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HéIéHE Blackburn [Canada]

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Desiree Delauney [Ho/land] Green Candle [UK] 4‘

Gut Reactions [UK] Lanbnima Imperial [Spain]

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Ellen van Sehuylenbureh [UK] Roger Sinha [Canada] I The Holy Body Tattoo [Canada]:

TRAMWAY 25 Albert Drive. Glasgow G41 2E

Monday 20 February Saturday 25 March 1995

Box Offiee: 0141-227 5511 / lieket Centre

Brochure available from “33 "me-c, 0141—221 8898

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I‘ll Be Seeing You: ‘False optimism' f Brunton Theatre. Musselburgh. Until 4 accompany the rites of passage of its ; Feb thirteen-year-old narrator, delightfully f At their best, dramatisations of the played by Pauline Lockhart as a recent past allow us insights into sparky naif on the verge of : hidden histories. More often than not womanhood. Fun is to be had too from though, all that’s offered are the sparring between Muriel 5 I simplistic glimpses through rose- 5 Romanes‘s down-to-earth Maw and : coloured glasses at worlds that Mary Riggans’s snooty, social climbing probably never existed. This neighbour. Moving at times, things are legitimised nostalgia’s immediacy has spoilt by a mawkish singalong finale, obvious populist appeal, though you designed so you skip out the door with can’t help but feel there’s something a spring in your step. dishonest about it all. Form and plot, such as it is, are Originally performed by Take Two reminiscent of Brian Friel’s Dancing At Productions, I’ll Be Seeing You was Lughnasa, but where that play soars developed by writer Stuart Thomas as with possibilities, this is a familiarly part of a reminiscence project in chirpy excursion down Memory Lane Glasgow, so the slices of life depicted that never really rises above obvious are presumably based on fact, as four affirmations of Good Old Days women left at home during the Second mythology when everyone went to The World War bond into a loose Pictures and Vera Lynn was Queen. sisterhood. Their one salvation is the This sort of thing has been dealt with wireless, here personified by Alyson much better in the films of Terence Orr and Alan Penman’s wine bar Davies, where family life is depicted renditions of (very obvious) songs of in all its harsh brutality, with none of the era. the sentiment or false optimism found Not so much a play, this is more a here. (Neil Cooper) series of anecdotal set-pieces to (‘lintttn filth] anti tltt- linix l’ttl'x -~ 201 \tiliit' I THEATRE WORKSHOP 3‘; “MIL'N” l\E\1-1;|\hlt)[]'\'\i5U“. ' - l’iLXL't‘. .‘jfi !.'\e'\ t'\\' i’l”\ Cinderella 0n teeth; 7 sun Bl l-th, mum-ex- m1 \\'\'. no. t‘ Hvlt‘ ‘~=\l TRON” “(1141M 5“” “Mb 2.;fiiwnp Lilli} Nil :5 Lil! 5;"12 Lg ‘L 1' \k" Cl {4.59 51551.,- I);l;1\‘-\‘_ . lilie‘ In \ll .tt' tritiltzty tn~‘\. I PLAYHOUSE THEATRE (il‘L'L‘lixltiL‘ Place. \\'tltlc‘.ll\ l):t‘.e \ltit‘lvil! i!,i\ {until 557 25w {At-ew- t<.t l'nc‘titltt'xi \\'(‘. him-w” “Hit it it“ t‘nt.\\1”~t‘~=l~‘\“i>< \ \VS. (i. (‘j 4 taking l1l\'PiitllU\iH\‘.l; iti'i‘ilt‘rtll't' JOSeph and the Amazing Technic0|or \Vtil‘ksiitlp [ti L'H L‘ iil\ t‘lilt‘l Ltll‘ltltL' (illt' Dreamcoat l'::!ii \;t: . \ptg “Allin” man tnnl-lile t i'Z‘i\ slum anuIILt-t .tttnnz. \;tl'!\\tl\ Hints: “Pin to <tl L2 35“ ’i‘I'tc I TRAVERSE THEATRE (.“HLE‘ZA‘EIC .\".:Wl' {an-h Anklhxe.‘ 1 }.,-“f'\\‘ \.‘1\|‘H1.‘ JIM TH“ "r , Llll :' "u‘te‘m‘ I ineffiltyx \\( Rage illietllllllllleNdW lung: [NHL-[Jili-lttll \\ mm” . L rlll‘\\1ll][/()/)I('{I’lt/.""t¢"...\ l).t\‘iti lil‘iti'l AmmalFarm['“1'151'lh‘u‘i‘t” “‘1” w taking UVL‘I from l’ltilltn St'ltnt'teltl in the ‘9'; -(l'~'f' \1“‘!"“"” “M” 1“ me h” lea-l i'ule. linet'uettt' t‘c1t3tt'nt.tnee\ ','\ on a" 3‘1"“ "m" 31"” 3,“: 3‘ “1,1 hi: Flu-“id the plot \eentsn little {inn “H “5" “3“” I” ' "m “If. I QUEEN MARGARET COLLEGE t T' ' “"3 "l‘" ““1 llt-‘ttize. ('ierttutu. 'lL-zt.t;-,- R1“ l< 1,, t'l.;\\1\_' \li‘jit'I-l. .1:.!:.. a ~ Legacy Wed 1 sun 4 my 7.30pm. Bo‘unda'yfi”'”fiedl " 3' W ‘5 "““' Multinational project that it!i\'L\ :t inn"! imp“ U) “*5” 5.“ [him-g _ , law}; til the l'l\L' it tttcisn: in the nope at One Way Street \\t’ti l Nun * «ix't‘ . I forming better understanding l‘t‘hk ecn H~“”i"”' U‘ ' 'j“ HM “Hf-3'3” I’l- ‘K! ("1"! Huh)”; SW in-icw. titttkes ;t \t‘eet!_v tettttit ttt ttte 11.1: etse I ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE (il’llhillt‘. WC" “W “MN "’ “I - 5““ “W Sheet. 22‘) (Ht-i", {Ac/ems; l’. l.. l .teiitttes. “H11”“‘"lll‘i‘wu‘.it"‘l‘hiw‘lm '1“ “W” \\'(‘. \\'S. H. (.i. (‘. it Help: .-\. .-\A} l Cfmttmi Storm ( “111W NW“? ' 0n Golden Pond ttntn Sat 1 tit-t». 7.45pm. ("alum ftuwugh- Ihv I” o h Al‘vlll “IF , {.150 {it 5;” 35.: “m at 3‘lfipllL'1‘hmw f philosopher \\;tii;‘l' lientntnzn i‘m liked 't~ ite'ttnm .lll'i l’ileet: Mgf‘alitint star in “'5 I‘m" “l WW“ “1 ‘—"~"‘¥'iili‘“.\ ““I .,.. HUNH-‘zly. Kitk ,1], 'i‘it“_‘l.l"ll’\ incurs. h £1,114.“ 1M1 51;; Richard Alston DanceyCompany i z. i stat. ,H P.“ ' < l \g‘fl‘. !_.\ 131.51%" l‘.tt.,,' E J