W = the premiere in February of the new i violin concerto, ‘The Celtic’, it is a I I j reputation that is rapidly growing. His A L first BT Scottish Ensemble piece, ‘The Four Elements’, was popular with " critics and the public alike and the concerto, written for violinist Clio Gould, promises to be equally a, , ? successful. . " V ' Describing it, Heath says, ‘lt’s all in a Celtic style - I suppose you could say it’s my own stuff mixed with ' Capercaillie and Clannad.’ Like the baroque concertos the Scottish Ensemble originally made its name with, there are three movements, fast- 3 slow-fast. ‘The first is an upbeat ; ceilidh, then there’s a slow air, . “Lament For Collessie”, which is where we stayed when I first came up here,’ he says. The final movement is ‘The Cooper 0f Clapham’, a 70th i birthday tribute to the maker of i Heath’s (and James Galway’s) flutes. Another Fife reference there, of course, but, says Heath, ‘The trouble was I didn’t like the usual “Wee ; Cooper 0’ Fife” tune. Then my landlord 1 found me a 17th century one and i that’s what I’ve used. It ends up sounding like Capercaillie meets Before last year, the name Dave Heath Rave“ Apart "am the one authentic “'35 "0‘ "‘3‘ lawn?" "0’"! 0' the tune, the rest is all original material. border. But srnce his appointment as this very obvious” Came, there’s "‘9 "'3‘ composer '“ res'dence to the nothing subtle about it and it hits you

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8T Scottish Ensemble: Capercaillie meets Ravel

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reputation with audiences throughout

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beyond the Scottish Ensemble - a The BT Scottish Ensemble play ‘The percussion concerto for Evelyn Celtic’ at The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh Glennie and the National Youth on Thurs 23 and RSAMD, Glasgow on

Orchestra of Scotland is next and H124. m it an}; more.’ 'l'he \thole mentality used i ' to he that not many people \tonld listen to it or like it. lndic‘x inst a ditlerent EM feels ‘that my own playing, and i ' i especially my singing, has improved 2 n i 100 per cent in the past year. My g _ [tip 0/ '17“; 1m,“- mitt-J : whole approach to music is much ; 'rhe (lL‘tllll xingie. ‘.-\lice In Vain

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bl Sniers’s interest in blues and l ; Sleeper into the lop loo. hm imm- 1 American musrc was sparked as a kid ; Have you heard the Wetter can largely credit her puhlic , by his lather, and he has loved the . ,. i) . image \\’llll the hot and horny third evocative sound of blues harmonica ' 51100146 - The \‘Vondcrl U] ~single. 'l)eliciou\‘, a more truthlul §inc_e he was. a kid- "9 bgga“ playing i Slgcper arc [Liking ()Vcr hymuto tinhiidletl [l;l\\‘liilt than In his teens ln Glasgow, lllSt as the - h I . . ' '3 “i . anything achieved h)". say, the more Blues Boom oi the 608 hit, and was a t C ‘111 “Ru/('5' A5 ICLOi d contrm‘crsial \\ orlts ol' ( icorge Michael

member of a iazz-funk band in the 708, r Shops [nakc space 0n the ' or Frankie (ioex lo llollyttood.

\ an experience which ‘sharpened up my 3 ), _~ . , ). , The music press quickly painted :l musical knowledge and widened my ShLlVL“ ml mt“ dd)th interests. Alteralar-olf. he began to f album, Smart. Alastair

. play again in the early 805, including a I , . My . . stint as harmonica man with Tam j Mdbbmt Spud“ {,0 ‘That’s the brilliant thing White, but is now concentrating on his frontwoman LOUISC about indie _ u _ “is crossing own band, The Blues Cruisers, which E W .

= he takes on the road this month for enel' . Dyer and the so-called

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because I can relate to what he is talking about, and I’ve always tried to have some kind of personal reference Blues singer and harmonica player point - I’ve never picked cotton or

The speed of their ascent would have UPC illllllltlt‘S illlsl “Wklllil hm" 1”” 1“ been hard to imagine a few vears hack, 3 every interview as an opportunit} to when the only way for a UK indie hand make Pl'nllttllllk‘k'llIt‘ll“ “ll llillk‘l't'l'

Fraser spiers: not on the chin gang

. - . . to get that kind of attention was for ' issues took her iaue}. But. ol~ course. “as” spies Is a “Pmmar 1368 on the walked on 4 Cha"? 93” we ate out to : them to smother their natural \ound it‘s not that simple. louixe \Vener is scou's" blues and Ian scplie’ m." has put on an entertammg Show w'th a lot ' with a baggy dance beat or go the l inst as opinionated ;i\ am one else. .-\ll only been a lull-time musmian srnce of good songs, and a little bit of ; whole Cluh_u.(mm,u. hog m, have ; W. ,m dung m [mu H, “mm. m

last year. The shift was not entirely humour as well.’ (Kenny Mathieson)

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taking enforced leave through illness Glasgow on Sun 19, and The Music t - but he is very happy with it, and Box, Edinburgh on Mon 20,

L __._, 34 The List 10-23 Feb 1995

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