New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison. Stone‘s epic account of what did or did not happen when President Kennedy made an untirttely exit from this world makes for enthralling cinema. A fine performance by Costner is supported by one of the finest casts ever assembled before the camera. Regardless of verity of his argument. this is Stone's most powerful effort to date. Glasgow: GI-T.

I Junior (PG) (Ivan Reitman. LS. 1994) Arnold Schwarzenegger. Danny DeVito. Iimma 5 Thompson. IA: mins. The Twins team are back

and. like it was first time around. they're trying to pass off a single joke as an entire movie. Scientists Schwarzenegger and DeVito have their funding pulled. bttt decide to test their fertility drug on a human being - hey presto! Arnie's pregnant! Little to laugh over. however. until he gets into the frocks and tries passing himself off as female. Otherwise there’sjust a whiff in the air that this srrrefire moneyspinner is treading in some morally dubious areas. Glasgow: MGMs. Edinburgh: UCI. Strathclyde: Cannon. Odeons Hamilton. UCI Clydebank. I Jurassic Park (PG) (Steven Spielberg. US. 1993) Sam Neill. Laura Dem. JeffGoIdeum. A group of scientists are invited to give their approval to a theme park filled with genetically engineered dinosaurs. btrt the giant reptiles are soon running amok. Unsurpassed computer effects ensure that the dinosaurs themselves are terrifyineg believable (moreso than the PG certificate would suggest). btit by the halfway point. it's more or less a chase movie with superior technology. Strathclyde: Cannon. I KaIIIomIa (l8) (Dominic Sena. US. 1993) Brad Pitt. Juliette Lewis. David Duchovny. Michelle Forbes. 118 mins. Take a car. a writer of a thesis. a photographer. a white trash woman- child and a murderous psycho. and ptrt them on a road trip to the sites of various serial killings.

The result is not your average serial killer movie.

but a tight and stylish character-driven piece that plays with our fascination for killers while

delivering some slap-bang gore. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

I The Killing (PG) (Stanley Kubrick. US. 1956) Sterling Hayden. Coleen Gray. Vince Edwards. 83 mins. Kubrick‘s partially abstract vision of Jim Thompson‘s novel creates classicfllm noir with its perfectly cast and rawa vivid depiction of greed and corruption. An ex-con recruits the help of small time crooks to rob two million from a race track. and the tightly structured narrative follows the ensuing chaos as the plan falls apart. A harsh. clinical piece that did the director's growing reputation no harm at all. Also with David Mackenzie's short Scottish nnir. Dirty I)i(tltt()tt(l.\'. Edinburgh: Filrnhorrse.

I Killing Zoe ( 18) (Roger Avaty. US. 1993) Eric Stoltz. Julie Delpy. Jean-Hughes Anglade. 96 mins. An ace safe-cracker (Stoltz) arrives in Paris too carry otrt a ‘job' for a friend. btrt too mrrch partying means that the elaborate bank siege is doomed to failure. Given that Quentin Tarantino's name is on the credits as executive producer. it's no surprise that the film is a mix of nibilistic attitudes and designer violence. But it's not a patch on the current crop. and its attitude to women is deplorable. Iidinburgh: Odeon. UCI. Strathclyde: L’CI (‘lydebank

I Ladybird. Ladybird ( 18) (Ken Loach. UK. 199-1) Crissy Rock. Vladimir Vega. Sandie I.avc1|e. 101 mins. Loacb‘s latest hard-hitting socio-political drama tells the story of ‘Maggie'. a woman with a history of relationships with violent men. who has her four children taken from her when she refuses to co-operate with Social Services. A new liaison with a gentle South American exile only causes new traumas. Loach pushes our sympathies to the side of the underdogs rather than the social workers who are also victims of a heartless system. Extremer harrowing. btrt a vital catalyst to debate. Glasgow: GI’I‘.

