I BOURNE FINE ART 4 Dundas Street. 557 4050. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm; Sat

PERFORMANCE, WRITERS’ mms, loam-1pm. MUSIC, FILM, VIDEO AND TALKS Alexander Inglis MBE RSW 1912-1992

21 JANUARY—7 MARCH Until Sat 28 Jan. An exhibition of I 995 paintings and collages by Inglis. I CAMEO CINEMA Home Street.

Tollcross. 228 4141. Bar opening hours. Check cinema for details. Julie Read and Lindsay Perth Until Tue 31 Jan. An exhibition of prints. mixed

WED 1 FEBRUARY - ~ - media aintin sand hoto ra hsb Read 7PM calm and pefm g p g p y


A. L. KENNEDY 225 5584. Mon-Fri 9am—8.30pm; Sat

9am—1pm. Architecture: New Female Graduates

A SEASON or'sxmsrnoNS,

[Praise the tors! and Until Fri 3 Feb. Work by six female pass the orchrds— architecture graduates from Edinburgh a real writer is among us’ C0“ch 01A“-

I CITY ART CENTRE Market Street. 529 3955. Mon/Tue. Sat 10am—5.30pm; Wed—Fri 10am-9pm; Sun noon—5pm.

£3.50(£2);familyticket£9(two adults , L. _. -- " WED 8 FEBRUARY and two children).

7PM 22/21 | _ _


Julie Burchill

dinburgh artist Vivien Alexander. Richly patterned and highly evocative. Alexander’s work combines a bursting energy with strong emotional involvement." can be seen at Edinburgh’s Scottish Gallery.

cinematic extravaganza. Star Trek: Until Sat 28 Jan. An extraordinary Generations. the exhibition includes sets. collection of paintings by Aboriginal costumes. props. film. photographs and artists revealing how this ancient art form illustrations from the Star Trek movies has been successfully transferred into the + COMING SOON and television series. See feature. world‘s galleries over the last twenty Maggie Graham, Dilys Rose, I COLLECTIVE GALLERY 22—28 Coekbttm years. Angola McSovonoy, Street. 220 1260. Tue—Sat 11am—5pm. I GALLERY 41 41 Dumas 5mm 557

swallow 0'” "‘3 TV um” 5314 FCb- 4569. Mon—Sat l().3()am—5.30pm.

A collaborative mulii-media installation Forgotten Beginnings Until wed ] Feb. by Nina P01293119 Karen 1- Gimme. “Sing An exhibition of sketches and preparatory natural materials and ‘eChUOIOEY- The work for paintings. by a selection of

Brochure with iull details: flirt __ work aims to Challenge conditioned Scottish artists.

sensory and cerebral perceptions of reality

Martin Millar, Stewart Home

CC a :50 “mom 1 Star Trek: The Exhibition Sat 4 Feb—7 and Space. I GILDED gill-00H GALLERY 333 m: 0141-332 7521 E Ma)“ A" orgy Of trekkledom» this is the I CONTACT GALLERY Grindlay Court Eo‘gimc‘ “6 655% Mon—IS?" ‘]§.'}“6P'“- l firs‘ 5"” Trek exmbmo" ‘0 appear Centre. Grindlay Street Court. 229 7941. m. .32“ 4‘18 F“ A mu. [Hm "I E outwith the US. Coinciding with the next M0n_Fri loam_3.30pm. exhibition of works by artists from

- London and Glasgow. including Diane Touring Nessie With Elvis Until 17 Feb. Main and Tony Webster.

Screen prints and other print works by

Rebecca Mayo. Aileen Fender. Catherine I HANOVER FINE ARTS 228 Dundas HaddOW and Anne RObb- Street. 556 2181. Mon-Fri lO.30am-( )m' I DEMARCO EUROPEAN ART FOUNDATION Sat loam_4pm. )I ' PERFORMANCE, WRITERS’ EVENTS, St Maryjs SChOOl‘ 3 York Lanc' 557 0707' Artists New To The Gallery Until Mon 30 musvc, FILM, woeo AND rAu<s Mon-F“ loam-69m; Sm "00'1'69’"; 3”“ Jan. Annual display of talent. both young

2' JANUARY-7 MARCH noon—4pm d = » H "(1.111 a. 1 en 1995 Prune Until 10 Feb. Combining energies an prtrlm“ m ymr ""3 u g

. _ C nthia Bainbrid e. Steve Burnett. for [he first or several m'xed med'a Alastair Campbefi and Natasha proleus are five arm‘s a‘m‘ng to, , Kudriavtseva. Plus sculpture. jewellery. challenge the predictable and ordinary in wooden boxCS and prints.

art. Exhibiting are Scots artists Alastair


' o . Niven. Gillian Murray and Catriona I INSTITUTE FMNCAIS D’ECOSSE 13‘ . 2] JANUARY-4 MARCH «4‘ W, a plancn‘ Germambom Kevin Dagg and Randolph Crescent. 225 5366. Mon—Fri Mannbom Colin Duncan 9.30am—6.30pm; Sat I08111—I.30plll. r I EASTERN GENERAL HOSPITAL c ' r ' Outpatient corridor. Eastern General ' ' ° 0 Hospital. Seafield Street. Mon—Sun Bas Jan Adar, Martin 98m_8pm.

Boyce, Thomas Sharpe, Paul Clements Until 23 Feb. Gwrgina 5’0": Monochrome prints of life at the the

Eastern, by Clements. Luc Tuymans I EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Lauriston

8 Place. 221 6000. Mon—Thurs 10am—8pm;

Fri 10am—5pm; Sat 10am—2pm. School at Drawing and Painting January

. Exhibition Until Fri 27 Jan. An annual

open exhibition of work by students in

An installation by . . . . drawmg and aintin . ta estr and Erika Rothonborg and SPECIALISTS printmaking.p g p y Tracy rynan Tom Phillips Thurs 2-17 Feb. One of only two living artists to have had a solo 8 exhibition at the British National Portrait ll Gallery. Tom Phillips is billed as liking GO enes Open: 0 ' nothing more than disconcerting his Mon—50‘ l lOm—Opm audience. This exhibition of about 70 (till 7pm on Thurs (S Fri) Free Phillips works is riddled with intellectual I 1 ’1 game playing and innuendo. ' _ I WWW GALLERY 1%“ Dundas liaivmfiif‘fififiii'éiiim""iii: l gtrees 55715227. Mon—Fri 11am—5pm; Denis "may: mfloxo mm f, t am— m. trave e n _ ' Taillght T3123 Fri 3—25 Feb. Joe Urie's Emd'"b"'f'ia§1'lt?:t: fand Ital;I and lived in/ Brahma w'm EU“ de'o'k: paintings, created after a year in Spain. Spain. returned to lecture in Edinburgh :50 mm new I THE FBUI‘I’MARKET GALLERY 29 Market M" 195“- "3’ WWW '°’ "" i ousoovv o: are TEL; 04 | .. 248 2228 S 92,5 738} T ,_S I landscapesandstlll-lites-soiae of which in; out-332 7521 “96" ~ ~ ~~ ~ ' U“ 3 appear in this titaer exhibition.

lO.30am-—5.30pm. Cafe. Aboriginal Art at the Western Desert


B‘ The List 27 Jan-9 Feb 1995