As the peace process enters the fine print stage, seasoned political commentator Robin Wilson warns that there could be constitutional troubles ahead for the Westminster government which have implications for Scottish devolution.

After many long months. the London and Dublin governments are preparing to cross the t‘s and dot the i‘s on a document to chart the way ahead for political negotiations on the future of Northern Ireland.

The so-called ‘framework document‘. which officials began to work on well before the paramilitary ceasefires of last autumn, will represent the accumulated wisdom ofthe two governments. This future will encompass: a devolved assembly with a power-sharing administration; north- south bodies with executive powers. and changes to both the Irish constitution and British legislation to make clear that Northern Ireland‘s constitutional status can be changed. on condition that a majority there so wishes.

Assuming agreement is reached. the task then facing John Major and his recently elevated In'sh counterpart John Bruton will be to shepherd the leaders of nationalism and unionism in Northem ireland to the negotiating table. It won‘t be easy.

Already the mainstream unionist party the Ulster Unionists have threatened to bring down the government increasingly dependent on the UUP since the withdrawal ofthe whip from the nine Euro-sceptic MPs if executive. cross-border bodies for Ireland are advanced: they see that as portending ‘Dublin rule'. On the other side, the arriviste republican


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politicians, led by Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness. are adamant that

2 the ‘Unionist veto‘ against Irish

unification be removed and a commitment given that ‘British

jurisdiction‘ will. eventually. be ended. And while unionists ofall shades refuse to sit down with SinnFein until some

time perhaps years after IRA weapons have been decommissioned.

the republicans insist that ‘unilateral

demilitarisation‘ in advance of negotiations will not be entertained. So an end to paramilitary violence in Northern Ireland hasn't brought an outbreak of political sweetness and light since the sectarian political divide basically hardened out during the l82()s battle for Catholic emancipation. perhaps that‘s not surprising. But it may be the orin part ofthe UK where a ‘feel good‘ factor

can be discerned: business surveys show a new optimism. there was a 5 record-breaking Christmas consumer

spree. and first Derry and now Belfast

Ironically. the lifting of the threat to life from paramilitary gunmen may also have reduced the always faint pressure on politicians in Northern Ireland to come to an agreement rather than. as in Cyprus. merely to agree to disagree indefinitely. And with the heady days of the ‘peace process‘ -— of handshakes and headlines over, the international media spotlight. under which a politician minded to intransigence may feel required instead to mind his Ps and Qs, has also faded.

Yet, if Ulster‘s politicians are still reading from a well-thumbed constitutional script, at Westminster John Major and Tony Blair are suddenly locked in a constitutional debate which. however long it has simmered in Scotland. has previously been dismissed by English politicans as a matter for the ‘chattering classes‘. It is Major, at first sight, who appears less prepared for the political minefield ahead. The proposals on Northern

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Ireland to which he is set to put his

5 name even if they do not detonate the

political timebomb under his government set by the Ulster Unionists

i will dramatically contradict his

fundamental case against change in

; Scotland. First, the dreaded D-word

will be uttered. Not only that but. to

, cairn unionist nerves in Northern

2 Ireland, he may have to insist that this

is not a slippery slope to Irish separatism. And what will he offer as the unionists‘ balm? the guarantee of a referendum!

Secondly, Mr Major has insisted that sovereignty is one and indivisible:

5 either you have it or you don‘t (in

which case, Brussels does). Yet, in Ireland. on the contrary. the hated Euro- habble of pooling of sovereignty seems set to apply between any new devolved administration and the institutions of the republic. Either way, the sealed container called Parliamentary Sovereignty. represented by the Palace

of Westminster, looks set to become 1 have seen the oppressive army presence ; eased.

decidedly leaky.

Blair may face the greater long-term problems should he enter government. when Labour‘s limited thinking on the English Question may be exposed. But for now. with Ulster and British politics interlocked in a manner unseen since the Home Rule crisis of the l9lOs, Major has the more difficult task of squaring his Storrnont and Scottish stances.

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