I The Ladyltillers (PG) (Alexander Mackemdrick. UK. 1955) Alec Guinness. Cecil Parker. Katie Johnson. 97 mins. A bunch of not- so-bright crooks planning a daring robbery get more than they bargain for when they set tip headquarters with a seemingly harmless little old lady. Wry Iialing comedy. with Guinness as usual outshining a plethora of vigorous comic character actors. Iidinburgh: Cameo.

I The Last Seduction ( 15) (John Dahl. US. 1993) Linda Fiorentino. Peter Berg. Bill Pullman. 110 mins. After double-crossing her husband. stealing some drtrgs sale caslt and holing up iii a small town. Grade ‘A' bitch Bridget Gregory uses her sexual charms to Itrre the naive Mike Swale into a plan that will free her from her troubles. No one handles polished pulp like John (Red Rock W's!) Dahl. and here he‘s got the added advantage of a deliciously nasty performance from Linda Fiorentino as a fernme who‘s more fatale than most. Glasgow: GFI'. Fife: Robin's.

I Last Tango in Paris (18) (Bernardo Bettolucci. France/Italy. I973) Marlon Brando. Maria Schneider. 130 mins. A young Parisienne meets a middle-aged man with whom she develops an increasingly violent and purely sextral relationship. ()ne of the key films of its decade. Bertolucci's powerful drama is a meditation on the expression and communication of personal identity through intense sexual contact. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I The leopard (15) (Luchino Viscortti. Italy. 1963) Burt Lancaster. Claudia Cardinale. Alain Delon. 205 mins. Character‘istically lavish Visconti adapatation of Giuseppe De Lampedusa's classic novel of the Italian Risorgimento has a splendid Britt Lancaster as the Prince of Salina reflecting mournfully on the rise of the bourgeoisie when his nephew Delon marries merchant's daughter Cardinale. Undeniany overlong and rather slow-moving. Visconti's handling of the epic final ball sequence is a further demonstration of his mastery of composition for the wide screen atrd his later conception of film-as-opera. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I The lion King (PG) (Roger AIlers/Rob Minkoff. US. 1994) With the voices of Matthew Broderick. Jeremy Irons. Robert Guillaume. 88 mins. The first Disney animated feature to be based on an original story rather than a traditional folk or fairy tale. The Lion King retains all of the studios markers: impeccable animation. jolly songs. colourful characters and a strong moral guideline. Startling family fare. General release.

I The lord of the Rings (PG) (Ralph Bakshi. US. 1982) With the voices of Christopher Guard. William Squire. Michael Scholes. John Hurt. 133 mins. Successful animated version of the Tolkien epic covers the first two books of the trilogy only. Sticking closely to the text and using live action tracings to give authenticity to the animation. it manages to avoid Disney cuteness and creates an exciting and enjoyable mythical adventure that only the Tolkien purist will find fault with. Edinburgh: Filmhousc.

I Making Up (IS) (Katja Von Gamier. Gennany.

1992) Katja Riemann. Nina Kronjager. 54 mins. The student gradtration project roots of this German short feature show through mainly in the limited scope of the themes - two female friends meet two new men and expectations are confounded btrt the dialogue is witty and the situations recognisable. More intriguing. btrt also not quite pulling it off. is an accompanying short. a satire on sexism called T/lt' .Iluxt Beautiful Breasts In The Il'ur/rl ( I5 minsl; 'I'ln' FunnyLitt/eGuvt14 mitts) completes the bill. Glasgow: GI’I'.

I Mary Shelley's Frankenstein ( I5) (Kenneth Branaglt. (IS/L'K. 1994) Robert De Niro. Kenneth Branaglt. Helena Bonliam Carter. 120 mins. Atnbitiotrs nredical strident \‘ictor Frankenstein-discovers the means of regenerating dead tissue. btrt so Irotrified is Ire with his success that Ire abandons his creation 7- bringing a terrible revenge trpon his friends artd family. Keeping close to Mary Shelley ‘s book. Branagh departs from it only to clarify arid expand tiport her aims. The scope is immense. the themes deep and literate. the acting and design first class. Iidinbtngh: ()deon.

I The "88* (PG) (Char lcs Russell. l'S. 199-1) Jim Carrey. Cameron [)1111. Peter Ix‘eigett 95 rttirts. A timid bank clerk finds an ancient mask that allows him to fulfil his innermost desires as a suave charmer and crime-fighting ys Iiir Ivy ind. An amalgam of 20s. 30s and -I(ls decor. The Mark has a skimpy plot. btrt its rousing rttusical set-pieces and eye-popping cmuputer-generated effects (like a live action Tex Avery cartoon) made it the surprise hit of the summer. Iidinburgh: MGM.

I The Mighty Ducks 2 (I') (Sam \Vcisman. ('8. 199-1) Iirttilio Iistevex. (‘arsten .\'orgaatd. II)? mins. Ice-hockey coach listevez. conveniently forgets everything he learned first time round (remember. the original was ('lrani/rimrv in the cinema and The .llig/rtv Ducky on video) and finds himself shaping up the kids in Team ISA for the Goodwill Games. The rivals are tltc. chm.

mighty Iceland. a btrnch of racistly painted Nazi-

types. Totally devoid of charm. General release. I Miller’s Crossing ( 18) (Joel ('oen. (Is. 1990) Gabriel Byrne. Albert I‘intiey. Marcia Gay Harden. John 'I‘urturto. Jon Polito. J.Ii. I‘rceman. 115 mitts. The Coen Brothers‘ latest opus is a predictany quirky-but-stylislt reworking of genre material -- irt this case the gangster flick. Set in an trnnamed Iiast-coast city in the I‘)3()s. it centres on the falling-out between rirob-Ieadct Finney attd his right-hand mart Byine when both take a shine to the same broad (Ilatdenr Possibly the best. most under—rated film of I991. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Miracle On 34th Street (PG) (Les Mayltcld. US. 199-1) Richard Attenborouglr. IiIr/abcth Perkins. Dylan McDeittiott. III) lllill\, Kirss Kringle (Attenborough) is a depattrirent store Santa who goes one better arid claims he‘s (Ire genuine article. ()nly by winning a court case and convincing one cynical little girl (Maia Wilson) can he ptrt the joy attd rtiagic back into the festive period. A fairly unnecessary icrrrakc. btit this secular fable still sparkles with charm. General release.

I The Murderers Are Amongst Us ( )5) (Wolfgang Staudte. Iiast Germany. 1910) so mins. The first filrtr to be made in any pair of Germany after WW2 uses a mixture of dark expressionism and a direct documentary approach to tell the story of a doctor whose remorse over the War makes it irtrpossrble tot him to continue working. When he meets a former officer known to have comrtritted atrocities in Poland. the doctor is deteirtuned justice should be done. Part of the Goethe lnstitut's ‘Confronting Fascisro' series. followed by a talk by the University of Stirling's Hans Meurer. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Naked (18) (Mike Leigh. (K. (993) David Thewlis. Katrin Cartlidge. Lesley Sharp. 120 mins. Johnny. a cynical drifter. wanders around the homeless of London spouting a bitter philosophy. An episodic. bleak. btrt bitineg funny portrait of 90s Britain that suffers front a few characters who corrld only exist in a Mike Leigh world. Scenes of sexual violence may be difficrrlt for some audience members to sit through. but it's a virtuoso performance from Thewlis. Central: Allanpark. I The Neverending Story III (1') (Peter MacDonald. US/Germany. 1994) Jason James Richter. Melody Kay. Freddie Jones. 100 mins. Now relocated with dad. stepntom and sister in a

new town. Bastian finds that the all-important book as fallen into the hands of the local bullies. who use it to cause havoc in Fantasia. The (Wis! this time is that a couple of the Henson-style creattrres are transported to mrxletn-day America. but this only means there are fewer effects to distract kids from this sad decline in standards. Edinburgh: L'CI. Borders: Pavilion [ Fife: Glenrothes. Robin's. Strathclyde: WMR. I I New Vision: (18) ()3 mins. A selection of new works by Scottish-based film- and video-trinkets. taken from Glasgow's 1994 New Visions l J